Registrar’s office

The Registrar's Office (hereinafter referred to as the OR) is an academic service which registers the entire history of the student's academic achievements, which ensures the organization of all knowledge’s types of control and the calculation of his academic rating.

According to University’s strategy and mission Office registrar is being in constant transformation on the way to creating a highly efficient department that fully uses the tools of automation and digitalization of work processes.

OR follows these principles in all activities:

  •  customer orientation;
  •  high-quality performance of functions;
  •  maximum transparency in the work processes;
  •  timely execution of assigned tasks.

The purpose of OR is organization and monitoring of University’s educational process within the credit education system.

OR’s functions:

  • Support of Institutes and Departments in the organization of educational process;
  • Improvement of registration process and accounting process of academic achievements of all students;
  •  Updating the database in order to obtain accurate and timely data providing support to students in all areas of training;
  •  Scheduling of training sessions and examination sessions for BS, MS and PhD students;
  • Improvement the quality of statistical reporting;
  • Creating and approval of student movement orders;
  • Issuance of archival certificates, duplicate diplomas and applications, certificates from the place of study, transcripts;
  • Confirmation of university graduates' diplomas;
  • Carrying out high-quality information and explanatory work, including through the hotline of the Call Center to provide students with full information about study at the University;
  • Legalization of stay of foreign students on the territory of Almaty city and Almaty region, monitoring and control of the movement of foreign students constantly;
  • Ongoing involvement in the development and analysis of academic regulations and procedures.

Department’s structure

The direct management of OR is carried out by the Head. The Head of OR is appointed to the position and dismissed from the position on the recommendation of the Vice-Rector on Academic affairs in accordance with the procedure established by the current labor legislation with the University Rector’s order.

All responsibilities of department’s employees are carried out by the respective department heads according to job descriptions. Work planning and reporting OR carries out its activities in accordance with annual work plans.

The annual work plans of OR are drawn up by the Head of OR in accordance with the long-term plans of the University and is been approved by the Vice-Rector on Academic affairs.

At the end of the examination session, OR prepares a statistical analysis of the summary data of the results of the intermediate certification by institutions to evaluate the level of students’ knowledge.

Interactions and connections with other departments

By carrying out its activities, OR:

  • interacts within its authority with other structural divisions, subsidiaries and partners of the University, and other organizations, as well as with state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and individuals;
  • coordinates drafts of regulatory documents being prepared on the activities of OR with the heads of interested structural divisions, university officials;
  • by approval of University’s management, involves employees of the structural divisions of the University in the implementation of activities organized/conducted by OR and requiring the participation of other structural divisions.


 Кызылбаев Нурлан Куттыбаевич

Director of the Office Registrar

Nurlan Kyzylbayev

+7 (727) 320 4027

Жеткергенқызы Нұргүл

Deputy Director of the Office Registrar

Nurgul Zhetkergenkyzy

72-64 (internal)

Уразбаева Эльмира Егеубаевна

Head of the Department of Planning and Organization of the Educational Process

Elmira Urazbayeva

8 (272) 320 4140, 74-44 (internal)

Жумагалиева Айгуль Сарсенбаевна

Head of Training and Methodological Department

Aigul Zhumagalieva

72-64 (internal)

Бекишева Айгуль Ардабековна

Head of Career Center

Aigul Bekisheva

8 (727) 320 40 32

Ергешқызы Гульназ

Head of International Educational Programs Department

Yergeshkyzy Gulnaz

8 (727) 292 90 19

Аубакирова Ира Шайкеровна

Head of the Department of statistics and documentation of students

Ira Aubakirova

8 (272) 320 4027

Санкабаева Асел Нурсалимовна

Head of the Department of registration of students

Asel Sankabaeva

8 (272) 320 4117

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