Anti-corruption activities

Corruption is the abuse of power against the legitimate interests of society and the state to obtain benefits in the form of money, property, goods or services of a material nature. Considering the harm of corruption to the state, society and education, within the framework of the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan from November 18, 2015 410-V 3 RK Satbayev University realizes a complex of actions to prevent and combat corruption.

The measures are aimed at creating a system of value and moral anti-corruption guidelines for university employees, preventing corruption and increasing the effectiveness of anti-corruption legislation in the activities of Satbayev University. These activities include an annual internal analysis of corruption risks. Based on the results of the analysis, the university takes all necessary measures to eliminate the identified corruption risks.

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Let’s say “No” to corruption!

ҚР ҒЖБМ Antikor

Advice on issues of corruption prevention can be obtained from the Unified Call Centre of the Anti-Corruption Service by telephone 1424 (free of charge).

The Call Center 1424 advises citizens on:

  • anti-corruption;
  • admission to the anti-corruption service;
  • on the progress of applications and messages consideration;
  • other issues within the competence of the Anti-Corruption Service.

A Unified Call Centre is open 24 hours a day.

If you have encountered corruption in your university, please contact:



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