Department of Management and Mathematical Economics

The New School of Economics prepares bachelor students based on the “Mathematical Economics and Data Analysis” programme. It includes three main subject blocks: economics; mathematics; statistics and data analysis.

Data scientist in economics is able to sort and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data using statistical methods and mathematical modelling. He/she can discover hidden patterns and make predictions in order to increase the effectiveness of business decisions, or to improve economic policies.

A graduate of the “Mathematical Economics and Data Analysis” programme will have both the knowledge of modern mathematical apparatus and the ability to apply it to solve various economic and financial problems. These qualities will make our graduates desirable candidates for work in research departments of large companies in the real economy sector, as well as in insurance companies, consulting, banking sector and other areas where data analysis and economic analytics are required. Our graduates will be able to work both in domestic and foreign companies.

Starting from the second year all courses are taught in English only and all of our teachers have foreign degrees. Moreover, our professors have their research published in leading international journals.

You can apply to the “Mathematical Economics and Data Analysis” programme using one of 3 possible paths (groups of educational programmes): B057 Information Technologies; B046 Finance, economics, banking and insurance; B044 Management and Administration. For the UNT main subjects you can choose either Mathematics – Physics or Mathematics – Geography.

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