Department of management of infrastructure

General provision

The Department of Infrastructure Management of (DIM) is structural division of KAZNRTU after K. I. Satpayev (further – University).

The department is headed by the director appointed to a position and dismissed by the order on the Chairman of the Board - Rector of KazNRTU.

The staff of the Infrastructure Management Department has been introduced, it consists of a director, a deputy director, a warehouse manager, a leading specialist and heads of 5 divisions: the Department of Operation and Transport (DO&T), the Engineering and Construction Service (ICS), the Technical Department (TD), the Training and Production Workshop (TPW), the Samal Boarding House.

The Department submits in its activity to the Vice rector for corporate development.

Activity of DMI is regulated by the following normative documents:
• International quality standards of ISO of series 9001-2001;
• The law of the RK "About Education" of July 27, 2007 No. 319 - 111;
• The resolution of the government of RK of 02.03.2005 No. 195 "Standard rules of activity of the organizations of education realizing educational programs of higher education";
• The charter of the NC "Kazakh national research technical university after K. I. Satpayev" of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved by the order of Committee of the state property and privatization of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan of May 21, 2003 No. 172;
• NS of RK ISO 9001-2009. Quality management system. Requirements;
• unified consumption rates of materials in construction;
• unified price tags on installation and construction works;
• technical conditions of work execution;
• NS of RK 1157-2002 "The higher professional education";
• A mission, strategy, policy and the purposes of University in the field of quality;
• Collective agreement;
• resolutions of the Academic council:
• orders and orders of the rector of KAZNRTU after K. I. Satpayev, and also the present Provision.

Appointment (Purposes)
Main goal of activity of Department is achievement of steady success of University on the basis of development of infrastructure of university.

For achievement of a goal the Department solves the following problems:
• carrying out annual planned repair of buildings of university in high quality;
• advanced planning of development of educational and practice base of university;
• ensuring continual operation of all engineering systems and communications;
• continual supply of all educational and practice buildings of University with electric energy;
• continual supply of all educational and practice buildings of University with high-quality telephone communication;
• ensuring continual operation by motor transport of University;
• control at construction and completion of new educational and practice buildings of University;
• providing sanitary and hygienic conditions and observance of fire safety regulations in the university buildings and near territories.


The main tasks of Infrastructure management department
•    to carry out annual planned repair of the university buildings in high quality, compilations of defects acts on filings to make estimation.
•    advanced planning of the university educational and industrial base development;
•    to provide departments with design and estimate documents;
•    instruction on how to receive consent documents and  coordinate it with the city services in new construction;
•    to control the construction processes and exploitation of new KazNRTU academic buildings and hostels;
•    flawless operation support of all engineering systems and communication;
•    preparation of all engineering systems to heating season;
•    uninterrupted power distribution of KazNRTU academic buildings and hostels ;
•    to support continuous telecommunications inside KazNRTU academic buildings and hostels;
•    to support continual works of university transports;
•    to conduct annual vehicle inspection;
•    to keep the proper sanitary conditions and fire safety of the university buildings;
•    works with the inspection and control state agencies.


Powers and authorities
Department has right:
To request and receive documents and information from KazNRTU Organization Departments, necessary to exercise its powers and functions.
To cooperate within the scope of its competence with third party organizations on questions related to the competence of the Department.
Contribute suggestions to supervisory pro rector on the problems of increasing the effectiveness of Departments work organization.
To produce emergency power off, heat outage and water-off when necessary in established situations.
To get an access to lecture rooms, classrooms, laboratories and other rooms of KazNRTU academic corpus in an accordance with the established procedure.

The Department is responsible for the execution of tasks, considered by the present Terms, which includes:
-    quality and timeliness of performance;
-    propriety and full application of the present authority; meeting commitments in the sphere of quality,
-    timely informing the university direction about the process of performance.
-    appropriate maintenance of the university building with heating, water, power supply;
-    keeping appropriate sanitary condition inside the territory of the University corpuses and surrounding grounds;


Cooperation with other organization departments
In the course of its operations the Department:
-    enters into a service relationships with other organization departments of the university and exchange with necessary information;
-    coordinate projects of upcoming regulatory documents regarding to the activities of Department with the managers of concerned organization departments, executives of university
-    involve KazNRTU’s organization department employees in measures implementation, organized by Department and which requests the participation of other organization departments with the approval of the head of the university.

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