History of department «Mining» indissolubly related to opening in Alma - Ata Kazakh mining - metallurgical institute in 1934, where prepared the specialists of secret geology - secret service and hydrogeology. In a subsequent year entered speciality is exploitation of ore deposits, and in 1936 speciality is metallurgy of the coloured metals.

By the first director of institute А.Burkitbayev, that invited in the institute of many gifted teachers of that time, was appointed. The new coil of development an institute got in the Great Home war - time. Confluence of KazMМI and evacuee happened in Alma - Аty the Moscow institute of the coloured metals. Naturally, large structural changes happened in an institute, new departments and specialities were open. Also the value of mining grew in the heartland of the USSR, namely in Kazakhstan, possessing the richest resource.

For years war an institute produced 512 engineers prepared on eight specialities.

By the end 50 - years, to time it twenty five years KazMМI presented from itself a large educational and scientific center. Preparation of engineers was here conducted for to 12 leading specialities are geological surveys, to mining, metallurgical and building business.

The amount of students of daily separation exceeded 1800 persons. 160 professors and teachers worked on 30 departments of institute, including two academicians and six professors - doctors of sciences.

In 1960 KazMМI was regenerate in the Kazakh polytechnic institute. Priority in activity of institute was remained by producing of engineers - geologists, miners and metallurgists.

In parallel with an educational process in an institute constantly conducted scientifically are research works, both among the professorial – teaching staff and among students.

Economic consisted agreements with mining enterprises on realization scientifically - research works. Basic part professorial - teaching staff of institute was engaged in realization of these works. Headed works, as a rule, most experience and skilled specialists.    

An institute had connections with more than with the hundred enterprises of country. Together with the scientists of Academy of sciences of Kazakhstan and institute of Mountain business, the problem questions of production workers decided. The result of joint works were the new systems of developments on the deposits of minerals of Kazakhstan, introduction  NT of developments etc.

The presence of highly skilled scientific shots allowed to conduct wide preparation of young research workers in KazPТI. It came true through aspirantures.

Scientifically - pedagogical workers of KazPТI were the authors of numerous monographs, copyright certificates, brochures, reasons, train aid.

Student science developed. Under the direction of experience teachers, different practical and theoretical tasks decided by them, skills of the scientific thinking were inoculated. The most gifted students took part in different student scientific and technical conferences.

In 1994 by the decision of Council of Ministers of Republic of Kazakhstan for high merits in area of education, KazPТI was regenerate in the Kazakh national technical university of the named after K.I.Satpayev.

In 2015 association KazNTU happened with the Kazakhstan British university.

From the day of opening of department of Mining business in 1935, the name of department changed repeatedly, the amount of preparing narrow specialists increased. To the first managers the department of development of minerals was a professor Kluchanski G.V. is a well - known in a country scientist in area of mountain business. In 1947 began to teach the specialists - technologists of developers of coal deposits. And finally, in 1961 a department got the name "Department of technology and complex mechanization of working mine of minerals". 1964 to a department was headed by Popov А.S., and from 1964 and for 1980 an academician managed a department АN KazUSSR, doctor of engineering sciences, professor Baikonurov О.А.

In 1988 the department of TTD was divided. Specialists - the developers of deposits of UM by an open method the department of "Open mountain works" began to prepare. Headed a department up to 2016 doctor of engineering sciences, academician of  NAS RK Rakishev B.R.

In 2016 appropriate confluence of departments happened "Open mining works", "Underground development of minerals" and department "Destruction of mining breeds and mine building" history began that in 1936 and was indissolubly related to the visible scientists of soviet period of development. Before the accrued department "Mining" that was led by k.t.s. Rysbekov K.B. the tasks of strengthening of indissoluble connections are put between former family departments, preparing bachelors, master's degrees, doctors of sciences of contiguous specialities, perfection of educational process and producing of more skilled shots.

And similarly, an institute supports international connections with institutions of higher learning of different countries. The result of close creative international connections is wide participation professorial - teaching staff of institute in the International scientific conferences, symposiums, departure of foreign on internship.

A department also has educational - the laboratory base, equipped by devices, equipment, by the operating layouts of the technique and technology, used in an educational process for preparation of engineers. Updating of out – of - date equipment is constantly conducted due to an university and due to sponsors - mining enterprises.


The mission and strategy 
Preparation of competitive highly qualified personnel of a new generation in the field of mining, with high demand on the labor market, designed to fulfill the state program as a part of the industrial - innovative development of Kazakhstan, with sufficient socio-personal, organizational, managerial, professional, technical expertise and are able to carry out responsibilities of the work in industrial enterprises and organizations of the mining industry in the country.
Activity of department is organized according to proclaimed mission, goals and aims, also strategic plan of KazNRTU after K.I.Satpayev development and directed to its implementation.

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