Department of Student Residences

The student dormitory departament is a structural subdivision of “Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev ".

Main tasks of the Service:

  • ensuring the settlement and accommodation of students in dormitories, as well as undergraduates, doctoral students of the university at HYS;
  • creation of favorable conditions for the development of the student's creative abilities, contributing to self-expression and self-realization of the individual, the involvement of young people in the social life of the hostel;
  • development of healthy lifestyle skills;
  • conducting organizational work and material and technical support for the functioning of student hostels in general;
  • coordination of work to ensure everyday life and leisure of students, undergraduates, doctoral students living in hostels.

The main functions of the DSR Service are:

  • organization of electronic check-in based on the decision of the Commission for the allocation of places in dormitories together with the directorates of the institutes;
  • organization of accommodation for nonresident students, undergraduates, doctoral students in hostels and in the House of Young Scientists;
  • management and direction of activity of student councils of dormitories, providing them with practical assistance and, together with the Center for Operational Activities (DPC), solving issues of maintaining order in hostels;
  • ensuring the economic activities of the operation of dormitories, organizing everyday life, maintaining proper order in the dormitories;
  • temporary registration of students, undergraduates, doctoral students, employees and their families living in dormitories;
  • invitation, notification of arrival, registration, receipt and extension of a visa to the invited teaching staff of the University;
  • consideration of the issues of students' accommodation in dormitories, provision of household items, control over provision of dormitories with heat, water, electricity;
  • solving issues of maintaining order in hostels, organizing a healthy life, cultural events, leisure for residents.

List of required documents for settling in a dormitory:

  1. A copy of the identity card (2pcs);
  2. A copy of the receipt of payment by Bank CenterCredit JSC for accommodation until May 31, 2023;
  3. Payment for the pass;
  4. Medical certificate from the University Medical Center;
  5. Photo 3 * 4 (4 pcs.);
  6. File (2 pcs.)

Applications will be accepted online.

Documents for check-in after the approval of the list of students by the Commission for the allocation of places in university dormitories must be submitted to the Student Dormitory departament at the address: Satpayev, 22 "B", entrance from the end of the hostel №2.


Head of student hostel department

Madiyrova Azhar Temirkhanovna

Tel.320 – 41- 43 ext.71-43

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