Technological machines and equipment

Department "Technological machines and equipment" is a graduating department for bachelor 5B072400 - "Technological machinery and equipment" on three sectors: mining industry - "Mining machines and equipment"; Metallurgical industry - "Metallurgical machinery and equipment"; Oil & Gas - "Machinery and Equipment Oil and Gas Industry" and 5B012000 - "Vocational training". The department also conducts training of bachelors in the abbreviated form of training on the basis of secondary vocational and higher education distance learning.

- Preparing thoroughly educated, intellectually developed specialists in tehnologicheskih machinery and equipment, innovative technologies in the field of maintenance and repair of the mountain, metallurgical and oil and gas machines, able to implement their professional knowledge, skills and abilities in the public and private management, mining and oil and gas companies, public and research organizations of any form of property;
- To ensure the growth of research activity of the teaching staff of the Department for the purpose of integration of education, science and industry.
- To integrate into the world educational process through the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation with leading foreign universities and international vendors for the purpose of carrying out joint activities aimed at improving the quality of training by industry.

- Practical implementation in the educational process in the RK continuing education requirements of educational programs;
- Introduction to the educational process of innovative technologies, advanced methods of teaching that promote independence and creative thinking of students;
- Increase the level of responsibility of the teaching staff for the quality of training and development of students the necessary knowledge in accordance with the qualification requirements for the preparation of graduates kazniti KISatpaev;
- Development and improvement of the students' creative thinking and independence in solving scientific problems, the deepening and consolidation of knowledge obtained during the training;
- The formation of study groups in a healthy moral atmosphere of friendship and cooperation;
- Participation in international activities in the field of education and training.

Prepare competitive, qualified professionals with high intellectual level, the common cultural and professional competence in the field of -technology machinery and equipment. Connect the theory with modern practices, using advanced educational technology.

The development strategy of the department "Technological machines and equipment" relates to the vision and strategy of development of the Kazakh National KISatpaev Research Technical University on 2016-2020 years

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