Transport technology


The department "Transport Engineering" was organized in 1978 and is part of the Institute of Metallurgy and Industrial Engineering (IMiPI), Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev.

The department was founded because there was a demand for the technical specialists, universal mechanical engineers, as well as CAD–engineers. Nowadays, alumni of the department meet the demands faced by the industrialists; they are working in many sectors of the industry, as well as on the senior positions at the government institutions. Since the department was launched the high-level professionals have been prepared for the engineering, metallurgical, construction and other industries of the country by the specialty “Lifting and transporting, road building machines and equipment”.

Founding members of the early development of the department were: Prof. S.A. Dzhienkulov (the first head of the department, its founder) alumnus of the MSTU named after N.E. Bauman, now he is an academician of the International Academy of Transport of the Russian Federation, Prof. M.H. Sarguzhin, prof. B.T. Sazambaeva, academician of NAS RK, prof. N.T. Surashev, candidate of technical science Sh.D. Ahmetova, Prof. R.A. Torgayev, as well as professors and academics of MAT: R.N. Taukelev, R.A. Kabashev, associate professors: K.M. Toktybaev, M.H. Sarguzhin, B.T. Sazambaeva, V.E. Dzhundibaev, A.U. Kanahin and others. There are more than 16 doctoral and 30 master's theses have been defended at the Department.

First intake by a specialty 280340 – “Lifting and transport, construction and road machinery equipment” was carried out in 1988, and the first commencement was in 1993. In 1994 new specialties by the printing industry were launched, and later “Machinery and technology of printing production” department was allocated from the big “Lifting machinery and hydraulics” department. In 1999 training by the specialty 280140 - "Automobile manufacturing and Tractor construction" for the automobile and tractor engineering was launched.

Department “Machines and technologies of printing production” (M&TPP) was organized by the joint orders of the Minister of press and mass media of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the rector of the Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I. Satbayev № 165 dated may 16, 1994 with aim to train personnel for the publishing and printing complex of the country. The first head of the Department was a graduate of N.Eh. Bauman Ph.D., Professor Bolepbergen Ketebayuly Orazbayev. Since September 2011 M&TPP department is part of the Institute of industrial engineering named after A.Zh. Burkitbaev and is the only specialized Department in the Republic of Kazakhstan, training bachelors and masters of printing industry in full-time education in the state and Russian languages.

The Department found close ties with the Moscow state University of printing, Ural Federal University named after first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Institute of Chemical Sciences named after A. Bekturov, as well as LLP "Polygraph Combine" Corporation "Atamura", RPBK "Dauir". On the basis of the last mentioned organization there was a branch of the Department with a classroom for conducting classes with students. In March 2011 the specialty "Polygraphy" successfully passed the international accreditation for a period of 5 years in the accreditation center "Association of engineering education of Russia" (Tomsk). In April 2011 by the efforts of M&TPP department KazNTU named after K.I. Satbaev joined the Association of polygraphists of Kazakhstan, and as well as International Association of printing universities with headquarters in Stuttgart (Germany) in June 2012. During it’s existence the Department has trained over thousands of professionals in the printing industry, which successfully work at enterprises of national significance, such as RPBK "Dauir", LLP "Polygraphkombinat", LLP "Intellservis", LLP "Leader offset", etc., and create their own businesses, developing small and medium printing enterprises in Kazakhstan. Since 2014, the Department is a member of the Association of printers, publishers and book distributors of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2017 M&TPP department was combined with the department of “Transport Engineering”. On the basis of the department "Transport Engineering" there is a section "Polygraphy", the tasks of which are not only the training of students in specialization, but also the development and examination of standard curricula, programs, all teaching materials for the specialty "Polygraphy".

Originally the department was for general education, classes were held by the “Handling machinery and hydraulics”, “Hydraulics and hydraulic actuator” and other disciplines on the engineering, petroleum, metallurgy, mining and other departments.

Кафедра «Транспортная техника»

Serik Akimovich Mashekov - Head of Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Машеков Серик АкимовичThe entire biography of Serik Akimovich Mashekov is connected with scientific and practical work in the universities of Kazakhstan.

