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1966 у.    The Engineering Economics Department (EED) was organized in KazPTI. Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Shokobayev T. Zh. was the first dean of IEF.
1972 у.    IEF was transformed to faculty to training organizers of industrial production and a construction (FOPPS).

1991 у.    Based on FOOPS was organized faculty Management and business

1993 у.    The faculty of Management and business renamed on Faculty of Economics and Management.

2000 у.    The Faculty of Economics and Management was reorganized into Engineering and economic institute.

2002 у.    In KazNTU named after K. I. Satpayev  Engineering and economic institute was organized into Ecological Economics institute. The Doctor of Engineering, professor, the academician of the International engineering academy and Engineering academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Myrzakhmetov M. M. became the director of institute.               

2006 у.    Ecological Economics institute was divided into two institutes, one of them was Institute economy and business (IEiB). The institute was headed by the Doctor of Engineering Sciences, professor, the academician NAN HSRK and IAS HS Doskhozhayev D. T.

2008 у.    IEIB was headed by the doctor of PhD Aysautov A. M.

2009 у.    IEIB was headed by the Doctor of Economics, professor Makysh S. B.

2010 у.    IEIB was headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor Mananov B. B.

2011 у.    IEIB was headed by the Doctor of Economics, professor Abdygapparova S. B.

2017 у.    IEIB is headed by the PhD, professor Salykova L. S.


The significant contribution to training of specialists in the field of economy was made:

  • - academician NAN RK, Doctor of Economics, professor, honored worker of science and technology Turkebayev E. A.; 
  • - doctor of Economics, professor, honored worker of science and technology Milgram M. G.;
  • - Doctor of Economics, professor, honored worker of science and technology Tleuliyev T. A.;
  • - Candidate of Technical Sciences, professor Shokabayev T. Zh.;
  • - Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor Tulemisova S. M.;
  • - Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Koyshibayev B. A.;
  • - associate professor Ilyusizov N. K.;
  • - Doctor of Engineering, professor Kulzhabay of N.M.;

Scientists of institute perform the massive program of research works in various fields of economy, concerning economy, managements, marketing, financing, industrialization and innovative development actively participate in work on scientific consultation of various state bodies, large industrial enterprises and business structures, participate in development of legal, normative and technical and methodical acts and documents.

The INSTITUTE of ECONOMY AND BUSINESS is a part of a leader of the higher education of the country

The institute for the more than the 50th summer history, became the Alma Mater for the whole group of the largest state and public figures of the country, outstanding scientists, talented organizers of industrial production. Graduates of institute made and make a powerful contribution to development of economy of Kazakhstan. They professionally carry out the tasks in business and in bodies of the public and local authority. 

Today institute of Economy and business – the leading educational and scientific division of KAZNRTU of K. I. Satpayev on training of economists for the industry and the bank sphere of the country.

The institute of Economy and business cooperates with higher educational institutions of foreign countries according to the program of two-degree education:

  • - Graduate School of Management in Barcelona;
  • - Szent Ist Van University Hungary;
  • - The American University GAU;

After training in this unique program graduates receive two diplomas:

After training for this unique program graduates receive two diplomas: diploma of KAZNRTU and diploma of higher education institution of the partner.

Education at the Institute is carried on three-level system: Bachelor degree,  Masters, Doctoral (PhD), Business Administration (MBA). 

Carries out preparation on full-time department and distance education in a state language, Russian and English languages.

The purpose of activities of Institute of economy and business - training of competitive specialists of an economic profile, for real production sectors capable to compete in the conditions of industrial and innovative development in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Achievement of goals through:

  • - improvement of quality of higher education and ensuring industry with a highly qualified managerial personnel of key branches, economy and social sphere of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • - integration of educational, scientific and innovative activity;
  • - increase in scientific and pedagogical potential of employees for the purpose of staffing of processes of innovative development of university by increase in a share of masters, and doctors of science and doctors of PhD as a part of regular personnel of institute;
  • - implementation of the cultural project "Trinity of Languages" (Kazakh, Russian, English);
  • - development of strategic partnership of Institute with national and multinational companies in the priority directions of educational and scientific and innovative activities of Institute.

The task of the Institute of Economics and Business is to provide students the opportunity to obtain the widest possible set of economic, administrative and other specialized knowledge. Image creation and leadership positions at the university and among universities of the republic as a whole.

The mission of Institute of economy and business - is preparation of the highly educated competitive, competent professional personnel which is adequately reacting to modern processes of globalization and capable to become leaders in the chosen area of professional activity.

Phone 8 (727) 320 40 48.

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