Timur Merembayev

Timur Merembayev

Master of technical sciences


Institute of Cybernetics and Information Technology

Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Email: t.merembayev@satbayev.111

Professional biography

2006-2008- "KazGeoKosmos" JSC - Manager of the geomodeling Department

2008-2009- "KazGeoKosmos" JSC-Chief Manager of the Department of Cartography and geomodeling "

2009-2011-SP Katko LLP-GIS specialist

2011-2018- JV Katko LLP-Head of the data management group

Since 2018- Satbayev University - software engineer; senior lecturer

Scientific projects

Machine learning, Data Science, Neural Networks


1) Merembayev T., Yunussov R., Amirgaliyev Y., Machine learning algorithms for stratigraphy classification on uranium deposits, XIIIth International Symposium Intelligent Systems, INTELS18, 22-24 October 2018 St. Petersburg, Russia

2) Amirgaliyev Y., Yunussov R., Merembayev T., Machine Learning Algorithms for classification Geology data from well logging, 14th international conference on Electronics, Computer and Computation, ICECCO 2018, SDU

3)Kunelbayev M., Merembayev T., Yunussov R., Irzhanova A., Yedilchan D., Theoretical assumptions for saving energy of electrical heating water in the solar collector battery, The 6-th international conference on nanomaterials and advanced energy storage systems, Nazarbayev University 2018


2002-2006-Kazakh national University. Al-Farabi; Mechanics and mathematics Department; Applied mathematics and computer science

2006-2008-Kazakh national University. Al-Farabi; Mechanics-faculty of mathematics; Mathematics