The Academic Council

The Academic Council is a management of KazNITU, created to address issues of research,  educational and methodological activities of the University.

The Academic Council is formed with officials of KazNITU, heads of structural divisions. The Academic Council includes Rector, Vice-Rectors, Directors of Specialized and Scientific Institutes.

The Academic Council is elected for a 3 years period and consists of an odd number of members. As necessary, by decision of the general meeting, individual changes may be made to its content.

The main activities

Academic Council:

1. It is one of the branches that is responsible for the implementation of the University development strategy.

2. Decides on the organization of the educational process, approves work curricula, educational process schedules, academic calendars.

3. Considers and recommends issues:

- organizational and methodological, material, and technical support to the educational and scientific processes at KazNITU;

- advanced training and retraining of personnel;

- transfer of students, undergraduates to study at the state scholarship according to educational order (to vacant places);

- on the opening of dissertation councils, their specialties and staff.

4. Considers and approves plans and reports on the educational, research and educational work of faculties, institutes, departments, scientific laboratories and other structural units of the University directly related to the educational and scientific processes of KazNITU, considers reports on the activities of other structural units of the University.

5. Determines the content and terms for the office of competitive commission for holding contests for scientific and pedagogical staff.

6. Assigns the title of Honorary Professor of KazNITU to the University for outstanding scientists, socio-political figures, as well as representatives of the manufacturing sector, who are actively involved in the development of KazNITU.

7. Supports the authorized state body for the assignment of the academic ranks of the associated professor (associate professor) and professor to the employees of KazNITU.

8. Considers the issues of representing university employees, creative teams for government awards and honorary titles.

9. Decides on the creation, reorganization and liquidation of the educational and scientific units of the university (laboratories, departments, faculties / institutes, etc.).

10. Recommends and promotes candidates among KazNITU employees to participate in the competition for the International Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Bolashak”.

11. Recommends candidates for scholarships of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, state scholarships, as well as scholarships established by other persons and organizations in the prescribed manner.

12. Decides on the students’ transfer from self - funding to a scholarship mode, and to do external studies.

13. Approves KazNITU activity plans to improve the quality of specialists training, training plans for teaching staff.

14. Determines the procedure for the use of extra-budgetary funds, as well as the directions for reinvesting income received by the university through the provision of paid educational services and the sale of manufactured products.

15. Considers and recommends for textbooks, teaching aids and teaching materials publication.

16. Takes decisions on the opening of magistracy, doctoral studies according to KazNITU specialties.

17. Approves the topics of master and doctoral dissertations, determines the composition of the State Attestation Commission for admission of state exams and undergraduates dissertations, and determines the board of the State Attestation Commission for admission of state exams for doctoral students, the completion of dissertation councils.

18. Approves the scientific advisers, research topics of undergraduates and doctoral students of KazNITU.

19. Approves reports on the work of admissions committees for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral studies.

20. Resolves other issues related to the competence of the Academic Council in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and internal documents of KazNITU.


Structure of the Academic Council







Chairman of the Academic Council

Beisembetov Iskander Kalibekovich




Заместители Председателя:



Iskakov Rinat Maratovich  (educational and methodical direction)

Vice-rector for Academic Affairs of  KazNITU


Syzdykov Askar Khamzayevich

Vice-Rector for Scientific Work


Chief Scientific Secretary



Nauryzbayeva Dilda  Kenzhekhanova

Vice-rector for Scientific and Educational Affairs of KazNITU


Members of the Academic Council



Absametov Malis Kudysovich

Director of LLP “Institute of Hydrogeology and Geoecology. U. M. Akhmedsafin”


Zholtaev Geroi Zholtaevich

Director of  LLP “K. I. Satbayev Institute of Geological Sciences”


Serikkanov Abay Serikkanovich

Director of LLP “Institute of Physics and Technology” of KazNITU


Yelemessov Kassym Koptleuovich

Director of Institute of Metallurgy and Industrial engineering of KazNITU


Subalova Madina Aivarovna

Director of the Project Management Institute of KazNITU


Kuspangaliev Bolat Uraikhanovich

Director of the Institute of Architecture, Construction and Energy of KazNITU


Mankhanova Azhar Yerlanovna

Acting director Registrar’s office


Omarbekov Beknur Orazgalievich

Director Institute of Industrial Automation and Digitalization of KazNITU


Sarenova Aigul Saparbekovna

Director of the Institute of Basic Education of  KazNITU


Rysbekov Kanay Bakhytovich

Director of Institute of Geology, Oil and Mining of  KazNITU


Tuyebakhova Zoya Qaimovna

Director of School of Chemical and Biological Technologies of  KazNITU


Seylova Nurgul Abadullayevna

Director of the Institute of Cybernetics and Information Technology of  KazNITU


Simonov Andrey Gennadyevich

Director of the Institute of Distance Education and Professional Development of  KazNITU


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