Scientific projects of the C&BM department

AP19174728 Study of the Efficiency Limit of Organometallic Perovskites Based on CH3NH3SnI3 and CH3NH3PbI3 for Photovoltaics

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AP13068313 Development of a new design of a modular wind turbine with a fixed vertical axle

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Every year within the framework of the program "Visiting Professor" open lectures and seminars are held for students, masters and doctoral students on topical areas of Construction and Technology of production of building materials, products and structures.

Within the Grant research on program-targeted financing of the program on creation of technological park in the construction industry to ensure transfer and promotion of the world's best practices, experience and innovations in the construction industry of Kazakhstan:

1.    Research and development of new technologies in the production of construction materials, in particular self-compacting concrete;

2.    Identification of development trends and study of problems in the construction industry, development of proposals and solutions;

3.    Organization of training, professional development, seminars and courses for students, faculty and business representatives;

4.    Providing consultancy, advisory services and expertise to solve current problems in the construction industry;

5.    Commercialization of new technologies within the framework of developed research works.


Doctoral student A. Zhagifarov and engineer A. Alikhan conduct experiments to optimize the composition of self-compacting concrete.

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