School of Chemical and Biological Technologies

Purpose and tasks

Preparation of  bachelors, masters and PhD in the field of chemical technology competitive in the labor market  to meet  modern requirements

-Participate to develop and improve the legal, professional and educational standards in the field of chemical, oil-refining and petrochemical industries;
- сreate an attractive brand of Kazakhstan's chemical education and chemical engineering;
- the generation of fundamental scientific knowledge and research that should be a condition for the development of new chemical technology  and their further ommercialization;
-  training personnel  of  a new generation of chemical  engineering,  engineers and technical workers, the future leaders of large industrial chemical production and  medium-sized businesses,  aimed  to  develop  and implementation of   national samples, performed at the level of international standards.


Mission and strategy

Provide the labor market with the highly trained experts in the field of chemical technology.



Applied chemistry;
Chemical technology



5В072100 – «Chemical technology of organic substances»
5В072000 – «Chemical technology of inorganic substances»
5В012000 - «Professional education»

6M072000 – «Chemical technology of inorganic substances»
6M072100 – «Chemical technology of organic substances»
6M072100 – «Petrochemistry»

6D072100 – «Chemical technology of organic substances»
6D073900 – «Petrochemistry»


School of Chemical and Biological Technologies

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