Daulbayev Chingis

Daulbayev Chingis

Master of Science


Institute of Metallurgy and Industrial Engineering

Department of Engineering Physics

Email: Ch.daulbayev@satpayev.111


Professional biography

2010-2014 "Physico-Technical Institute" LLP, Laboratory of thin-film materials and nanostructures, researcher

2011-2014 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Laboratory of Neutron Physics, Moscow, Engineer

2015-present, RSE on REM "Institute of Combustion Problems", researcher

2019 - up to now, al-Farabi Kazakh National University, lecturer

Scientific projects

Head of the project No. 0119-GK-18 "Production of fine hydroxyapatite" JSC "Science Foundation"


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Ch.B. Daulbaev, D.U. Bodykov, E.T. Aliev, Influence of the electric field on the ultrasonic capillary effect, Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics, Vol. 89, No. 2, March, 2016

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Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, Nuclear Physics, Master, ZHOOK-M 0064882

International University of Nature, Society and Man, (Dubna, RF), Physics, Master, 11927


Curriculum vitae