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NJS "KazNITU named after K.I. Satbayev and subsidiaries


National Research Laboratory for Collective Use of Information and Space Technologies

Types of services provided:

  • Lease time of one node of the Computing cluster;
  • Time rent of one personal computer of the laboratory;
  • Installation of additional software (of varying complexity) on one node or server of the Computing cluster;
  • Lease 1 Terabyte of computing cluster disk space;
  • Rent Internet laboratory traffic;
  • 3D printing;
  • Prototyping;
  • 3D movie;
  • 3D tour;
  • Interior design.

Material and technical base / infrastructure for the services provision:

  • Peak computing cluster with 80 TFLOPS performance.

Contacts: tel. 255-83-57, 255-83-94.


Engineering Laboratory

Types of services provided:

  • Analysis of micro- and nanomorphology of the surface of the samples, structure, texture and disorientation of microcrystals, study of the distribution of phases in the sample, conducting qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis at a point, along a line and over an area using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) Jeol JSM-6490 LA;
  • Qualitative analysis of the phase composition of materials, quantitative X-ray analysis of the phase structure, study of phase transformations, the structure of ultrafine-grained, nanostructured and amorphous materials using X-ray diffractometry X, Pert MPD PRO (PANalytical).

Material and technical base / infrastructure for the provision of services

  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM) Jeol JSM-6490 LA;
  • X-ray diffract meter X, Pert MPD PRO (PANalytical).


JSC Scientific and Technological Center Parasat

Scientific-technological and training center, created in order to provide the economy with popular and competitive innovative scientific developments in priority areas of activity. The holding develops and implements technologies for the hydrocarbon and mining and metallurgical sectors and related service industries, conducts projects in the field of enrichment and metallurgical processing of ore and techno genic raw materials, production of metals, alloys and composite materials, conducts research in the field of solar and hydrogen energy, develops educational multimedia products. The center was established on July 3, 2008, 12 organizations with a wide field of activity in the field of science and production are united in the structure of the company. Joined Satbayev University December 19, 2014

Services provided:

  • Organization of enterprises technological audit;
  • Organization and conduct of scientific and technical expertise of projects;
  • Market research on the market;
  • Search and selection of scientific developments;
  • Development of a strategy for the projects commercialization;
  • Support for the implementation of projects commercialization;
  • Organization and conduct of training courses, seminars, etc .;
  • Protection of intellectual property;
  • Search and attraction of partners and investments;
  • Development of internal regulatory documents (business processes) for commercialization and project management.

Material and technical base / infrastructure for the provision of services:

  • Equipment for the analysis of complex multicomponent mixtures of organic and inorganic compounds (QM1.5 Jl single-phase, coal gas generator (gasifier), chromatographic complex Kristallolux-4000M with module 2 DTP, gas chromatographic complex Chromos GH-1000, Chromos LC- 301 "and others);
  • Equipment for analytical work in the field of biotechnology (fermenters with a working volume of at least 100 liters, shaker incubator with cooling system ISF1-X model SMX1501, industrial dryer for drying microorganisms - model Lyobeta 35, equipment for water disinfection, equipment for regulating water temperature water oxygen saturation system, etc.);
  • Testing equipment for LED products (universal climate chamber, integrating sphere, LED 626 goniophotometer, HEO– 200 LED spectroradimetric system, combined light meter-pulse meter, etc.);
  • Testing equipment for asphalt mixtures and road surfaces (laboratory vibrometer, dactylmeter, rotational viscometer, derivatograph for DTA + TGA (differential thermal + thermogravimetric analysis, laboratory manual tablet press, rheometer for measuring dynamic shear, etc.);
  • General laboratory equipment (water bath, analytical balance, rotary evaporator, drive agitator, oven, etc.).

Contacts: 8 (7172) 95-43-43 ext. 1028, 8 (7172) 95-43-43 ext. 1017.


Institute of Metallurgy and Enrichment JSC

A large world-class research institute that carries out fundamental and applied research and development of new technologies in the field of mineral processing, metallurgy and materials science. It is engaged in the development of the theoretical foundations of mineral processing, metallurgy and materials science and the development of competitive technologies for the mining and metallurgical industry of the republic based on them. Institute achievements in the field of metallurgical science and practice development were highly appreciated and recognized at symposia and conferences abroad (USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, England, China, Spain, Korea, Belgium, Czech Republic, Japan, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Russia ) Services provided:

Services provided:

  • Fundamental and applied research in the field of materials science, metallurgy and mineral processing;
  • Development and implementation of new technologies in the field of mineral processing, metallurgy and materials science;
  • Implementation of innovative technologies and equipment in materials science, enrichment and in the metallurgical industry;
  • International cooperation in the field of science and technology;
  • Solving various scientific and technical problems in the field of enrichment, metallurgical processing of ore and man-made raw materials, production of metals, alloys and composite materials;
  • Provides targeted training of scientific personnel with the necessary competencies;
  • Implementation of a full scientific and innovative cycle from research to implementation of research results.

