Kudaikulova Gulzhan

Kudaikulova Gulzhan

Doctor of technical sciences

Associate Professor

Geology and Oil-gas Business Institute named after K. Turyssov

Department of Petroleum Engineering

Email: kgulzhanabd@mail.333


Professional biography

1974-1979 Study at the Kazakh state University. S. M. Kirova, Alma-ATA

1979 – 1981 Engineer of the Kazakh state University, Alma-ATA

1981-1983 Teacher of the Kentau mining and metallurgical technical school, Kentau

1983-1985 Engineer of the chemical laboratory of the Karatau exploration expedition, Kentau

1986 Engineer Of the Institute of electrochemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow

1987-1990 post-graduate Student of the Institute of electrochemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow

1990-1996 Engineer of the 1st category Of the Institute of chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, Alma-ATA

1996-1999 KazNTU, Almaty Senior researcher of the research laboratory, senior lecturer of the Department of technology and technology of drilling wells, Deputy Dean for 


2002-2005 doctoral Student of the Department of technology and technology of drilling wells of KazNTU.K. I. Satpayeva

2003 DAAD Fellow of the Freiberg mining Academy (Germany)

2005-2009 associate Professor of the Department of well drilling technology and engineering

2009 Doctor of technical Sciences. KazNTU

2009 BURMASH LLP General Director, Almaty

2011 part-time Professor at the Kazakh-British technical University


1. KazGU, faculty of chemistry, 1979, Alma-ATA

2. Institute of electrochemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences, postgraduate study 1990, Cand.chem.Sciences, Moscow.

3. KazNTU after K. I. Satpaev, doctor of technical Sciences, 2009.


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Potential research studies of doctoral students

Improving the productivity and efficiency of well exploration drilling in difficult conditions.