Department of "Electronics, Telecommunications and Space Technologies"

In 1971, at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering (AСT) was formed the department of "Industrial Electronics". In different years this department was headed by 
Umiryaev Abdullah Umiryaevich (1971 - 1975 years)
Bektybaev Temirkhan Kasenovich (1975 - 1986 years)
Ibraev Alpamys Tuyakovich (1986 - 1997 years)
Abdullayev Mukhit Abubakirovich (1997 - 1998 years)
Shayhin Agybay Kaliakovich (1998 - 2002 years).

Since 1989, the department of "Industrial Electronics" has been renamed to the department of "Electronics of computer equipment" (ECE) and began preparation of engineers on a specialty "Design and technology of electronic  computing means".
In 2004, specialties "Electronics of computer equipment", "Industrial Electronics", "Multichannel telecommunication systems" and "Electronic Systems and Technologies" have been combined into a single specialty of "Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications".
The specialty of "Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications" was organized in 2004 on the basis of faculty "Computer Science" under the direction of PhD in Technological Sciences, professor Ermakov A. S. 

In 2008 RET was formed as a separate department by merging the department of "Automation and Remote Control" of the specialty "Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications" (RET) under the guidance of professor N.T. Isembergenov. 

In 2013 the department was headed by PhD in Technological Sciences, associate professor A. O. Kasimov. 

In 1977 it was created the department of “Electrical engineering” which was headed by N.K. Kozhaspayev. 

In 2016 it was organized a new department of "Electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications", under the guidance of prof. A.T. Ibrayev, the  doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. 

The department of "Electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications" performs acceptance and training of bachelors and masters, has the corresponding personnel, educational and methodical and scientific and technical potential for the training of doctors of PhD on this specialty.

The purposes and tasks
"Electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications" is: 
- depth knowledge in the area of the Electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications, knowledge of the last world achievements in an industry and policy of our state in world economy; knowledge of the prospects of development of an industry, the modern means of the Electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications, engineering calculations; techniques of carrying out scientific research, project and experimental works; standards and specifications;
 - ability is effective to use the capital and service equipment, to make operational technology solutions; to react quickly to the arisen changes; ability to model and optimize technology solutions; to analyze scientific and technical literature and patent researches; ability of the choice of the processing equipment on radio electronics and telecommunication conforming to operational and perspective requirements;
 - to implement scientific approach to the choice and acceptance of management decisions, to determine working procedures, to perform search of optimal solutions during creation of technologies and the equipment of the radio-electronic and telecommunication entities;
- the training of new competitive generation in the field of communication for the labor market; 
- the direction of the activities for implementation of a contribution to development of the society founded on knowledge of the Electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications by provision of educational programs for system of life-long education; 
- the establishment of partnership with other scientific universities, the organizations for the purpose of improvement of quality of education, for support of technical and cultural ties on electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications.


Mission and Strategy
"Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications" – is providing the high level of professional training of graduates of the specialty of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications, the formation of the scientific and technical elite, professional staff in radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications to the economy of Kazakhstan.

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