Material and technical base/ infrastructure for the provision of services:

  • Equipment for the analysis of especially pure materials and concentrated solutions with a heavy matrix;
  • Equipment for the analysis of the phase composition of substances;
  • Equipment for mechanical testing of materials;
  • Equipment for microprobe, mineralogical and metallographic analysis;
  • Equipment for thermal analysis of substances;
  • Equipment for grinding materials to different dispersities;
  • Equipment for the decomposition of materials for chemical analysis;
  • Equipment for the preparation of grinding materials with pouring into resins;
  • Equipment for grinding samples from metals and alloys for mechanical testing;
  • Equipment for pressing tablets from powders and metal pressure treatment;
  • Equipment for spraying thin films of various metals and alloys;
  • Equipment for ion purification and magnetron sputtering;
  • Furnace equipment for melting and casting of metals and alloys, heat treatment of metallic and non-metallic materials in various environments and in vacuum;
  • Equipment for sandblasting; argon-arc and spot welding; granulation;
  • 3D printing with photopolymer resins.


Head of the Department of Management of scientific and technical projects – Zh.Baltabekova, phone: +7 (727) 298-45-55, е-mail:

Head of the Department of Intellectual Property and International Cooperation – G.  Kasymova, phone: +7 (727) 298-45-24, е-mail: 

Head of the National Laboratory for Collective Use, Candidate of Technical Sciences – A. Panichkin, phone: +7 (727) 298-45-67, е-mail:

Head of the Laboratory of Pyrometallurgy of heavy non-ferrous metals, Doctor of Technical Sciences S. Kvyatkovsky, phone: +7 (727) 298-45-33, е-mail:

Head of the Laboratory of special methods of Hydrometallurgy named after B. Beisembayev, Candidate of Technical Sciences – A. Koizhanova, phone: +7 (727) 298-45-30, е-mail: 

Head of the Laboratory of Flotation Reagents and enrichment, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor – N. Tusupbayev, phone: +7 (727) 298-45-25, е-mail:

Head of the Laboratory of alumina and aluminum, PhD – R. Abdulvaliev, phone: +7 (727) 298-45-31, е-mail:

Head of the Laboratory of Vacuum Processes, Candidate of Technical Sciences – A. Nitsenko, phone: +7 (727) 298-45-37, е-mail: 

Head of the Laboratory of Rare Scattered Elements, PhD – M. Bulekbayev, phone: +7 (727) 298-45-26, е-mail:

Head of the Laboratory of Titanium and Rare Refractory Metals, Candidate of Technical Sciences – A. Ultarakova, phone: +7 (727) 298-45-38, е-mail: 

Head of the Laboratory of Metal Science, Candidate of Technical Sciences –  A. Mamaeva, phone:  +7 (727) 298-45-41, е-mail: 

Head of the Laboratory of Physical Methods of Analysis, PhD – G. Ruzakhunova, phone:  +7 (727) 298-45-44, е-mail:

Head of the Chemical-Analytical Laboratory, PhD – Berkinbayeva, phone:  +7 (727) 298-45-52, е-mail:


LLP “Physical-Technical Institute”

“Physical-Technical Institute” is one of the leading research institutes of Kazakhstan in the field of materials science, high energy physics and cosmic rays. The Institute has a modern scientific, technological and analytical infrastructure for basic and applied research, carries out a number of innovative projects, the implementation of which will be of great importance for the organization and development of high-tech innovative industries in Kazakhstan. The results of scientific research carried out at the Institute have received international recognition and have been published in leading publications in the USA, EU countries and Japan.

