Department of "Geological survey, search and exploration of mineral deposits"


In the Kazakh Polytechnical Institute functioned the department "General Geology", "Historical Geology and Geology of the USSR", "Minerals and exploration", "Methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits", "Geology and exploration of mineral deposits", "Geological survey and exploration of mineral deposits”,“ Historical and regional geology ”. The heads and members of the departments of geological profile were such eminent scientists as Voinovsky-Krieger, Sh. Esenov, G.L. Kushev, E.D. Shlygin, D.S. Kunaev, S.G. Ankinovich, E.A. Ankinovich, G.Ts. Medoev, M.M Bakenov and others.

From the beginning of the department existence, it has a tradition of combining the creative potential of scientific and pedagogical personnel and experienced production workers. So, during the formation of the department in its composition worked and taught Zhukov, G.A. Yarmak, O.A. Seidalin, R.S. Kachurin, B.M. Abishev, M.R. Gulamov, I.B. Baychigasov, G.A. Baymahanova who had great experience of production work too.

Currently, the Department of Geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits (GSPEofMD) is part of the Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Business named after K. Turysov.

KazNRTU named after KI Satpayev  is the assignee of several geological departments. In present, in the department successfully working teachers with academic degrees and titles. So, the following people work in the department: Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, Academician KazNANS, professor Baybatsha A.B; candidates of geological and mineralogical sciences, associate professors - Asanov M.A, Arshamov Ya.K., Dusembayeva K.Sh., lecturer Asubaeva S.K, doctor PhD Mustapayeva S.N; Dr. PhD, Senior Lecturer, Kembaev M.K; doktor PhD, lecturer Baisalova A.O; Doctors PhD  Omarova G.M. and Mamanov E.Zh. .

The purpose and tasks of the department - providing teaching of educational disciplines using the latest technologies at the level of modern requirements of production, science and technology.

The mission of the department "Geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits" consists in preparation specialists of the specialty "Geology and exploration of mineral deposits". The department also prepares them for continuous learning and contributes to the development of an independent, critical intellectual approach, in compliance with ethical standards of behavior in society and the ability to work in a team.

Strategic goals of the department:

• improving the quality of the educational process and research;

• increased efficiency of using available resources;

• constant increase of scientific and pedagogical skills of employees;

• modernization of the material base of the educational process and scientific researches.

In 2015-2018 years the faculty of the Department of geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits participated in the research work on the approved plan.

In 2015 three grants were awarded for conducting research work for the period 2015-2017, of which 3 were topics (№757.MofES.GF.15.IPP.3, №757. MofES.GF.15.IPP.4, №757. MofES.GF .15. IPP.43), and also in the same year the scientific and technical program №758. MofES. Financed topic program.15.1. was conducted.

The scientific work was carried out under the direction of A.A Bekbotaeva, Head of the Department of the GSPEofMD and scientific leaders A. Baybatsha, A. Y. Arshamov, Mustapaeva S.N. Monitoring of the progress of scientific and innovative research, targeted use of funds for the purchase of materials, travel expenses, as well as the execution and submission of monthly and annual reports, the formation of expenditures on items, the execution of a budget request, correspondence with departments and various organizations.

In 2017-2018 years on the basis of the Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Business named after K. Turysov 14 projects were carried out for grant financing of the MES of RK (scientific research for 2018-2020).

In the funded research projects of the department in 2017 - 19 professorial teaching staff,  7 masters, 4 doctoral students and 4 students participated; for 2018 - 22 professorial teaching staff: of them 1 doctoral candidate, 7 candidates, 4 doctor PhD and 4 masters was participated.

In 2018 in the department GSPEofMD on research projects the following employees worked:

1. "Comprehensive geological study of subsurface resources for development of resource base and development of new sources of ore raw materials in Kazakhstan" - scientific adviser A.B. Baibatsha.

2. “Main chronostratigraphic boundaries of the Lower Carboniferous in sections of Western Kazakhstan (Aktyubinsk region): the possibility of setting international standards” - scientific adviser  S.N. Mustapayeva.

3. "The influence of the near-fault tectonics within the Aktogay deposit on the change in the mineral composition of copper-porphyry mineralization."- scientific adviser Arshamov Y.K.

The Department of geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits is the graduating department of the specialty of bachelor “Geology and mineral prospecting”, the magistracy of Geology and mineral prospecting (scientific and pedagogical and specialized direction), and the doctoral degree in Geology and mineral prospecting”, as well as new educational programs of bachelor  “Applied Geology ”, magistracy“ Geology and exploration of uranium deposits ”.

The department actively cooperates with industrial geological organizations and companies. In order to continuously improve the program and obtain relevant knowledge and practical skills of students between the department, organizations and companies, such as corporation NGC “Kazgeologia”, JSC “Kazakhmys”, Limited partnership KAZ Minerals Management LLP, NAC “Kazatomprom”, RGD "Yuzhkaznedra", MD "Sevkaznedra", MD "Vastkaznedra", MD "Zapkaznedra", MD "Tsentrkaznedra", LLP "GSP Іzdenіs", LLP "Laton-geoservice", LLP "Kapchagai GPE", LLP "RU-6", LLP "Geobyte -Info", LLP "Karatau", LLP "GMC Vasilyevskoe", JSC  "Altynalmas", Donsk MPF - a branch of JSC "Kazchrome", JSC GMK "Kazakhaltyn ", JSC"Zarechnoye", LLP Milysai, JSC “Volkovgeology”, JSC Volkovgeology GRE-23, JSC Shalkiya Zinc LTD, LLP  Belohorsky MPF, LLP “Kazphosphate”, LLP Centrgeolsurvey, Institute of Geological Sciences named after K.Satpayev and others have concluded cooperation agreements on conducting production and pre-diploma practices.

The Department of Geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposites has experience of cooperation with higher educational institutions of other countries. Undergraduates and doctoral students of the department have the opportunity to conduct scientific internships in such universities as: Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland), University of Warsaw (Poland), Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia). Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany), Vrije University Brussel (Belgium), Russian state geological survey University named after S.Ordzhonikidze (Russia), Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov (Russia), Rostov and Hungary.

The department has geological laboratories and classrooms equipped with necessary instruments and computer classes with the Micromine, Leapfrog, Surfer, ARCGis, AutoCAD programs. The department conducts training field geological surveying practice at its own training ground in Small Karatau.

Department of "Geological survey, search and exploration of mineral deposits"

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