Business and management

Research and Education Center Project Management (RECUP) is the right successor of the Department of Management and Marketing in Industry, which was established in 1967 at our university.

The mission of the Project Management Research and Education Center is to form a high-quality teaching staff to provide undergraduates and doctoral students with modern knowledge, skills and competencies in order to be competitive specialists both in the domestic and international labor market.

The Project Management Research and Education Center prepares undergraduates for the educational programs Project Management and EMBA (for more details see educational programs of the Master's program) and doctoral students for educational programs for Management and Project Management (for more details, see educational programs for doctoral studies).

The goal is to provide the backbone sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan with highly qualified professional and scientific personnel.

To achieve this goal, the following tasks are set:

1. Develop cutting-edge educational master's and doctoral programs for

training managers of the highest level.

2. Provide competitive knowledge, scientific ideas and technical solutions to students of postgraduate programs.

3. To integrate knowledge and achievements of educational, scientific and management activities in theoretical and practical training cycles of undergraduates and doctoral students.

4. Create and promote scientific articles, innovative products and dissertations that contribute to the sustainable economic development of the country.

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