Department for Student Affairs

The Department for Student Affairs is a structural subdivision of the "Kazakh National Research Technical University after K.I.Satpayev".


The main goal of the Department is:

Promotion of formation for professional and civil competencies of students (morality, patriotism, tolerance, civil position, ability of creative self-expression, adherence to a healthy lifestyle and cultural values), and improvement of social work at the University.


Main objectives:

- licensing of existing student public organizations;

- providing social support to students from socially vulnerable categories;

- forming favorable conditions for the development of creative abilities of students, promoting self-expression and self-realization of the individual, involving youth into creative teams;

- developing students’ sense of patriotism, civil responsibility and legal consciousness, spirituality and culture, independence and tolerance;

- developing the university  corporate culture that defines the system of values ​​orientations of the University students, staff and teachers, strengthening and developing the best university traditions;

- coordinating social issues;

- providing annual medical examination of the University students and faculty;

- coordinating work to ensure the life and leisure of students living in dormitories, graduates, doctoral students;

- organizational and logistic support of the proper functioning of student hostels;

- developing healthy lifestyle skills;

- technical support and maintenance of cultural events, presentations, meetings;

- work with social networks of students;

- conducting advocacy work to provide students with information related to the organization of the educational process and social activities.


Department Structure:



Director of the Department

Keltenov Rafik Turlybekovich

НК office 504 tel.2577028 ext.7028


Department for Student Affairs: NK 506 office, tel.2577126 ext.7126, 7231

Social work division: NK 505 tel. 2577075 ext.7075

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