Scientific projects of the Mining department

Currently, the following research works are being carried out at the Department under grant funding from the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

1) AR14869083 "Ensuring the completeness of the extraction of deposits based on a new approach to volumetric geomechanical modeling of deep open-pit mining along the entire perimeter", 2022-2024, scientific supervisor Moldabayev S.K.;

2) AR14869802 "Development of innovative technologies for gravitational enrichment and mineralogical analysis of ordinary geological samples for gold", 2022-2024., scientific supervisor A. Begalinov;

3) AR14871011 "Creation of mining technologies for continuous and integrated use of a subsurface massif in a controlled mode and a closed cycle", 2022-2024, scientific supervisor Yussupov K.A.;

4) AR14871266 "Development of innovative methods for effective and safe underground mining of low-thickness inclined ore deposits", 2022-2024, scientific supervisor Serdaliyev Y.T.;

5) AP19676591 "Development of innovative technologies for the complete extraction of disparate conditioned ores from complex structural blocks of benches", 2023-2025, scientific supervisor Rakishev B.R.;

6) AP19679911 "Improving the efficiency of uranium leaching in the development of complex hydrogenic deposits", 2023-2025, scientific supervisor Aben Y.;

7) AP19676884 "Development of effective methods of crushing rock mass in mining ore from a complex structural massif by controlling the parameters of the explosion energy", 2023-2025, scientific supervisor Iskakov E.E.

on a contractual basis:

8) agreement No. PD/SCER/22-0041 dated 09/14/2022, 2022-2024, "Prioritization of ore body mining and study of the impact of faults beyond the limit contour of open-pit mining on the possibility of safe mining of near-contour reserves and the deep part of the Kacharskoye field", scientific supervisor Moldabayev S.K.;

9) Agreement No. 895818/2023/1 dated 10/9/2023, 2023-2024, "Development of a combined hydroelectric power plant for generating electricity from technological solutions", scientific supervisor Yussupov K.A.;

10) contract No. PD/SCER/23-0014 dated 02/22/2023, 2023-2024, "Development of design documentation for the technological line of steep rise of rock mass", scientific supervisor S.K. Moldabayev.

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