Kazakh and Russian languages

Information about department

History of the Department of Russian language

1970 – formation of the Department of Russian language;

1976 – division of the Department into two: Department of Russian language for Kazakh group students and Department of Russian language for international students;

1992 – unification of the Department of Russian language with the Department of foreign languages;

1998 – unification with the Department of Kazakh language;

2000 – formation of a separate Department of Russian language;

1990 – formation of the Department of Kazakh language.

2016 – formation of the Department of Kazakh and Russian languages

Head of the Department: A.Zh. Uderbayev


  • providing high-quality educational services in accordance with national and international educational standards;
  • organization of research activity of teachers in order to advance their professional skills
  • development of intellectual and creative abilities, critical thinking, independent judgment and academic honesty of students
  • development of active citizenship and patriotism


  • organizing gradual Kazakh and Russian language learning
  • use in the of innovative educational technologies, best practices and active forms of learning in education process
  • development and improvement of language and communicative competence of students within the main speaking areas: social and domestic, social and political, socio-cultural, educational and professional
  • creation of elective courses in order to increase the number of educational programs
  • development of research environment and organization of innovative activity of students
  • practical implementation of results of department staff’s scientific researches in the educational process
  • organization of advisory work for the purpose of student adaptation to university studies and fostering their moral and business qualities.


  • Participation of the Department in training professional, highly competitive specialists able to demonstrate a high level of acquired knowledge, skills and high moral character
  • Participation of the Department in the work aimed at ensuring a high world-class to university


  • enhancing organization of the department’s work in order to create the most comfortable conditions for effective creative and professional activity of the department’s staff
  • strengthening the competitiveness of the department
  • providing high-quality linguo-didactic educational services in accordance with national and international educational standards
  • developing researching abilities of students with a focus on meeting their modern educational and intellectual needs
  • developing and introducing modern innovative educational programs and technologies in the educational process; enhancing the content and methods of teaching
  • stable interrelation of educational, creative, scientific, research and industrial purposes in the activity of the department.



KRLD employs qualified scholars and teachers, 2 of them are doctors of sciences, 1 PhD, 9 candidates of sciences, 6 masters of sciences and 7 teachers with great pedagogical experience.


Since 2016-2017 academic year, the department has introduced a level-by-level teaching in Kazakh and Russian in accordance with Concept of Language Education of Kazakhstan.

Based on the results of diagnostic testing and oral interviews, the level of students' language competence is determined and study groups are formed due to knowledge levels. To ascertain proficiency level in Kazakh / Russian languages ​​at the beginning of academic year, students undergo free written online testing at university website and  oral interview in offices of Kazakh and Russian Language Department. For Russian department students the following subjects are taught:

Basic Kazakh (А2),

Academic Kazakh (В1),

Business Kazakh (В2),

Business Culture (С1),

Rhetoric (Basics of Oratory – С1),

As for Kazakh department students:

Basic Russian (А2),

Academic Russian (В1),

Advanced Russian (В2),

Business Russian (С1),

Rhetoric (Basics of Oratory – С1),

Alongside, for 2nd and 3rd courses’ students such disciplines as Professional Kazakh language / Professional Russian language are conducted. “Kazakh language (in Latin)” elective course was prepared; the given one refers to special projects implementation in connection with Kazakh alphabet transition to the Latin one (2 credits). The department organized the Kazakh language course (2 credits) for Satbayev University Military department teachers as well.  


Work on scientific programs and projects

Kazakh and Russian languages ​​Department carries out research work in the following areas: 1) Research projects; 2) Participation in scientific conferences; 3) Articles in journals; 4) SRWS (contests, conferences, Olympiads); 5) The work of teachers in scientific organizations (journals, etc.); 6) Review.

One of the priority areas of Department teachers’ research are the topics related to “Teaching Languages by levels ​​at a technical higher educational institution” initiative project  in connection with teaching languages based on levels ​​in 2016 academic year.

Over the past 3 years, the department accomplished 2 funded projects.

