Department of "General Physics"

The Department of General Physics was opened in 1934 from the founding of the Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute. Honored Scientist of the Kazakh SSR , Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sc., prof. L.V. Gulnitsky was the head of the department in 1945, and in parallel with scientific research in the field of actinometry, he was engaged in instrument making. In 1971 Along with the Department of General Physics, the Department of Applied Physics was created, the head of which is Honored Scientist of the Kazakh SSR , Doctor of Physics. - M.Sc., prof. T. Kh. Chormonov . On his initiative, experimental work on growing mono- and polycrystals from ferromagnetic alloys in an ultrasonic field was further developed . Since 1991 Head of the Department of Applied Physics Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sc., prof. It was led by L. M. Dautov , who conducted scientific research in the direction of the theory of high-temperature superconductivity. Since 1993, Doctor of Physics was appointed head of the Department of Applied Physics. - M.Sc., Professor, winner of the grant "Best University Teacher" 2010. Iskakov B.M. Prof. Scientific research by B. M. Iskakov is related to the field of mathematical modeling of the processes of accumulation of radiation point defects in metals under the influence of radiation. In 1995, the Department of Applied Physics was merged with the Department of General Physics. 1997 joint department prof. His research work, headed by T. B. Begimov , was related to the study of the physical and mechanical properties of intermetallic compounds . Since 2003, the Department of General and Theoretical Physics of KazNTU has been headed by Doctor of Physics. - M.Sc. , prof . , 2006, 2007 It was headed by the grant holder "Best University Teacher" S. E. Komekov . Prof. S. E.  Komekov's research work is related to the study of heterostructures based on oxide semiconductors, the optical orientation of electron spins in two-dimensional semiconductor structures. In 2009-2013 T.B. Begimov was again appointed head of the department. In the period from 2013 to 2018, Ph.D. Mailina H.R. _ , 2018-2021 doctor PhD Beisenov R.E. were appointed heads of the department.

Veterans of the department made a great contribution to the development of the department of general and theoretical physics: Karimov M. G., Kushpanov M. S., Podkladnev V. M., Alpysbaeva A. A., Omarov S. S., Nigmatov M. Kh., Uteulina K. A., Kamysheva A. G., Kusainov S. K., Suleeva L. B., Shambulov N. B., Polyakova L. M., Polatbekov E. P., Mironenko G. V., Musagalieva R. K., Balgozhina G. A., Goltseva E. M., Spitsyn A. A., Abdikasova A. A., Niyazova Sh. V., Ismagulova M. Sh., Mukhamedgalieva M. A., Bedelbaeva G. E. , Turmukhambetova A. Zh., Turmukhambetova E. T., Konakbaev T. Zh., Polatbekova Z. I., Mustafin A. T., Mailina Kh. R., Irkegulov A. Sh. et al.

         The goals of the department in the context of the goals of the Institute

The main goal of the Department of General Physics, as well as the Institute of Basic Education, is the organization and implementation of the educational process, research activities, and innovative work that meets modern requirements for the training of highly qualified and competitive personnel.

The mission of the Department of General Physics is to fulfill the main task of the university - to ensure the training of a new competitive generation of technical specialists for the innovative economy of Kazakhstan.

Objectives of the department:

  • development of university-industry cooperation and partnerships with scientific organizations, schools, gymnasiums and colleges;
  • continuous professional development of teachers and staff through the development of additional educational and training programs.
  • ensuring the quality of educational services that meet modern consumer requirements through the constant introduction of modern innovative teaching technologies.
  • improving the educational and methodological activities of the teaching staff of the department, integrating education, science and production.

In 2023, the Department of General Physics opened the specialty 6B07129-" Nuclear Energy " under the program "B062 - Energy". The purpose of the educational program 6B07129 - “ I am nuclear energy” is to create conditions for an effective educational process for individual, socio-cultural, general engineering and professional development of the energy industry, to meet the needs of students for intellectual, creative and industrial development, as well as to prepare a professional specialist in the field of nuclear energy.

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