Department of Foreign Languages

Department of Foreign Languages was established in 1934 at Mining and Metallurgical Institute. At present, the department, being a part of Project Management Institute named after E.A. Turkebayev at Satbayev University, retains its importance and role in providing the high-quality training of specialists.

Mission of department, in unity and in accordance with Satbayev University’s mission, is to form, develop and creatively use theoretical knowledge, practical skills and abilities necessary for the training of highly qualified specialists.

Goals and objectives of department:

  • Training of competitive specialists who speak English to carry out effective professional communication.
  • implementing the multi-level English language teaching for students in accordance with Pan-European Foreign Language Proficiency Standards (CEFR);
  • creating the elective courses with the purpose to diversify the educational trajectory of students;
  • evolving the students' independent work skills, critical thinking, assessment and self-assessment, creative abilities, as well as educating them in academic integrity.

To define the level of English proficiency at the beginning of the academic year, students undergo  free online testing on the university's website and an oral interview at Department's offices.

At the beginning of 2023-2024 academic year, there was opened a space called

“English Zone. This unique place is designed for an active exchange of knowledge and experience between students and teachers, as well as to create additional opportunities for group classes, individual consultations and language practices.

 English Zone suggests the following activities:

Book Club: Students can participate in the discussion of literary works in English, enlarging their vocabulary and practicing text comprehension skills.

Movie Club: Weekly viewing and discussion of English-language films contribute to advancing the listening skills, as well as immersion in culture and spoken language.

Debates: Participation in debates helps to develop the skills of argumentation, expression of one's thoughts and critical thinking.

Ted Talks: Discussing and analyzing the speeches in English contributes to the improvement of listening skills and comprehending of professional vocabulary.

Essay Writing - seminars: Essay writing classes help students ameliorate their writing skills in English.

Use of Grammar & Vocabulary- seminars: Classes on grammar and vocabulary help students use the language confidently in their daily and academic activities.

Speaking Club with the native speaker, Mr. Joshua: Students have the opportunity to practice speaking in an informal setting under the guidance of the native speaker that helps to increase confidence in communicating in English.

Our annual student events are not only an opportunity to enrich the language skills, but also to unleash creativity and broaden horizons.:

  • English Week: Within the framework of the given week, Department organizes a variety of events, including flash mobs, charity fairs Red Nose Day, contests and reading projects (Performance Competition and  Reading Project) The opening and closing ceremonies have become unforgettable events for all participants.
  • English Language Olympiad: Intra-university English Olympiad for freshmen is held annually, which gives the opportunity to participate in the city Olympiad among technical universities.
  • Science Day: The given event encourages students to compete in presenting the scientific projects and research, inspiring them to study the life and work of famous scientists.
  • “I am the next Satbayev”- videocontest: Participation in this competition allows students to be inspired and follow the example of the great scientist K.I. Satbayev.
  • Women’s Day: The given project dedicated to the great women of XX-XXI century has become a significant event at our University. The students participated in the project work, receiving support from Department’s teachers in both language and content aspects.

Department also offers:

Department teachers are real masters of their craft. They studied at the following universities: University of AberdeenUniversity of Reading, University of Bristol, University of Queen Mary London, University of Southampton, University of Warwick, University of Glasgow,  Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, EUSS High School of Management  Barcelona,  The Johan Cruyff Institute in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and America, reinforcing their experience with international knowledge and practice.

Department’s 13 teachers have the prestigious international CELTA certificate - the certificate issued by Cambridge University that confirms the qualification of teaching English as a foreign language.

Department Head is Turlybekova А.О.

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