Provided services:

  1. Measurement of surface morphology by the AFM method. Obtaining a three-dimensional image (topography) and local characteristics of the material with high resolution;
  2. Measurement of the optical parameters of thin-film structures and the spectral dependences of the optical surface constants of various materials (metals, semiconductors, dielectrics, etc.);
  3. Pulse annealing of substrates in an infrared furnace;
  4. Analysis of the majority of the periodic table of elements by ICP spectrometry.
  5. Laser cutting of various substrates (Si, Si / SiO2, quartz, metal (up to 0.3 mm), etc.);
  6. Application of thin films by pulsed laser deposition;
  7. Application of thin films of various materials by magnetron sputtering (DC and RF);
  8. Spraying films of various metals (including refractory), alloys, semiconductor compounds and dielectrics with a melting point up to 3500 ° C;
  9. The study of the samples by EPR. Identification of impurity ions isomorphically entering the lattice from microinclusions. Full information about this crystal ion: valency, coordination, local symmetry, electron hybridization. The method allows one to determine the concentration of paramagnetic centers in regions of a crystal with different structures.
  10. Production of solar cells;
  11. Assembly of solar modules;
  12. Drawing a contact grid, texturing and etching of silicon wafers;
  13. Measurement of solar cell characteristics;
  14. Measurement of film thickness by ellipsometry;
  15. Production of thin films of metal oxide sol-gel by centrifugation - Spin coating, dipping - deep coating and spraying - sprey piroliz;
  16. Measurement of the transmission spectra of solutions and films on transparent substrates;
  17.  Measurement of gas sensitivity of films, solid systems to ethanol vapor;
  18. Obtaining images of the surface structure of transparent samples;
  19. The X-ray analysis of solid structures;
  20. Isolation of signal from spectra (tabular form) with high noise - patented method;
  21. Testing the electrical and lighting characteristics of all types of fixtures;
  22. One-way mounting of SMD components on printed circuit boards. (board dimensions: width - up to 30 cm, length - up to 120 cm);
  23. Implementation of joint projects under the auspices of the International Science and Technology Center, the American Foundation for Civilian Research and Development, the European Society for the Study of Materials, CERN, DEZY and others;
  24. Conducting research and production practice for students of the CIS countries.
  25. Basic and applied research in the field of:
  • condensed matter physics and materials science, including space materials science;
  • physics and chemistry of thin films and low-dimensional systems;
  • in the field of nanotechnology, including hydrogen technology and renewable energy using nanotechnology;
  •  scientific instrumentation, including the creation of techniques for monitoring the state of the earth's crust in order to develop a short-term forecast;
  • high energy physics and cosmic rays

Material and technical base / infrastructure for the provision of services:

  • Scanning probe microscope "JEOL" JSPM-5200;
  • Spectral ellipsometer “Ellipse-1891”;
  • Installation of pulse annealing (up to 900 ° C, ramp rate: 150 ° C / s);
  • Atomic emission spectrometer Optima 2000 DV "Perkin Elmer"
  • Laser cutting machine BXM-50 (1064 nm, 50 W, 0.03 mm, 250 * 250mm);
  • Laser ablation unit “PVD products” PLD - 2000 MBE;
  • Installation of magnetron co-sputtering Torr Lab (DC, RF);
  • Electron beam evaporator k. H. Frederick co;
  • Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer «JEOL»; JES-FA200;
  • Equipment for assembling solar modules;
  • Equipment for measuring the quantum efficiency of solar cells;
  • Equipment for determining the CVC and quantum efficiency;
  • Equipment for measuring the life of minority charge carriers;
  • Spectrophotometer SF-256 UVI (190 - 1200 nm) and SF-256 (1100 - 2500 nm);
  • X-ray diffractometer DRON-6;
  • Muffle furnace SNOL 6.7 / 1300 Lithuanian production;
  • A method of increasing the signal-to-noise ratio in spectroscopy // Provisional Patent No. 12779;
  • Optical microscope MPE-11;
  • Thermal imager (SAT-G96P infrared camera)
  • Universal goniophotometer, high-precision digital power meter;
  • MS-20B microspectrometer, HEO-200 thermo-spectroradiometric system for analysis of   LED assemblies, TS-100 temperature controller for high power LEDs
  • SMD installation line: a technological line for the development and small-scale production of LED lighting systems operating in various operating conditions.

Responsible Executive:

Serikkanov Abay Serikkanovich - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Director of the Institute, +7 (777) 342-84-48


LLP Satbayev Institute of Geological Sciences

A leading geological research center with highly qualified specialists and a modern laboratory and analytical complex, which allows a wide range of studies in the field of regional geology, stratigraphy, mineralogy, geochemistry of solid, liquid and gaseous systems, the study of mineral deposits and petroleum geology. The Institute takes an active part in international geological forums, commissions on stratigraphy and geology of carboniferous, paleontology, geochemistry. The Institute for International Geological Correlation of UNESCO is actively working at the Institute.

