Dissertation councils

Dissertation councils are collegial bodies that conduct the doctoral dissertations defense, and apply to Committee for control in the field of education and science at Higher Education of the Republic Ministry for Doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree award or doctor in the profile.

Dissertation councils are created for 3 (three) calendar years if University has a state educational order for the corresponding specialties (areas of training) of doctoral studies.

Dissertation Council consists of at least 6 (six) people who have an academic degree (candidate of science, doctor of science, doctor of philosophy (PhD), doctor in profile) or an academic degree of philosophy doctor (PhD), of which at least half of the members at Dissertation Council are representatives of other universities, scientific and (or) other organizations.

In the composition of Dissertation councils at universities with a special status, one of Council’s members is a foreign scientist (with the exception of higher educational institutions). University that has a special status independently sets requirements for publications of Dissertation Council’s members.

In the higher educational institutions that have a special status, Dissertation Councils are created independently. Information on creating Dissertation Council is posted at University's Internet resource within 5 (five) working days from the date of issuing the Rector's decree.

Participation of Dissertation Council members in the meeting related to online dissertation defense in video conference form is also taken into account (no more than 1/3 of Dissertation Council).

Doctoral students who have defended their dissertations at Dissertation Councils under organizations of higher and (or) postgraduate education of Republic of Kazakhstan that have a special status, Doctor of philosophy( PhD) degree, Doctor in profile are awarded by the universities that have a special status.

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