Geology of Oil and Gas


The department "Geology of Oil and Gas" carries on disciplines forBachelor students by the specialty of 5B070600“Geology and exploration of mineral deposits” and forMaster students by the specialtyof 6M070600 “Geology and Exploration of mineral deposits”.

The department was founded in 1961 by the member of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR PhD of geological-mineralogical sciencesprofessor PyotrAvrov.

From 1966 to 1992 the department had been headed by professorShmays, professorGeroiZholtayev andassociate professor Belov at different times. Starting from 1992PhD of geological-mineralogical sciencesprofessor GeroiZholtayevmanages the department.

Training by the specialty 180340 has begun in September 1960. More than 1500 petroleum geologist engineers, including 10 graduates of the departmentwho defended their PhD thesis and more than 20 who defended their Candidate thesis. Among the graduatesof the department there are heads of regions and districts and presidents of oil companies. In general the graduates of the specialty work in the exploration expeditions, oil and gas and service companies of Kazakhstan and in foreign companies.

Students of the department take an active part in the annual student conferences and awarded with winning places at the university and national competitions.

The results of the scientific research are used in the learning process, i.e. they are included into the content of lectures and laboratory practical lessons.  

Department of Geology of Oil and Gas has thelecture rooms of relevant qualification due to the requirements of educational organizations and the requirements of state and general standards.

A sponsorship for the technicalre-equipment ofthe department laboratories in accordance with modern requirements was received by the department from the companies such asNelson Resources, Schlumberger and Exxon Mobil.


Is to prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of geology and exploration of mineral deposits, confirmed the level of knowledge, skills and competences, including:


- preparation of highly qualified specialists for enterprises and organizations, taking into account the interest of potential employers;
- training aspiring to constant self-improvement and self-development, learn new knowledge, skills and abilities on innovative areas of geology;
- implementation of educational and methodical tutorial, lab work conducting directives, practical work plans.
- young teachers' qualification improvement through participation in OGBP seminars and attending technical English courses;


- realization of the program "Tripleunity of the languages" along with the priority development of state language through  amplification of  percentage of teachers able to prosecute lessons, up to 80%.
- preparation of competent graduates in the production and management, organizational, technological, scientific and educational fields based on modern learning tools of information technology and information resources.
- the ability to demonstrate knowledge of theories, models and tools related to the area of specialization.
- the ability to use and adapt knowledge through conceptual understanding of relevant disciplines;

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