Practice for students of the Department of Engineering Systems and Networks

Практика студентов кафедры Инженерные системы и сети

AVZ LLP was created in 2008. Main activity: research and production: development, production and sale of climate control and ventilation equipment. The product range covers almost the entire spectrum of industrial ventilation. Ventilation equipment produced by AVZ LLP is included in construction catalogs and reference books; design organizations and technical services of enterprises are guided by it when designing new facilities, when carrying out major and current repairs of buildings, structures, and technological equipment.


State Enterprise "Almaty Su" is engaged in providing affordable water supply and sanitation services that ensure a decent quality of life for water consumers, sustainable development of the metropolis, creating a culture of water consumption and preserving the region's natural resources.

Overview of the water treatment plant


KazPromEducation LLP is one of the leading organizations in Kazakhstan, providing a wide range of services for training, retraining, advanced training of personnel and examination of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities for industrial safety.


Expert Center LLP "Integro Expert Kazakhstan"performs various expert works in the field of industrial safety.

The main activities of the center are expert work, development of documentation, preparation of a package of documents and support in obtaining certificates, permits and other documents in the field of industrial safety


Tengizchevroil is a joint venture developing, producing, and marketing oil and related products. The Tengizchevroil company is the largest oil producing enterprise in Kazakhstan. TCO has an “Internship” program, which provides students with the opportunity to consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired during the training process, acquire skills and practical experience in the oil industry, industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection by completing an internship at the company. As part of this program, TCO annually reviews applications and accepts students for industrial and pre-graduate internships at the company’s facilities.


KAZ Minerals is a copper producer with high growth potential, focused on the development of large-scale, low-cost open-pit mines in the CIS, with a proven track record of developing new deposits. KAZ Minerals operates an “Internship” program, which provides students with the opportunity to consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired during the training process, acquire skills and practical experience in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection by completing an internship in the company.


Volkovgeology JSC is the main enterprise of the NAC Kazatomprom JSC system for geological support of all areas of its activities and carrying out technological drilling for mining and preparatory work at the company’s uranium mining enterprises. In connection with the need to increase uranium production by in-situ leaching at the enterprises of NAC Kazatomprom JSC, Volkovgeology JSC was tasked with preparing new areas of uranium deposits for exploitation by carrying out large volumes of technological drilling (construction of technological wells). This work is being successfully carried out, which greatly contributes to the increase in uranium production in Kazakhstan.


NAC Kazatomprom JSC is the national operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the import and export of uranium, rare metals, nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants. Since 2009, Kazakhstan has been the world leader in the production of natural uranium.


How the practice goes:

The purpose of educational practice is to strengthen and deepen the theoretical knowledge acquired during the study of curriculum subjects. Also important are the formation and development of professional skills, as well as obtaining primary practical experience in the chosen field of training.

Objectives of industrial practice:

  • Gaining practical experience: Mastering specific skills and knowledge applied in real-world work environments so that the student can successfully implement them in the professional field.
  • Familiarity with the production environment: Experience in a real production environment helps the student understand the characteristics and requirements of his future professional activity.
  • Development of professional skills: The application of theoretical knowledge in practical activities contributes to the development of the student's professional skills necessary for a successful career.
  • Improving Communication Skills: Interacting with colleagues, management and clients in the work environment helps develop communication and teamwork skills.
  • Assessing one’s own professional interests: Practice allows the student to more clearly define their interests and preferences within the chosen professional field.
  • Preparation for a future career: Internship is a bridge between education and a future career, providing the student with the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge in practice and prepare for entry into a professional environment.

Upon completion of practical training, students provide the following documents:

Upon completion of the internship, the student draws up a report describing the work performed, the results achieved and the experience gained.

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