The Institute of Distance Education and Professional Development

The Institute of Distance Education and Professional Development on the basis of information and telecommunication technologies provides training and retraining, professional development of specialists, as well as meets the individual needs of citizens in the framework of their professional development, analytical work to improve the ratings of the university (national / international).

The mission of IDE&PD is to improve the efficiency and quality of educational services in direct interaction with the industrial base, taking into account the scientific and innovative orientation of the University to prepare highly qualified specialists competitive in the global labor market, improving the position of the university in national and international rankings.

The strategy of IDE&PD is to provide affordable and quality educational services for individuals as well as corporate clients of the industrial sector using innovative information technologies.

Objectives of the IDE&PD:

  • ensuring the organization of educational and methodological process for the training of students in the first and second higher education;
  • introduction of modern technologies into the educational process using information and communication technologies at all levels of education;
  • ensuring the competitiveness of graduates and their demand in the labor market as highly professional specialists, as well as their involvement in scientific activities for the implementation of innovative projects;
  • strengthening the position of the University in national and international rankings by training highly qualified specialists and potential young scientists.

Tasks of the IDE&PD:

  • implementation of control, monitoring, accounting, analysis and evaluation of the training of students of postgraduate, first and second higher education according to the results of current, boundary and final controls, including research achievements of students;
  • development of an educational platform for the organization of the learning process on distance learning technologies using modern multimedia solutions, including the provision of security measures and updating the content;
  • monitoring the promotion of educational services in the Internet space (website, SMM-resources, public sources) in accordance with the mission of the University and implementation of action plans to improve the ranking of the University.
  • examination of methodologies of the university rating systems, monitoring the dynamics of the university's indicators in the ratings, analytical research to improve the University's rankings.


Organizational structure of the Institute of Distance Education and Professional Development

Organizational structure of the Institute of Distance Education and Professional Development

1. Department of Educational Content Development - develops electronic educational content for distance learning with the involvement of specialists in the prescribed manner.

2. Department for Intergration of Distance Technologies is responsible for provision of high quality educational content in maximum accessible format with possibility of providing education to all population groups in Kazakhstan, develops and maintains distance learning system "PolytechOnline", as well as plans, organizes and monitors the learning process using DET.

The mission of the department is:

  • Ongoing analysis of modern solutions in the field of distance education, on the basis of which the planning of PolytechOnline takes place;
  • To exercise control over the organization of the educational process in accordance with the requirements of SES and current legislative acts in the field of education;
  • Providing operational advice on the organization of the learning process using the DET;
  • Documentation support of educational process and students' contingent.

3. Corporate Clients Department - develops individual packages of commercial educational programs for potential and current corporate clients; monitors and works with current tenders.

4. The Rating Center is a unit that applies analytical data intelligence tools to make quality decisions to improve the university's rankings.

5. Data Management Department - collection, verification and sending statistical data in accordance with the requirements of rating agencies for participation in ratings.


Organization of the educational process of the Institute

Institute of Distance Education and Professional Development

The educational process in IDE&PD is implemented with the use of digital technologies based on the interaction of a remote teacher and a learner, regardless of the place or time of training.

Institute of Distance Education and Professional Development

The Polytech Online distance learning portal is a media for education at Satbayev University.

Satbayev University currently provides educational services to more than 10,000 students through its distance learning platform - Polytech Online

The system contains not only a database of 1,254 video courses, but also has an interactive interface for tracking learner progress. A total of 18,810 video files are currently available.

Polytech Online database contains multilingual courses from highly qualified faculty of Satbayev University, which are available to students 24/7 and with no limit on the number of views.

The mission of the portal is to improve the professional skills of teachers and students, the availability of meeting their needs and expectations through the use of a variety of forms and technologies of network publications.

Polytech Online is a platform created by the University on the basis of the popular Moodle distance learning system. Learning materials for the University's programs are posted here. The system provides convenient communication with the instructor. Students can take pictures of their written work on their phone, send it to their account and attach it to the assignment directly in the system. Accounts and class schedules for students and faculty in Polytech Online are created automatically from the University's student learning portal data. Logins and passwords are the same in all systems.

With the help of Polytech Online, learners can get all the course materials of Satbayev University. This platform has full online communication with the teacher, and without using additional email services, students can attach online answers to assignments. Also, Polytech Online contains tests to check the students' knowledge; video tutorials clearly explaining the training material; individual assignments to consolidate the acquired knowledge in practice. Convenient and effective!

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