Department of academic affairs

The main goals of the Department of academic affairs are:

  • The organization and management of the study process at Satbayev University which is based on the credit system of learning;
  • Constant improving of the learning process, and also improving the quality of the educational services;
  • Development and implementation of technologies of creative approach to the learning process;
  • Further efficiency increase of the cumulative ranking system of controlling knowledge (current, midterm and final assessment of knowledge);
  • The improving of the choosing (the elective) disciplines system;
  • Providing the newest scientific achievements, equipment, technological innovations to the learning process
  • Constant development of the entire educational programs in all types of study process

The Department of academic affairs consists of:

  1. The planning and organization of the educational process department;
  2. Educational and methodical department;
  3. The post-graduate education department;
  4. Career center.

The activities of the branches of the Department of Academic Affairs are carried out according to the main principles of the Bologna reforms and the development of the main advantages of the credit educational system.

Main functions of the planning and organization of the educational process department are:

  • planning and organization of the educational process;
  • coordination of academic activities at the university;
  • organization and control of the development of  planned documentation  (curricula, schedules of educational processes, academic calendar) according to the requirements of the state mandatory standard of education specified by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • preparation of reports, related to the educational work; preparation of the annual report of the university by the main indicators of educational activities;
  • organization of correspondence with MES of RK and other organizations related to the educational process;
  • informing academic departments of the University about publication of regulatory documentation and resolutions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • quality control of classes;
  • checking the educational documentation of university graduates on the forms  of study;
  • checking the journals of the pedagogical load of academic departments in accordance with the study schedule;
  • calculation of the annual academic load by forms of study, specialties and courses according to the current curriculum;
  • monitoring of the implementation of the pedagogical load of instructors (summary information on the load actually performed);
  • monitoring and accounting of the rational distribution of the academic load by instructors according with  internal regulatory documents;
  • preparation and organization of the annual competition "The best instructor".

Educational and methodical department perform the following tasks:

  • discussion, development, preparation and introduction of proposals for the improvement of projects of internal regulatory documents on the organization of educational and methodical work of the University;
  • providing advisory assistance to the teaching staff and the teaching staff of the university on methodological developments;
  • conducting trainings for young instructors on the formation of pedagogical skills;
  • organization and conduction of monitoring of the quality of methodical support of the educational process of Satbayev University;
  • coordination and control of academic departments work on development and sustaining in actual state of educational and methodical complex of disciplines;
  • analysis of the content and quality control of the preparation of textbooks, teaching aids and teaching-methodical complexes of disciplines;
  • current and perspective planning, recommendations for publishing  educational, methodical literature, manuals and other materials prepared in Satbayev University;

Main goal of the post-graduate education department is the preparation of scientific, pedagogical and managerial personnel of the highest qualification, increasing the quality of education according to the mandatory requirements of degree of preparation of master’s students and doctors of philosophy (PhD). 

Functions of the department:

  • coordination of the activities of the Dissertation councils of the university;
  • organization and coordination of activity of the Ethics commission;
  • planning, organization and control of educational and scientific work of masters and doctoral students;
  • development of internal regulatory documents regulating the educational and scientific work of the magistracy and doctoral PhD;
  • coordination of scientific internships of masters and PhD students;
  • approval of topics of master's and doctoral dissertations and scientific advisers (consultants);
  • monitoring PhD graduates who have not defended their doctoral dissertations on time;
  • preparation and issue of a diploma of university’s own sample of doctor of philosophy PhD.

The objectives of the Center are:

  • coordination and control of the organization of the University's work on the professional practice of students and on the employment of graduates;
  • assistance in expanding ties, social partnership in organization of professional practices and employment of university graduates with employers and employment services;
  • establishment of long-term partnerships with enterprises, organizations and institutions in the field of targeted training of specialists (agreements with enterprises). Coordination of the departments work on the conclusion of agreements with enterprises and other organizations and institutions about places of internship;
  • inviting potential employers to conduct training sessions, master classes for students in order to develop practical skills;
  • organization and holding  of job fair, analysis of the number of graduates who arrived at the distribution sites, etc.



Nazym M. Zhunusbekova

Director of the Department of Academic Affairs
PhD, Associate Professor

Personal profile
|Phone number: int. 73-75


Saule T. Soltabayeva

Deputy Director of the Department for Academic Affairs
Candidate of technical sciences

Personal profile
Phone number: int.72-64


Gulsum T.Ayapbergenova

Head of the of planning and organization of the educational process department

Phone number: int. 71-49


Aigul S. Zhumagalieva

Head of the educational and methodical department

Phone number: int. 72-64


Head of the post-graduate education department

Madina Zh. Khvedelidze

Phone number: int. 71-23


Syrym A. Aldabergen

Acting Head of the Career Center



Address: 22а Satpayev street, Oil building (main administrative building), office 407
Hours of operation: Monday till Friday, 09:00-18:00, lunch break 13:00-14:00.

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