He graduated with honors from the technological faculty of the Karaganda Metallurgical Institute (KarMetI) in 1983. After graduating from this institute, he was started to work as an intern-researcher at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. In 1985, he enrolled in the full-time graduate school at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. While studying, in December 1988, he defended his standard doctorate thesis ahead of schedule.

Mashekov S.A. has been working in KarMetI since 1990 after graduating from the research degree.

He went from a teacher, a senior teacher and a senior lecturer to the head of the department "Theory and technology of metal forming" from 1991 to 1999.

S.А. Mashekov tirelessly investigated technology of forging and stamping of titanium alloys working at the Karaganda Metallurgical Institute.

He studied the technological processes of forging and stamping lead.

S.A.  Mashekov investigated the problems to which he devoted a significant part of his scientific activity: the study of technological methods of controlling the structure and the mechanical properties and accuracy of disks and blades made of titanium alloys.

The statement of the problem, the complex of theoretical problems, their practical solution at the Upper Salda Metallurgical Production Association formed the basis of the doctoral dissertation of "Creating, researching and introducing new technology of forging from titanium alloys with enhanced mechanical properties", defended in 1998 in the Ural State Technical University by the specialty - "Metal Forming".

Prof. Mashekov S.A. has published 4 monographs regarding the processing of titanium and aluminum alloys (1.Mashekov S.A., Omarov A.D., Smirnov V.K. Metallurgy of transport materials // Monograph. Almaty. Publishing House Bastau. 2002. 296 pp.; 2. Mashekov S.A., Smirnov V.K., Omarov A.D. / Production technology of semi-finished transport products // Monograph, Almaty, “Bastau” publishing house. 2002. 246 pp., 3. Mashekov S.A., Smirnov V. K., Omarov A.D. / Technology of production of transport products // Monograph. Almaty. Publishing house "Bastau". 2002. 408 pp. 4. Mashekov S.A., Smaylova N.T., Mashekova A.S. / Problems of forging titanium alloys and their solutions //Parts 1 and 2. Monograph. Publ.: LAPLAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2013. 230 pp. and 251 pp.) and he has received 12 patents.

Mashekov S.A. has been worked as a professor at the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communication and  the first vice-rector of the Almaty Technological University and  associate professor at the Kazakh-British Technical University and Head of the Department of "Machine Tool Building, Materials Science and Technology of Machine-Building Production" and "Metallurgical Machines and Equipment" at the K.I. Satbayev Kazakh National Research Technical University from 1999 to 2011. Currently, he is the head of the department of "Transport Engineering"

The series of studies on the regularities of combined technological processes of hot deformation and heat treatment of steel made it possible to clarify and systematize the features of the formation of the phase composition of multi-purpose steels under various types of temperature - deformation effect on the metal in the sheet metal process flow.

The revealed patterns are the basis for new technologies of combined processes of hot plastic deformation and theoretical processing.

 The main classification feature of new technologies is not a sequence of technological operations, as was customary earlier, but a kind of phase transformation.

Studies have allowed it to allocate in new subgroups such new technological schemes for sheet metal processing as thermomechanical treatment with pearlite transformation, softening thermomechanical processing, controlled rolling of low-carbon steels and a number of others.

The materials of these long-term studies are summarized in monographs: 1. The technology of rolling production / S.А. Mashekov, I.I. Kuzminov, B.N. Absadykov, et al. / Almaty: Tetaprint Publishing House, 2007. 334 p.; 2. Mashekov S.A., Absadykov B.N. / Problems and prospects of rolling production // Almaty: Kazakh-British Technical University, 2012., 298 p.; 3. Mashekov S.A., Absadykov B.N. / Problems of steel structures and their solution by improving technologies and equipment // Almaty: Kazakh-British Technical University, 2011. 300 p.; 4. Multifunctional longitudinally wedge mill for rolling thin strips of steel and alloys / Mashekov S.A., Nurtazaev A.E., Mashekova A.S. et al. // Almaty: “Nur-Print”, 2018. 307 p.; 5. Technology of rolling thin strips on a multifunctional longitudinally wedge mill / Mashekov S.A., Tusupkalieva E.A., Mashekova A.S., et al. // Almaty: “Nur-Print”, 2018 324 p.; These monographs still retain the values ​​of the encyclopedia comprehensively covering the regularities of the formation of the structure of general-purpose steels for various types of temperature and deformation effects on the metal.

