Department of Construction and Building materials


The origins of the Faculty as far back as 50s, when on the basis of the Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute, and then the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V.I. Lenin was conducted training of the oldest and necessary profession for the country - the builder. During the long years of its history faculty of the general construction has made a great contribution to the training of highly qualified engineers for Kazakhstan.

In 1957, the mining department carried out the first intake a specialty "Industrial civil construction" (CBC). Each year, the reception of applicants for construction specialty grew, so in 1957 - 57, in 1958 - 75, in 1959 - 100, etc. The first issue of Civil Engineers was held in June 1962.

A huge contribution to education in the construction trades have the first graduates - doctors and candidates of sciences TZ Akberdin, MA Ashimbayev, AA Bespayev, PV Korol'kov, MN Sabalak, AS Tattygulov. Many graduates became prominent scientists, heads of major research and design institutes, construction agencies of the Union and of national importance.

Over the years of its history of Civil Engineering Faculty KazPTI he made an enormous contribution to the training of highly skilled engineers for Kazakhstan and the CIS (former USSR). Outstanding graduates from the Faculty of Civil Engineering KazPTI: Doctor of Economics, professor, academician Adilov JM - Rector of KazNTU KI Satpayev; Professor, Academician KA Bisenov - Rector of the Kyzylorda State University. Korkyt-ata; Ph.D., Professor AK Kosherbaev - Akim of Kyzylorda region; Tattygulov A.Ş. - President of the Academy "KazGOR"; Ashimbayev M.Sh. - For many years he was the director of KazNIISSA, professor Abakanov ETC. - Director of the Kazakh Research Institute of Seismology, d.polit.

In February 1959, to ensure that the learning process the department of "Construction work" was opened on readable disciplines construction specialty, he was appointed head of the Ph.D., associate professor BJ Zharmagambetov. In 1961, the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute of specialty construction was established Civil Engineering faculty and the dean was appointed Ph.D., Serdyukov MM
In connection with the increase in the number of enrolled students in construction specialties in 1962 on the basis of the department "Construction Business" organized by the department, "construction technology, organization and architecture" (Head of Department - Ph.D., Associate Professor Serdyukov MM) "Engineering design and construction mechanics" (Head of Department - Ph.D., Associate Professor Zharmagambetov BJ). Next, the second name of the department was changed to the "engineering design" (1963.) And the "Concrete Structures" (1971) and was the first head of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences in KazPTI Professor Zharmagambetov B. F.

Construction specialty KazPTI was one of the leading specialties: guiding young teachers in graduate school major universities and research institutions of the Union, working in close association with well-known scientists. Preparing highly qualified civil engineers to foreign countries, helping those countries; Since 1968 the Faculty began to produce textbooks, collection of scientific papers titled "Building and Architecture of Kazakhstan" was first published.

In 1980, the Almaty Architecture and Construction Institute was isolated and formed on the basis of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture from the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute (AASI).

In 2006, based on the Ecological and Economic Institute KazNTU Institute of Construction and Environment organized (now architecture and construction) and the Institute of Economics and Business. The Institute of Building and Environment joined the newly organized Department of Construction and Architecture (now separate the department "Construction" and "Architecture and Design"), Chair Prof. Isakov OA. The first name of the construction department - "Technology of construction and design of buildings."

Annually Department receives specialty "Construction" more than 200 people on 5V072900 undergraduate and 15 graduate 6M072900.

In the 2010-2011 academic year, specialty "Construction" has passed the international accreditation for a period of 5 years and in the 2013-2014 academic year was held ministerial certification.

Currently, the Department of Labour on preparation of specialists-builders: 2 honored figure of Kazakhstan, holder of 2 grant MES "The best teacher of the year", 2 academicians NOR A RK, 8 doctors, 11 professors, 8 candidates of sciences, 5 assistant professors.

All the work of the department is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Quality Management System (QMS) Russian Register, the activities of the department focus on cycle "Plan-Do-Check-Action improve." Classes are PPPs in two languages - Kazakh and Russian. Particular attention is paid to the state language.

Classrooms, offices and laboratories of the department are equipped with modern equipment and a new generation of computers, in accordance with the requirements of the subjects taught. The computer class is equipped with modern software systems for diploma and course design.

Department of "Construction" has cooperation agreements with leading foreign universities, international organizations, associations and companies: Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University (Baku), Seoul National University of Science and Technology (Coire, Seoul) . on the basis of which are working together on the research and publication of research results, exchange of students and undergraduates in the framework of academic mobility, lectures by foreign scholars on the program "Guest Lecturer", participate in international conferences and seminars, students and undergraduates. The department also has a close relationship with major research and design institutes, organizations and enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan construction profile as KazNIISSA Almaty Giprogor and KAZGOR, in which students and undergraduates are all kinds of practices.

Students and undergraduates of the specialty "Construction" are engaged not only in research, but also participate in cultural and sports life of the university. For example, OV Popov - member of the national team of the university basketball. In 2005 he won the silver medal of the Universiade, and his classmate Hope Ivanovo - Kazakhstan silver medalist in freestyle. Dauren Zhaynatov - the champion of Kazakhstan in sambo, silver medalist of European, Asian champion, 4-time champion of student Universiade Kazakhstan. 3rd year student of E. Nadirov is a member of the university's volleyball team.

Graduates of building specialty KazNTU besides knowledge and competencies learn information technology, marketing, own business administration, can also operate in the research, design and construction organizations, private enterprises and administrations in Metrostroy, open their businesses and build all types of buildings and structures . They received military training in the military specialty VSL-210101 "Organization of the construction and operation of buildings and structures of all-arms-purpose" become reserve officers.


The training of students in the specialty - 5B072900- "Construction" and 5B073000-"Production of building materials, products and structures" conducted by the Department "Construction and building materials" of the Institute of Architecture and Construction named after T.K. Basenov.

Educational program 5B072900- "Construction" is focused on the preparation of bachelors in the design, construction and operation of industrial and civil use.

Educational program 5B073000- "Production of building materials, products and structures " is focused on the preparation of bachelors in the design and production technology, the best-selling building materials and products opens up opportunities for future professionals of construction industry and building materials, design, research and other organizations.

Graduates are prepared to work in the following sectors: construction, engineering, chemical, mining, oil, gas, iron and steel industry.

The objectives of the educational programs 5B072900 - "Construction" and 5B073000-"Production of building materials, products and structures" of the university formed on the basis of the requests the main consumers of the programs, potential employers, consistent with the mission KazNRTU, thereby ensuring the adequacy of the plan of development of educational programs to the needs of the market and the educational policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Taking into account the development objectives of the national education system, the industrial development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the level of competitiveness of the university and the existing distinctive features of the programs, identified the following priorities for the development and implementation of the objectives of the accredited educational programs:
- The quality of higher education through the development and implementation requirements for the competence of bachelors, appropriate to the needs of society and the labor market;
- Objective and informative evaluation of learning outcomes;
- New technology training: credit, distance, information and communication;
- Self-improvement and self-development, an innovative way of thinking;
- Practical skills in competencies;
- A competitive and competent expert in the field of science and technology of the construction industry, both in the domestic labor market as well as internationally.

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