Tolendiuly Sanat

Tolendiuly Sanat

Doctor of phd


A. Burkitbaev Institute of Industrial Automation and Digitalization

Email: s.tolendiuly@satbayev.111

Professional biography

Graduate of the Bolashak International Program of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The holder of the "Travel Grant" from the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy.

His professional career began in 2011 as an engineer of space materials and instrumentation laboratory at the Space Research Institute. From 2012 to 2014, he worked as a junior researcher at the JSC "National Center for Space Research and Technology". Since 2015, she has been working part-time as a senior researcher at the “SHS-new materials” research group at the Institute for Combustion Problems.

His teaching career began in 2017 as a lecturer of the Department "Exploitation of space assets" of KazNITU named after K.I. Satbayev. Since 2018, he has been working as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Space Technology, Satbayev University.

He is an active member of the Academic Council A. Burkitbaev Institute of Industrial Automation and Digitalization.

Scientific projects

The main research areas:

High-temperature superconductors, refractory materials, rocket fuel, lightweight structural and composite materials for aerospace purposes.

He actively participates as a performer (senior researcher) in carrying out fundamental and applied research projects at Satbayev University.


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Bachelor of Natural Sciences with a degree in Nuclear Physics (2006 - 2011, Al-Farabi KazNU);

Master of Technical Sciences in the specialty "Space materials science and technology of new materials" (2012 - 2014, Al-Farabi KazNU);

Doctor of Philosophy PhD, specialty "Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials" (2014 - 2017, Al-Farabi KazNU).

International scientific internships:

- University of Cambridge, 01/06 / 2017-30 / 11/2017.

- Institute of Physics PAN (Poland), 18/08 / 2016-18 / 09/2016.

- University of Texas (USA), 01/06 / 2015-01 / 08/2015.