Standardization, Certification and Engineering Technology



Opening of the "Standardization, Certification and Engineering Technology" department in 1959  is the merit of the labor veteran,  veteran of the Great Patriotic War M.K Kurmangaliyev. Under his leadership in 1961 in KazMMI the first admission of students was opened in Kazakhstan on a specialty 0501 - Technology of mechanical engineering, machine tools and instruments. Since 1952, M.K Kurmangaliyev was the secretary of the party committee of KazMMI for 10 years. Almaty Heavy Machinery Plant helped to equip the Department with machines, tools, measuring tools.


The Department was headed by associate Professor, candidate of technical Sciences M. K. Kurmangaliyev, Ph. D., Professor Tusupbekov M. R., Ph. D., Professor Nurzhanov A. N., Ph. D., Professor Ignatov S. N., Ph. D., Professor of Mendebaev T. M.


The first graduates of mechanical engineers for part-time and evening form of education was in 1967. Then diplomas were gained by 112 people. Over the years the Department has trained more than 7,000 engineers of full-time, evening and extramural forms of education.


In 1981 the “Machine-tool Construction and Automation” department, and in 1990 – "Technology of constructional materials and foundry production" was allocated in independent department.


From 1995 to 2012 the department was headed by the member corr. of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education, Ph. D., Professor Mendebaev T.M, a graduate of the Moscow Higher Technical School named after Bauman.


In 2007 the Department was renamed into the "Standardization, certification and engineering technology" Department. The Department trains bachelors, masters and doctoral students on specialities 5В071200 – Mechanical engineering, 6М071200 – Mechanical engineering, 6D071200 – Mechanical engineering, 5B073200 – Standardization, Metrology and certification and 6М073200 – Standardization and certification. The first graduation of bachelors was in 2008.


Since 2012 the department is headed by Ph. D. Alpeisov Azamat Turysbekovich, graduate of the KazNRTU named after K. I. Satpaev.


The department has 2 doctors of science, professors - Mendebaev T.M., Povetkin V.V.


Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Mendebaev Toktasyn Mendebaevich is honored as hardworker of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2010, Professor Mendebaevu T.M was awarded the state grant "The best teacher of high school."


According to the scientific - research work under the guidance of professor of Povetkin V.V. the state scientific grants were won:

  • In 2012. 751.MON.GF.12.15 topic. "Development of a new design of a centrifugal slurry pump" 2012-2014 .;
  • In 2013. 753.MON.GF.13.5 topic. "Development of a new machine design with a powerful thermodynamic working body for slotted openings in the extraction of granite blocks" for 2013-2015;
  • In 2015. 757.MON.GF.13.5 topic. "Development of design and technological methods of increasing the durability of heavy-duty gears drive ball mills" on 2015-2017gg.

Professors Mendebaev T.M. and Povetkin V.V. do a great research work with doctoral students and undergraduates of the department.


In order to create an integrated three-stage model of training (bachelor-master-doctorate), the department developed a training program for doctors RhD / doctors of philosophy on specialty 6D071200 «Engineering», and in 2010 started training doctors RhD.




Alpeisov Azamat Turusbekovichthe Head of the "Standardization, Certification and Engineering Technology» Department of the Institute of Industrial Engineering named after A.Burkitbaev, Ph.D., assistant professor.


Alpeisov A.T. graduated with honors from KazNRTU named after K.I. Satpaev in "Handling machinery, construction machinery and equipment." in 1995  In 2000 he graduated from the master's in specialty "Mechanical Engineering".


 In September 2009 he defended his thesis on the specialty 05.03.01 - Technology and equipment for mechanical and physical-technical processing.


Since September, 2012, following the meeting of the tender commission on replacement of posts of the faculty of KazNTU on April 27, 2012 A.T .Alpeisov appointed head of the department "Standardization, Certification and Engineering Technology» Institute of Industrial Engineering named after A.Burkitbaev.


 From June 2016 on the results of the competition committee meeting kazniti K.I. Satpaev substitution positions faculty Alpeisov A.T. appointed head (manager) of the Department of "Standardization, Certification and Engineering Technology» Institute of Industrial Engineering named after A.Burkitbaev.


Aims and objectives of the department "Standardization, certification and technology of mechanical engineering" in the field of quality is to maximize compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 "Quality Management System. Requirements "and the university policy of excellence and the development of educational programs of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Standardization, Metrology and Certification:

- Development and strengthening of research and education, innovation and research and teaching activities of the department.

- Development of training plans for bachelors, masters and PhD students according to the requirements of SES RK;

- Development of proposals for participation in competitions and innovative research of RK;

- Development of cooperation with industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Professional development of the teaching staff.


The mission of the department is aimed at:

1) to provide educational programs on continuing education in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Standardization, metrology and certification programs;

2) The development of students through research activities;

3) Developing and creating an atmosphere of striving for knowledge and intellectual motivation;

4) Conducting educational activities based on the engineering and development of the quality management system;

5) The development of educational programs using multimedia, new teaching technologies;

6) Establishing partnerships with leading foreign universities. 

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