Headquarters of Civil Defense, Fire Safety and Labor Protection

The main objectives of the Civil Defense, Fire Safety and Labor Protection Headquarters:

- ensuring the safety, preservation of human health and working capacity in the process of work;

- monitoring compliance by all employees of departments and services of the University, legislation in the field of civil protection, fire safety, industrial safety, safety and labor protection.

The main tasks of the Civil Defense headquarters, fire safety and labor protection:

- preparation and early implementation of measures to protect the life and health of employees, students and the University territory from emergencies and their consequences;

- creation of civil protection forces, their training and maintenance in constant readiness;

- training of the leadership of civil protection units from university staff on civil defense and emergency situations;

- accumulation and maintenance in readiness of the necessary stocks of personal protective equipment and other special property of civil defense;

- notification of university staff about the threat to their life and health, the procedure for action in the current situation;

- organization and conduct of rescue and other urgent work in case of emergency situations;

- ensuring fire safety;

- development and implementation of a set of legal, socio-economic, organizational-technical, sanitary-epidemiological, rehabilitation, therapeutic and preventive measures to create and ensure safe and healthy working conditions in SATBAYEV UNIVERSITY and prevent occupational injuries and occupational diseases, safe operation of equipment and other facilities on the territory of SATBAYEV UNIVERSITY, as well as other territories where work is carried out in the interests of SATBAYEV UNIVERSITY;

- organization of the development of regulatory documents, in terms of compliance with the requirements of safety and labor protection, industrial safety;

- organization and coordination of work on safety and labor protection, industrial safety in the structural divisions of the University, implementation of internal control on safety and labor protection, industrial and safety over compliance by employees of the organization with the requirements of regulatory legal acts on safety and labor protection, industrial safety.

Division structure

Staff of the Civil Defense and Fire Safety Headquarters and labor protection consists of seven people: - chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, chief Specialist, leading specialist and three specialists.

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