Department for Student Affairs

Department of youth and sports is a structural subdivision of Satbayev University.


The main goal of the Department is:

Promotion of formation for professional and civil competencies of students (morality, patriotism, tolerance, civil position, the ability of creative self-expression, adherence to a healthy lifestyle and cultural values), and improvement of social work at the University.

Main objectives:

  • forming favorable conditions for the development of creative abilities of students, promoting self-expression and self-realization of the individual, involving youth into creative teams;
  • licensing of existing student public organizations;
  • providing social support to students from socially vulnerable categories;
  • replenishment of the fund of the historical museum to preserve the continuity of generations, to form students' patriotic feelings and involvement in the alma mater;
  • providing an annual medical examination of the University students and faculty;
  • technical support and maintenance of cultural events, presentations, meetings.

Аccommodation in the dormitory is carried out through a commission, commission chairman is student dean. Applications are accepted in electronic format with registration and automatic queue.

Link for receiving the card «Onay»

Tracking the status of the application is carried out through the Instagram page @onay.satbayev.

Сontact email of the department



Directorate of the department: Mining-metalurgical building (MMB) office 219, tel.3204126, int.7126

Youth policy division: MMB office 219, int.7126

Social work division: MMB office 233, tel. 3204075, int.7075

Student polyclinic: Gabdullin, 1, tel. 2925780, int.7423

 Creativity center: Мining and metallurgical building 235, tel. 3204126, int.7276

Section for activities’ technical services & support: Мain educational building office 405, int.7474

Sportclub: Мining and metallurgical building, 11, int.7447

Historical Heritage Center: Oil buildinf office 410, int.7055.

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