Department of Management and Mathematical Economics

Founded in August 2021 at the junction of two leading research and educational centers, our department is an incubator for innovation and growth in the world of management and economics. We don't just teach; we inspire and involve in the process of creating the future.

The mission of the department is not only to improve the theory and practice of management and economics, but also to develop innovative management approaches that catalyze the growth and sustainable development of the economy in the era of digital transformation.

Our goal is to train not just specialists, but masters of innovation who combine the principles of modern management and economics to adapt and implement innovative solutions in a rapidly changing world.

What are we doing? We develop and implement innovative educational programs and conduct cutting-edge scientific research. Our students and faculty work on projects that change the world, collaborating with leading companies and organizations. We foster a culture of lifelong learning, helping our graduates stay at the forefront of job market demands.

In 2022, under the “Union of Project Managers of the Republic of Kazakhstan” A branch of the department was created, which actively participates in scientific research aimed at developing management knowledge and competencies important for the development of medium-sized businesses and the introduction of innovative approaches to management. This cooperation contributes to the integration of the academic and professional communities in the process of training specialists who can make a significant contribution to the development of the country's economy based on the principles of Agile and other modern management methodologies. In addition, the branch of the department actively participates in the development of legislative acts on project management issues.

In 2023, the Center for Management Knowledge of Satbayev University began operating at the department, aimed at forming and updating the base of professional management knowledge, transferring this knowledge to the educational system and business, involving the community in scientific research, updating the topics of master's and doctoral works in the field of project management, and also the development of educational programs.

JSC "Kostanay Minerals" opened the Department of "Management and Mathematical Economics" Meeting room for conducting training seminars, round tables and business meetings. This new space will be a place for active exchange of knowledge, development of professional connections and interaction between students, teachers and invited experts. It is equipped with modern educational and communication technologies, making it an ideal venue for a variety of activities aimed at deepening knowledge and developing skills in the field of management and mathematical economics.

Development and training - our advanced training courses such as Business leader for middle managers of the ERG group of companies and ESG courses open new horizons for professional and personal growth.

Conferences and Events - We regularly host conferences and events for students, providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and best practices with leading industry experts.

In addition, the department leads an active extracurricular social life, regularly organizing open master classes , workshops and seminars . These events are conducted by both our highly qualified teachers and invited experts from various fields. This creates a unique opportunity for students and all interested parties to gain new knowledge and practical skills, expand their professional horizons and establish valuable contacts in the professional community.

Join us, your education will not only be about knowledge, but also about transforming the world for the better through innovation and sustainable development. Together we create the future!, phone 8 (727) 320 40 91.

Кафедра Менеджмент и математическая экономика

Кафедра Менеджмент и математическая экономика

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