Practice for students of the Department of G&S

Students of the Geophysics and Seismology Department undergo practical have in leading international and domestic companies in the oil and gas industry. As a first step in building a career in the industry, the company provides students with the opportunity to complete an internship, in which they can reinforce their theoretical knowledge of the specialty with practical skills acquired in real production conditions, try their hand and learn more about their future profession. The experience gained can become the basis of a thesis (project). During the internship period, an experienced mentor is assigned to the student, who will help him adapt to the workplace. Students who have successfully proven themselves during this time will receive an invitation to work.

Students' practice is conducted at the Kapchagai University training ground, which was organized on the shore of Kapchagai Lake in 1978.

Leading companies - practice bases for students of the Geophysics and Seismology Department:

«Design Institute «OPTIMUM» - Over the years, OPTIMUM Design Institute LLP has acquired the status of a large design company responsible for development and design. "OPTIMUM Design Institute is actively involved in all aspects of oil exploration and production in Kazakhstan; every year we carry out more than 20 projects, including an assessment of reserves, a feasibility study. The project teams include specialists from various disciplines: seismologists, petrophysicists, geologists. 

«Nomad Geo Service» - Nomad Geo Service NGS is based in Almaty and specializes in performing geophysical work using effective geophysical methods and advanced data processing techniques that reliably identify ore-bearing structures and deposits.

«Qazaq Geophysics» - The company performs a complex of geophysical works using the latest generation equipment and the capabilities of aerogeophysics, terrestrial geophysics (magnetic exploration, electrical exploration) and 3D surveys of underground mine workings. To do this, Qazaq Geophysics has formed a staff of highly qualified specialists, its own aviation fleet (helicopters, airplanes, quadrocopters, drones (UAVs), as well as a fleet of specialized and auxiliary equipment.       

Azimut Geologiya -It is a multidisciplinary enterprise offering its services in the market of geological exploration in Kazakhstan, near and far abroad. The wide range of services provided by the company and the ability to solve tasks, often atypical and very complex, requires its specialists to conduct a comprehensive and voluminous analysis of various kinds of a priori information.

BatysGeofizSurfis - The BGS production base is equipped with modern equipment, various equipment that meets the requirements of the current Kazakh quality standards. The processing of GIS materials is carried out by a control and interpretation party using modern technologies, PRIME-SOLVER software

«SPC Geoken» – It is a Kazakhstani high-tech service company that performs a wide range of geological and geophysical, engineering and survey, and scientific-thematic work.  The research is carried out by qualified specialists using modern techniques, the latest equipment and technologies, both on the territory of Kazakhstan and abroad.

KIOS - a leading multidisciplinary service company with more than 20 years of presence in the oil and gas market of Kazakhstan. Providing a wide range of services in the onshore and offshore oil and gas production market, the company provides qualified and experienced resources, as well as high-tech equipment to the largest oil and gas production operators and main contractors.

KMG Engineering It is a full-fledged competence center of the group of companies of JSC NC KazMunayGas, which carries out production and technical analysis using scientific research tools on a whole range of problems in the oil and gas industry and helps in finding and finding optimal ways to solve them, systematizing information on new knowledge and competencies

Institute of Seismology - the main scientific organization in the field of fundamental and applied research on the problems of ensuring seismic safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty.

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