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Iskander Gussenov

      PhD student Iskander Gussenov will defend his PhD thesis titled: “The possibility pf gel forming polymers application for the productivity increase of oil wells” in Kazakh National Research Technical University n/a K.I. Satpayev. The thesis was submitted for earning PhD degree in speciality “6D070800-Petroleum Engineering”. The research has been conducted in the department of petroleum engineering at Kazakh National Research Technical University n/a K.I. Satpayev. The presentation is going to be in Russian language.


1-Akhmedzhanov T.K. – doctor of technical sciences, professor at Caspian University.

2-Nurxat Nuraje – PhD, assistant professor at Texas Tech (USA).


1-Nysangaliyev A.N. - doctor of technical sciences, member of National Engineering Academy of Kazakhstan Republic, JSC KING (speciality code 25.00.17).

2-Tikebayev T.A. – PhD, assistant professor at Kazakh British Technical University (speciality code 6D070800).

The defense will be held on the 09 th of February 2017 at 14:00 at the Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev: 050013, Almaty, Satpayev str. 22, Oil Building, Conference-Hall.

Website address: www.kaznitu.kz, e-mail: iskander.gusenov@mail.ru

Scientific Secretary: Ph.D., prof. S.A. Zaurbekov E-mail: s.zaurbek@mail.ru

Thesis   /upload/base/research/ogb/2017/12/Gyseinov/Dissertatsiya-Gusenov-I-SH.pdf

Abstract   /upload/base/research/ogb/2017/12/Gyseinov/Abstract.pdf

Review of scientific advisor  /upload/base/research/ogb/2017/12/Gyseinov/Otzyiv-nauchnogo-rukovoditelya.pdf

Review of foreign  advisor  /upload/base/research/ogb/2017/12/Gyseinov/Otzyiv-zarubejnogo-rukovoditelya.pdf

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