It carries out joint scientific and applied research on programs and projects with companies and institutions of the CIS and foreign countries (Russia, China, Serbia, Germany, USA, England, Japan, Turkey, Belgium). It was created in 1940 by Kanysh Imantaevich Satpayev.

Services provided:

  • Analytical work:
  • Sample preparation;
  • Production of grinds, anshlifs, polished artificial briquettes, ore samples;
  • Photographing of grinds and anshlifs;
  • Petrographic and mineralogical description of the sample;
  • Gravitational-magnetic separation of samples;
  • Determination of the density of inorganic substances;
  • X-ray phase analysis (determination of mineral composition of samples), semi-quantitative method;
  • X-ray spectral microanalysis of minerals, metals and alloys and inclusions in them; scanning electron microscopy;
  • Electronic graphical analysis;
  • Thermal analysis;
  • Semi-quantitative atomic emission spectral analysis
  • Chemical analysis;
  • Preparation and execution of a report on chemical analyses.

Material and technical base/ infrastructure for the provision of services:

  • Polarizing microscope Leica DM 2500P d included Laboratory microscope of transmitted light (light field):
  • PrimoStar 2011, Primo Star Microscope 2012, Laboratory centrifuges., Electric furnace (muffle) SNOL, Power plant Kirog KGE 6500 Sample eraser based on the Vibration Stand SVU-2;
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer ICE 3500 included:
    The device "Aquarius" for the production of especially pure water, X-ray. spektr-p VRA 30, X-ray fluorescence energy dispersion spectrometer (2) X-Supreme 8000 (Spanish XSP-Minerals)Raskho, Spectrophotometer PE-5400VI, Electric Furnace (Muffle) SNOL7.2/1300(A417-124-600*1018 ), Electric furnace (muffle) SNOL 7.2/1300 (A417-124-600 x 1018), Polarizing microscope Leica DM 2500P included - 2 pcs., Jaw crusher 80*150, Crushing and reducing unit, Vibrating shredder, Petrographic cutting machine MT 500, Petrographic cutting machine MT60, petrographic grinding and polishing machine LS2.


Head of the Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Research Methods – B. Togaeva, phone: 87771825567

Head of the Mineralogy Laboratory – G. Bekenova, phone:291-40-44, +77017272073

Scientific Secretary – A. Nusupova, phone: 87172914371, +77073648990, e-mail:



LLP “U.M. Ahmedsafin Institute of Hydrogeology of Geoecology"

The only scientific organization of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of developing fundamental and applied problems of hydrogeology, geoecology and rational integrated use of water resources of the bowels of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Institute conducts major fundamental and regional applied research in the field of establishing patterns of formation and placement of various types of groundwater, identifying groundwater resources, developing new methods for their assessment, hydrogeological stratification and mapping, predicting technogenic hydrogeological processes using modern methods of chemical analysis of water. Institute developments are widely known all over the world. It was created in 1965, based on the Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology of the K.I. Satbayev Institute of Geological Sciences.

Services provided:

Assessment and reassessment of operational reserves of groundwater, justification of their rational use, including:

1. Development of design and estimate documentation for exploration, revaluation, additional exploration of thermal, therapeutic and mineral and industrial waters, as well as groundwater for drinking, industrial and agricultural water supply; liquidation and conservation of hydrogeological wells;

2. Carrying out works on exploration, revaluation, additional exploration of groundwater deposits for drinking, industrial and agricultural water supply, thermal, therapeutic mineral and industrial waters using the method of mathematical modeling (if necessary); on liquidation and conservation of hydrogeological wells (if necessary, drilling operations are carried out by experienced contractors);

3. Application of computer modeling methods of hydrogeological objects to solve the problems of assessing groundwater reserves and migration processes, forecasting the negative impact of man-made processes on groundwater (depletion and pollution of aquifers, development of deposits of solid minerals and hydrocarbons, drainage measures), assessing the impact of groundwater on man-made objects;

4.Services for conducting research using Earth remote sensing data;

5. Rendering of satellite image processing services;

6. Engineering-geological and geoecological surveys;

7. Preparation of groundwater exploitation projects;

8. Consulting, information, engineering, marketing services in the field of hydrogeology, engineering geology and geoecology, coordination and support of projects in state bodies, including registration of a license for geological exploration in the Committee of Geology of the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, support of drilling and experimental work.;

9. Development of groundwater monitoring programs and monitoring of the state of groundwater;

10. Formation of data banks for solving scientific, technical and engineering tasks of water management enterprises;

11. Development of design and estimate documentation for the assessment, reassessment of drainage groundwater, including for industrial, industrial and circulating water supply; special hydrogeological studies on deposits of solid, common, hydrocarbon minerals;

12. Assessment, revaluation of reserves of drainage groundwater, including for industrial, industrial and circulating water supply; hydrogeological studies on deposits of solid, common, hydrocarbon minerals;

13. Chemical analysis of drinking water, mineral water (artificially mineralized, packaged in containers), surface water, wastewater, soil, bottom sediments.

