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Human Resource Department (thereafter HR Department)is a subdivision of the NPC "Kazakh National Research Technical University after K.I.Satpayev".


Goals and objectives ofHR Department:

The main objectives of Human Resource Department are:

- improvement of quality of education in KazNRTU by hiring, selecting and supporting work of high-level faculty staff inUniversity;

- implementation of an automated evaluation system for staff by KPI;

- to ensure the transparency of staff evaluation system and increasing transparency in process of students education;

Goals of the International Affairs Division:

- defining the main directions of international relationship according to the priorities of the University;

- implementation of international treaties, agreements and protocols signed by the university. The expansion of the legal framework in the field of international cooperation

- monitoring the current state and potential of international cooperation in the departments, institutes. And to expand international educational and scientific co-operation of the University;



To achieve mentioned goals andobjectivesHuman Resource Department has to solve the following tasks:


- to strengthen the system of recruitment and selection, evaluation of faculty staff and reporting system of current quality situation of given University education;

- made and maintain the key performance indicators data bank on the quality and quantity of faculty staff, their development and movement;

- monitor current HR processes on their relevance and effectiveness;



HR Department is guided by the following regulations:

- The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated to 30.08.1995;

- Law Of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On joint stock companies» № 415-II dated 13 May, 2003, with amendments on 29.03.2016;

- Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education" dated from 27.07 2007 №319-111, with amendments and additions on 04.09.2016;

- Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Science» №407-IV dated 18 February, 2011, with amendments on 09.29.2014

- Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Combating Corruption» №410-V of November 18, 2015, as amended as of 04.06.2016;

- «Standard rules of organizations of higher and postgraduate education" approved by the Decision of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan №499 from 17.05.2013g, with amendments on 12.19.2014;

- Charter of the NJSC K.I. Satbayev Kazakh National Research Technical University, approved by order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 602 from 10.16.2015;.

- Terms of MES of RK "On organizing international cooperation, implementing education" by December 27, 2007 # 661;

- Rules of the organization of educational process on credit technology, approved by order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 20, 2011 № 152 as amended on 06.02.2014 r;.

- The concept of academic mobility of students of higher educational institutions, approved at a meeting of the rectors of the expanded Board of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on January 19, 2011);

- Rules for International Cooperation Organizations engaged in educational organizations, approved by order of the Acting Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 27, 2007 № 661);

- Regulations on academic mobility at KI Satbayev Kazakh National Research Technical University, approved by order of the Rector;

- Methodical, regulations and other guidance on the organization of the international activities and international scientific and technological cooperation;

- International Standards of ISO 900: 2008; ISOMEK 17025

- Standards NJSC 38944979-07-2015

- Quality Assurance Policy of the KI Satbayev Kazakh National Research Technical University

- Order of the KazNRTU Rector about Department

- University top managers Orders;

- KI Satbayev Kazakh National Research Technical University Quality Manual.


Structure of Department:

HR Department consists of director, manager, senior specialist, specialist of HRand International Affairs Division. Department is headed by Director, who is appointed and dismissed by the order of the Rector of KazNRTU.

International Affairs Division consists of the Head of division, managers and senior specialists. Responsibilities between the staff of thedivisions are carried out by the Director of Department in accordance with the job descriptions.

Director of the Department carries out operational management of the Department's activities, organizes the current and long-term planning of KazNRTU labor needs.

Qualification requirements:

- Director of the Department: higher education, work experience in senior positions in science and education institutions at least 5 years. IELTS 6.0;

- Head: higher education, work experience at least 5 years. IELTS 5.0;

- Senior Specialist: higher education, work experienceat least 5 years. IELTS 5.0;

- Specialist: higher education, work experience at least 3 years. IELTS 4.5;



To achieve the goals and objectives HR Department has the following functions:

- implementation "HRDatabase”system and subsequent conduction of it;

- making evaluation of faculty staff work performance, institutions and departments according toKPI, analysis and further decision-making for future career promotion or contract termination with an employee;

- implementation and coordination advanced training course programs;

- maintenance of advanced training course programs and its statistics for every member of faculty staff ;

- inspection faculty staff errors, identify and solve accrued problems in their working processes;

- form and adapt the programs for development missingprofessional competencies for faculty staff in oredr to increase the efficiency of work;

- development the methods of certification and providing the qualification exams for University employees;

- search and organize different courses, events, programs for development needed professional skills for University staff;

- recruiting and selecting new employees for vacant positions;

- organization and implementation of adaptation programsfor new employees;

- creation multilevel system ofemployees motivation;

- preparation HR Department work plan for the next year;

- write business processes and optimization of existing ones;

- providing opportunities to maximize the professional potential for each employee and create needed conditions;

- development of the internal-standard documents, job descriptions, regulations;

- participate in any work groups, programs related to HR Department;


Functions of International Affairs Division:

- development and implementation of joint business projects, experience exchange with the foreign organizations;

- cooperation with the foreign organizations for various activities such as: organizational and methodical, consulting and information ;

- employee training programs including: retraining and development, scientific training, participation in seminars, master classes, trainings and other training activities;

- scientific training of students in the foreign education, scientific, technical, research institutes.

- participation in research projects financed by MES of RK, foreign and international organizations, and funds;

- participation in the international scientific conferences, congresses and other scientific activities for topical issues and directions;

- carrying out joint analytical and scientific research with the foreign education, scientific and research organizations, exchange of results of analytical and research works on the questions which have mutual interests;

- involvement of the leading foreign experts to implementation of research programs and projects of University;

- implementation of  protocol arrangements for the realization and expansions of base of international treaties, agreements and protocols;

- recruitment to the University of leading foreign experts, including programs of supplementary education;

- technical and organizational support for holding the international scientific and practical conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions and round tables together with other divisions on the basis of university;

- Passport and visa support, registration on migration police of students and citizens of the foreign countries arriving in KAZNRTU;

- Preparation of analysis on results of IDC` works with international universities, organizations and foundations, representatives of diplomatic missions in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education and science;

- organization and preparation of activities on negotiation and formal and informal meetings, correspondence with international partners and the competent authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to implement cooperation (logging, providing technical support);

- Preparation of IDC` work plan for the coming year


Planning and reporting of work:

Annual work plan for HR Department compiled by heads of divisions in accordance with Department's plan and approved by the Director. The annual Department's work plan includes an action plan,evaluation andstaff advanced training programs and work plan for International Affairs division.

HR Department’s procedure of planning and reporting of work is presented in the form of a matrix of the calendar work for theUniversity Management, other departments and external organizations.


The interaction and communication with other departments:

HR Department executes tasks and managed by the Head of Rector’s Office.

HR Department interacts with all departments of the University, University public organizations, as well as with external organizations within its competences.

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