Department of information technologies

Department of information technologies is a structural division of NCJS "KazNRTU named after K. I. Satbayev" (hereinafter – KazNRTU);

The director appointed and released from the post based on KazNRTU Rector’s decree is in charge of the given department.

In its activities, IS Department reports to Managing Director for digitalization of educational process.

Department's activities are carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan, information security policy, decrees and instructions of KazNRTU Rector, regulatory legal and local regulations in force KazNRTU.

Department of information technologies includes:

  • Technical support department;
  • Web-development department;
  • IT- infrastructure department.

Department's main goal is:

Development and implementation of University’s strategic information program, implementation of a unified technical policy in the field of procurement and use of technical and software hardware and networks, a unique University management system and e-digital learning complexes;

The main goals and objectives of DoIT are:

  • to provide services to KazNRTU in accordance with international standards to the requirements of business, higher education institutions and the current level of information technology development. To reach the level of business partner for all KazNRTU departments;
  • to provide services in the field of information systems in accordance with KazNRTU strategy and ensure the superiority of KazNRTU among competitors in implementing advanced information technologies and innovative solutions;
  • formation and development of a unified policy in the field of information technologies application, data processing systems, telecommunications and communications as well as ensuring KazNRTU information security;
  • creating an automation system for management, academic and accounting activities (hereinafter - information system) KazNRTU on the basis of modern technological solutions with the use of advanced methods related to business processes optimization;
  • development of KazNRTU information system in accordance with changing internal needs, introduction of new generation technology platforms;
  • ensuring uninterrupted operation of all information systems, computer networks, server hardware and the international Internet;
  • technical support, maintenance and repair of KazNRTU computer park;
  • technical support, maintenance and repair of printing and copying office equipment at KazNRTU;
  • development, control and updating of Department's regulatory documentation;
  • control and load distribution of the Internet to KazNRTU users.

Regulatory bases of activity

  • Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "On education" dated 27.07.07 # 319–III RKL;
  • Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "On anti-corruption" dated 18.11.2015 # 410-V;
  • Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "On science" dated 18.02.2011 # 407-IV;
  • Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "On languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan" dated 11.07.1997 # 151-I;
  • Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "On joint-stock companies" dated 13.05.2003 # 415-II;
  • Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "On non-commercial organizations" dated 16.01.2001 # 142-II;
  • Law of Republic of Kazakhstan dated 31.10.2015 "On commercialization of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities results”;
  • Constitution of Republic of Kazakhstan dated 30.08.1995;
  • International ISO quality standards  of series 9000;
  • Labor legislation, rules and regulations of labor protection, safety; sanitary rules and regulations, fire safety requirements;
  • Charter of NCJS "Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K. I. Satbayev" approved by RK MES Ministry’s decree # 602 dated 16.10.2015;
  • Quality guidelines and quality policy at NCJS KazNRTU named after K. I. Satbayev.
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