Headquarter of the CP&FS


- Headquarter of the CP&FS is responsible for developing and implementing, in collaboration with other departments of the University activities to fulfill the tasks in the event of emergencies in peacetime and wartime.

- Headquarter of the CP&FS monitors compliance all employees of the University departments and services, in the field of fire safety legislation.


Main goals of Headquarter of the CP&FS:

  • Preparation and conduct of early measures to protect the life and health of employees, students and the campus of the University from Emergencies and it consequences
  • Creating a civil defense forces, their preparation and maintenance of constant readiness
  • Preparation of the administrative board of civil protection units of the university staff on civil defense and emergency issues
  • Collect and maintain readiness essential stocks of personal protective equipment and other special equipment on civil defense
  • Alert staff of the University of the Threat to their life and health, the course of action in this situation
  • Organization and carrying out rescue and other emergency operations during emergency issues
  • Provide fire safety


Structure division

Staff of Headquarter of the CP&FS consists of three members: - chief of staff, deputy chief of staff and the chief specialist

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