Material and technical base/ infrastructure for the provision of services:

  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer Agilent AA140, Australia Head. No. AA 1105M093, Mass concentration of copper, lead, zinc, cadmium, strontium, chromium and other toxic elements,
  • Photoelectrocolorimeter KFK-2, ZOMZ, Russia Mass concentrations of nitrates, nitrites, ammonium, transmission coefficient measurement range From 5% T to 100%T,
  • Flame photometer PFP 7 "Jenway Limited", United Kingdom;
  • Liquid analyzer Fluorat-02-3M LLC "LUMEX-marketing", Russia, mass concentration of petroleum products, phenol;
  • Gas chromato-mass spectrometer with quadrupole mass analysis;
  • Electronic laboratory scales AR5120, "OHAUS", "Adventurer", USA;
  • ICPE-9820 Spectrometer;
  • Drops-105M;
  • Laboratory ionomer Seven Compact S220-Kit;
  • Laboratory Conductometer Seven Compact S230-Kit;
  • Alpha-beta radiometer for measuring small actavities UMF-2000 with a 500 mm2 detector
  • Alpha-beta radiometer for measuring small activities with a 1000 mm2 detector
  • A set with spectrometric software "SpDec"; a set of radiation monitoring techniques.
  • AquaChem software with USB key
  • Logging station on the chassis of UAZ-390995, 27.05.2015, Yu-0124146;
  • Server Intel 2xQuad Core E5506 2.13 Ghz, 2011;
  • GPR OKO-2;
  • Field equipment;
  • GPS navigator GPSMAP62S;
  • Electric Level Gauge, Pressure Gauges, Thermometers.


Director of the Institute – M. Absametov

Deputy Director for Science – E. Murtazin, phone: +7 727 291 46 86, e-mail:

Executive Secretary of the Innovation Council – D. Sapargaliev, phone: 8707 204 30 68, e-mail:



JSC "Institute of Digital Techniques and Technologies"

The leading organization in Kazakhstan in the field of production automation, big data and machine intelligence. Conducts research in the field of IT and 3D-technologies, is engaged in the development, implementation and realization of innovative technologies in the field of industrial automation, digitalization and instrumentation. The Institute has an Automation Center, an experimental design bureau and a Laboratory for Supercomputer Modeling, which provide services for processing large amounts of data, designing and developing software. The staff of the institution is the author of the only CIS integrated business process planning system for large enterprises.

Provided services:

Industrial automation services:

  1. Design of process control systems;
  2. Design of dispatch centers, production control centers, MES systems, PI;
  3. Designing digital doubles;
  4. Intelligent digital deposits;
  5. Balance sheet and dispatch services for industrial enterprises.

Production management services regarding maintenance:

  1. Development and implementation of industrial automation systems (MCC, ASDC, CD, etc. there are copyright certificates for finished products);
  2. Energy.

Digitalization Services:

  1. SMART CITY solutions - Industrial automation services;
  2. Design and prototyping of boards and devices;
  3. Board production 1920–2000 units per month;
  4. Production of devices according to the technical design (on order);
  5. Training.

Machine programming and analysis:

  1. Predictive analytics;
  2. Mathematical analysis of huge data;
  3. Neural networks and their application in the industrial, banking, corporate sector, medicine, Smart City;
  4. Digital doubles;
  5. Intelligent forecasting based on behavioral analysis • Intelligent processing of photo and video streams;
  6. Neural processing of a large data array;
  7. Support and decision-making systems based on the analysis of deviations in the data array;
  8. Providing a supercomputer for collective use for computing and graphic data processing;
  9. Analysis and modeling of these projects of the institute.

Material and technical base / infrastructure for the provision of services:

  • Server;
  • Computing computer with a capacity of 60 TFLOPS;
  • Computing cluster with a peak performance of 60 TFLOPS;
  • Graphic server with peak performance of 7.87 TFLOPS;
  • Storage system 22 TB.

Responsible Executive:

Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY" Yerzhan Nauruzbayev.

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