Working as the head of the department, he gradually deepens on the existing and creates new scientific directions and improves the educational and methodical activities of the team. Under the supervision of S.A. Mashekov the specialists of higher qualification defended the thesis, and now they have been working in different departments of the universities. Earlier and currently, 15 candidates and 2 doctors of technical sciences and 9 PhDs are working at the different universities of around Kazakhstan.

Scientific publications of Mashekov S.A. are widely known both in Kazakhstan and abroad. He is the author of more than 400 publications published both in Kazakhstan and in foreign publications. It should be noted that more than 30 articles published in journals included in the database of Thomson Reuters and Scopus. Mashekov S.A. received over 60 copyright certificates and patents for applications. Certain amounts of copyright certificates are implemented on the production line.

Under the supervision of S. Mashekov students participated in various competitions. Three students were awarded a diploma of I-st degree from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MES RK), three students were awarded a diploma of II-nd degree from the MES RK, a student was awarded a diploma of III degree from MES RK. Prof. Mashekov S.A. himself was awarded a diploma from MES RK for the guidance of the scientific work of students.

Professor S. Mashekov takes an active part in the preparation of students for scientific work. In regional competitions of scientific projects, one student was awarded a diploma of I-st degree, and another student was awarded a diploma of II-nd degree. A diploma of II-nd degree of the MES RK was awarded to another student.

For many years of fruitful research, teaching, methodical, and organizational and educational work, conscientious attitude to his official duties, Mashekov S.A. was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan (1995), as well as the gold medal of the Vernadsky Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAE), the A. Nobel Medal, the Order “Laboreetscientia - Labor and Knowledge”, the Gold Medal “European quality” and “Premuspnterpares - First among equals”.

Mashekov S.A. was awarded the state grant "The best teacher of the university" of the Republic of Kazakhstan twice in 2006 and 2010. In addition, he also was awarded a state scholarship for scientists and specialists who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of science and technology.

Serik Akimovich Mashekov is a prominent scientist, a talented teacher and organizer of the engineering school; he is determined to devote his knowledge, energy, and creative inspiration to solving actual problems of education and science in Kazakhstan.

Mission and strategy

The mission of the educational program is to achieve the provision of high quality educational services in the field of higher and postgraduate education, leadership in the national training space in the specialty "Transport, transport equipment and technology" through the implementation of the principles of the Bologna process and modern quality standards.

Improvement of educational and scientific activities in order to improve the quality of training of specialists in the field of transport and transport equipment.

The demand for this specialty is growing, which is connected with the state program of innovative development of Kazakhstan until 2050. Most public and private enterprises are interested in the preparation of erudite, literate, modern software specialists in the field of transport, transport equipment and technology.

The science


The department takes an active part in national programs in priority areas in the field - integrated mechanization and automation of continuous production systems in the mining, oil-producing, engineering and other industries of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main previously developed scientific directions of the department: the scientific basis for predicting the parameters and designs of machines; theory of calculation of high-performance tape and tape-cyclic technology; calculation and design of multi-bucket excavators and rotary transport systems for overburden operations; calculation and design of a complex of machines for PRTS works and logistics; theory and calculation of lifting machines; theory and calculation of the lifting mechanism of drilling rigs and equipment of oil storages; CAD machines; the use of the basics of the theory of flexible plates and shells for the development and design of hoisting-and-transport machines, robotics and road-building machines.


Currently, the research work of the department is conducted in the following areas:

1. Scientific advisor, professor Shalbaev K.K. having a field of interest in mechanical engineering, music and educational books is the project leader and implementer: “Study of a hydrogen generator for use in internal combustion engines (ICE) and a diesel engine (gasoline, diesel fuel) in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions to the environment”;

2. The head and executor of grant financing projects is the head of the department, Professor Mashekov S.A., who has a field of interest in engineering, music and educational books, and is a scientific adviser on:

1) № 757. MON.GF.EM.4: “Development of a new design of a multifunctional mill for rolling high-quality sheets”;

2) № 2018 / АР05132610 “Development of a new design of a continuous radial-shear mill with program control for the manufacture of bars and pipes from non-ferrous metals”.