In 2017 under the guidance of c.ph.s., ass. prof. Uderbayev A.ZH. the research work on “The Vitality of the Kazakh Language in a foreign language environment” scientific project (grant funding) has been finalized. The study results were presented due to presentations at international conferences and 12 publications in conference materials collections, monograph manuscript and the dictionary that was recommended to publication by A.Baitursynov Institute of Linguistics. There was received Certificate of state registration of copyright (# 2418, 19/10/2017).

In 2017 under the guidance of Ph.D., prof. Zhaksylikova K.B. the research work on “Terminological Kazakh-Russian-English-Turkish-Chinese Dictionary on Hydrogeology and Geoecology” scientific project (grant funding) has been completed. Based on study results, 12 articles were published, from which: in collections of international conference materials -5, in foreign journals -2, in RK Bulletin -2 articles and 3 ones in publications with non-zero impact factor (Thomson Reuters, Scopus), dictionary manuscript was recommended by the department and EMC for publication.

According to inspection results of RK SC MES, both projects received high points.

According to inspection results of RK SC MES, both projects received high points.

In 2018, in grant financing contest for scientific and technical projects for 2018–2020, “Innovations in special lexis on geology, geodesy, geography: unification and lexicography” theme (academic advisor, c.ph.s. Uderbayev A.Zh.) won the competition.

In 2018, in program-targeted funding competition for 2018-2020  “Elaboration of technologies for independent language study ​​in information and communication technologies environment” theme (academic advisor, c.ph.s.  Omurzakova A.K. and a participant, c.ph.s. Turbekova S.А.) won the contest. Curently scientific-research works are being held.


Scientific works of Department teaching staff

KRLD faculty conducts scientific and methodological research, the outcomes of which are issuances in national and foreign publications, introduction of research results into educational process. Teachers publish articles in international journals, for example, the journal Turkic Research, Turkey, Afyon (Uderbayev A.Zh.), in international conferences materials in Germany, Munich (S.A.Turbekova), in Russia (R. B. Bekenova) and in RK editions as well.

The list of published scientific papers of Department teaching staff for the last 3 years includes the following issued articles:

with impact factor - 11 articles;

in far abroad countries publications – 3 articles;

in publications of near abroad countries - 6 articles;

in publications of Republic of Kazakhstan - 70 articles;

in international conferences of far abroad countries - 3 articles;

in international conferences of near abroad countries - 2 articles;

in RK international conferences - 52 articles;

in republican conferences - 2 articles;

textbooks and tutorials - 9.

As well as monographs - 6, dictionaries - 3, patents and pre-patents for inventions - 2.

Teachers of the department are official dissertation reviewers for PhD degree (Zhaksylikova K.B.), as well as reviewers of various scientific works: monographs, educational-methodological materials, teaching and methodical manuals, master theses, terminological dictionaries (Uderbayev A.Zh. Altayeva A.Sh., Mukhamadiyev Kh.S., Turbekova S.A., Dzhunussov T.S., Demeubekova K.K. and other teachers of the department).



Every year the department conducts a training seminar for teachers. The purpose of the seminar is to familiarize teachers with modern educational technologies in teaching languages.



Agreement of intent was concluded with KazNRTU and Hanguk University of Foreign Languages ​​(Seoul, Korea), Memorandum of Cooperation with KazNRTU and Kazan Federal University (Kazan, Russia). The department has academic relations with other Kazakh and Russian Languages ​​Departments of other technical universities and A.Baitursynov Institute of Linguistics under RK MES SC as well.

Professor K.B. Zhaksylykova is a member of Methodological and terminological group under RK National Commission for State Program implementation on phased transition of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin script; also, she is a member of REMC EMA at KazUIRWL after Abylaikhan; a member of “Herald” editorial board of KSPU after U. Sultangazin.

Assistant Professor Bukharbayeva K.N. is a member of “Herald” editorial board of  Russian Cultural Center and Research-methodological Center for Russian Studies at  Etvesh University in Budapest, Hungary.

KRLD Head A.Zh.Uderbayev holds talks on cooperation with International Linguistic Center of Philology and Intercultural Communication Institute after Lev Tolstoy (Kazan Federal University - KFU), Institute of Linguistics after Nassimi of Azerbaijan.



The department has a cognitive club entitled «Semser» for Russian department students and "In principio erat verbum" ("There was initially A Word") Club, the members of which are Kazakh department first-year students.


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