School of Base Education after A. Mashani


The mission of the School of Foundation is to instill in our students and faculty high standards of academic excellence, professionalism and innovative thinking, which they can apply in serving the society.



1.) Teaching Excellence:

  • Constantly improve teaching methods via applying best practices.
  • Make critical thinking a core component in a learning environment.

2.) Academic Consulting (Advisors):

  • Consult students’ on their individual curriculum, allowing them to meet their personal, professional, and academic goals.

3.) Student organizations:

  • Provide a variety of experiences and opportunities that will encourage organization members to broaden their knowledge of and increase their passion for their chosen occupational areas.
  • Assist students to increase their knowledge of and skills in functioning in a leadership position by organizing and participating in conferences, workshops, round tables that relate to the organization’s occupational area.
  • Promote community awareness and responsibility through student chapter activities, and community improvement projects.



  • To provide services to first-year students, adhering to the best practices and experience.
  • To improve students communication skills via teaching English, Kazakh and Russian languages.
  • To consult students on academic and career issues.
  • To provide opportunities for first-year students to understand their competencies, aspirations and options through a variety of ways, including personal discussion with advisers, teachers and directorates.
  • To cooperate with the university, academic departments, and relevant organizations in activities designed to further the aims of the service.
  • To train and develop staff and faculty to high standards.
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