Applications for the competition on grant and program-targeted financing of research projects have also been submitted.

General project activity of the department:

- defining the goals and objectives of the project, taking into account various factors when building the structure of their interrelations and identifying priority areas for solving problems;

- development and analysis of solutions to the problems of forecasting the consequences, planning and implementation of projects;

- development of projects of machines and equipment taking into account technological, design, aesthetic, economic and other parameters;

- The use of information technology in the selection of materials, vehicles and equipment.


Educational and methodical work

Supervised educational programs at all levels including the new recruitment of 2019

Since 1.09.2004, the preparation of bachelors began - Bachelor of Engineering and Technology in the specialty 5B071300 - “Transport, transport equipment and technology” and masters - (professional (1.5 years of study), as well as scientific and pedagogical (2 years of study)) specialty "Transport, transport equipment and technology." The specialty of the department due to its versatility can be used in any industry and national economy.

Bachelor of this profile is prepared for activities in the field of material production, which includes a set of tools, methods and methods of human activity aimed at solving complex problems related to the design, operation and repair of transport equipment, as well as research activities aimed at improving the efficiency of use transport equipment.

The demand for the educational program in the specialty “Transport, transport equipment and technologies” is confirmed by the long-term sustainable distribution of graduates of the specialty to workers and engineering sites of enterprises and organizations.

The department trains specialists in the field of “Transport, transport equipment and technologies”, which, due to its versatility, can be used in any industry and national economy and has the ability to train high-level specialists, it is also equipped with laboratories, laboratory facilities and other modern equipment for practical and laboratory classes.

The topic of the graduation projects is related to the topic: “Integrated mechanization and automation of industrial sectors”.

A student in the process of learning can master a wide range of knowledge in the following areas:

- calculation and design of hoisting-and-transport, road-building machines, robots, cars and tractors;

- engineering technology;

- computer equipment;

- economics, management and marketing;

- foreign languages;

- research, design, manufacture and testing of mobile machines;

- choice by students of an individual education program.

During training, students receive the right to drive a car and skills in maintenance and repair of the car.

The infrastructure of the department

The infrastructure of the department is represented by the audiences, special laboratories of specialized disciplines, equipped with existing stands, mock-ups, and audiovisual and technical teaching aids.

The specialized laboratories of the department are equipped by 10 laboratory and multimedia complexes, as well as by the computer class of information technologies, that is equipped by 13 computer work stations with an exit for work in a network the internet and by an interactive board, necessary for the educational process of the speciality:


List of laboratory equipment:

1.     Metallographic microscope,

2.     Muffle furnace,

3.     Engine in VAZ section,

4.     The UAZ engine in a section with the electric drive,

5.     UAZ rear axle in section,

6.     ZIL-130 engine in section,

7.     Rear axle ZIL-130 in section,

8.     KPP-ZIL-130 in the context of,

9.     Front beam Assembly ZIL-130,

10.   Transmission of the VAZ-2106,

11.   Chromatec-Crystal 5000,

12.   Liquid chromatograph,

13.   A gas analyzer for determining the toxicity of the gas,

14.   Smoke meter to determine the toxicity of the exhaust gas,

15.   Engler Viscometer,

16.   Piezometric tube,

17.   Plotter for large format printing,

18.   Water distiller,

19.   Bidiiterator,

20.   Hidrostal,

21.   Screw conveyor,

22.   Roller belt conveyor,

23.   Stands, models and educational posters on lifting and transport equipment, traffic rules, internal combustion engine, as well as the design of cars, the passage of unregulated intersections, coordinated traffic control, an electrified stand on the SDA and on the roadway marking,

24.   Worm gear,

25.   The gantry crane has two console (layout),

26.   Bridge crane double-girder (model),

27.   Blocks, drums, rollers, conveyor drum.

Contacts for a point of interest:

"Transport Engineering" department is situated on the 3-rd floor of the 5- storeyed educational building (ИМС) of KazNRTU named after К.I. Satbayev, located on the 22 Satpayev street, Almaty, 050013.

Contacts of admission department: 8-727-292-73-01;

Contacts of "Transport Engineering" department: 8-727-257-7183; 8-727-257-7083, e-mail:

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