Department of Mining


The history of the Department of Mining is inextricably linked with the opening of the Kazakh mining and metallurgical Institute in Alma-ATA in 1934, where specialists in geological exploration and Hydrogeologists were trained. The following year, they opened the specialty-exploitation of ore deposits, and in 1936 - the specialty metallurgy of non-ferrous metals.

The first Director of the Institute was appointed A. Burkitbayev, who invited many gifted teachers of that time to the Institute. The Institute received a new round of development during the great Patriotic war. KazGMI merged with the Moscow Institute of non - ferrous metals, which was evacuated to Alma-ATA. Naturally, there were major structural changes in the Institute, new departments and specialties were opened. The importance of mining in the deep rear of the USSR, namely, in Kazakhstan, which has the richest resources of ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals, has also increased.

During the war years, the Institute produced 512 engineers trained in eight specialties.

By the end of the 50s, by the time of its twenty - fifth anniversary, KazGMI was a major educational and scientific center. It trained engineers in 12 leading specialties - geological exploration, mining, metallurgy and construction.

The number of full-time students exceeded 1,800. There were 160 professors and lecturers in 30 departments of the Institute, including two academicians and six professors - doctors of science.

In 1960, KazGMI was transformed into the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. The priority in the Institute's activities remained the graduation of geoscientists, miners and metallurgists.

In parallel with the educational process, the Institute constantly conducted research work, both among the faculty and students.

Economic agreements were concluded with mining companies to conduct research and development work. The main part of the teaching staff of the Institute was involved in carrying out these works. As a rule, the most experienced and authoritative scientists headed the work.

The Institute had connections with more than a hundred companies in the country. Together with scientists of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan and the Institute of Mining, problematic issues of production were solved. The result of joint work was new methods of development of mineral deposits in Kazakhstan, introduction of new technologies at mining enterprises, etc.

The presence of reputable scientists allowed KazPTI to conduct extensive training of young researchers through postgraduate studies.

Scientific and pedagogical workers of KazPTI were the authors of numerous monographs, author's certificates, brochures, articles, and textbooks.

Student science also developed. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, they solved various practical and theoretical problems, instilled scientific thinking skills. The most active students took part in various student scientific and technical conferences.

In 1994, by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, KazPTI was transformed into the Kazakh national technical University named after K. I. Satpayev for high achievements in the field of education.

In 2015, KazNTU merged with the Kazakh-British University.

Since the opening of the Department of Mining in 1935, the name of the Department has changed many times, and the number of trained specialists has also increased. The first head of the Department of mineral development was Professor G. V. Klyuchansky – a well-known mining scientist in the country. In 1947, they began to train specialists-technologists for developers of coal deposits. Finally, in 1961, the Department was named "Department of technology and complex mechanization of mineral deposits development". Until 1964, the Department was headed by A. S. Popov, and from 1964 to 1980, the head of the Department was academician of the Kazakh SSR Academy of Sciences, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor O. A. Baikonurov.

In 1988, the Department of TPM was divided. Specialists-developers of PI deposits in the open method began to be trained at the Department of "Open mining". He headed the Department until 2016, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, academician of the national Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan B. R. Rakishev.

In 2016, there was a natural integration of the departments of "Open-pit mining", "Underground mining" and "rock destruction by explosion and mine construction" into a single Department of "Mining". Thus, since 1936, the history of the Department of miners is inextricably linked with prominent scientists of the Soviet period of development. Before the newly organized Department of "Mining", which was headed by Ph. D. Rysbekov K. B., the tasks of strengthening the indissoluble ties between the former related departments that prepare bachelors, masters, PhD doctors in related areas of training, improving the educational process and producing qualified personnel that meet the requirements of a modern dynamically developing economy with increasing competition in the mineral raw materials market.

Just like the Institute, the Department maintains close international relations with universities in different countries. The result of close creative international relations is a wide participation of the Institute's teaching staff in International scientific conferences, symposiums, congresses, and trips abroad for internships.

The Department also has an educational and laboratory base equipped with licensed software, devices, equipment, operating models of equipment and technologies used in the educational process for the preparation of bachelor's, master's and doctoral students. Outdated equipment is constantly being updated at the expense of the University and at the expense of sponsors-mining enterprises.

From 2020-2021 academic year, the head of the Department on a competitive basis was appointed a doctor. Techn. Sciences, Professor S. K. Moldabaev.

Goals and objectives. The Mining Department trains bachelor's, master's and PhD students in three educational paths: "Mine and underground construction", "Open-pit mining" and "Underground mining". The traditions and accumulated experience that have developed over many years make it possible to train in-demand specialists for the mining industry of Kazakhstan.

Tasks of the Department:

  • Development of the conceptual framework for training bachelor's, master's and PhD students in educational programs: "Mining engineering»;
  • Improvement of the educational system based on the introduction of modern educational technologies and techniques in the educational process.
  • Development of basic teaching materials of disciplines and placing them in the portal KazNTU;
  • Organization of methodological seminars for teachers and analysis of the quality of teaching (training technology, methodological requirements, visual AIDS, use of software information systems, multimedia teaching tools, etc.);
  • Assistance in integrating the educational process with science and production, taking into account the demand for the educational program;
  • Monitoring and analysis of employers 'needs and graduates' satisfaction with the quality of their education;
  • Consideration of further prospects for the development of the specialty;
  • Systematic improvement of educational and methodological support of the OP;
  • Expansion of practical training of students at mining enterprises and research institutes of the Republic;
  • Purposeful creation of conditions for scientific research at the Department;
  • Involvement of teaching staff and students in initiative, state-funded and contractual research.
  • Formation of a scientific school of leading faculty of the Department.

Mission and strategy

Preparation of highly competitive training of a new generation in the field of mining, are in demand on the labour market, designed to perform the state program aimed at digitalization of mines and industrial-innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, having adequate personal-social, organizational, managerial, professional, technical expertise and able to carry out functional responsibilities to work at the industrial enterprises and organizations of mining industry.

The activities of the Department are organized in accordance with the stated mission, goals and objectives, as well as the strategic development plan of KazNTU named after K. I. Satpayev and are aimed at their implementation.

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