Graduates of the Department of Higher Mathematics and Modeling

Graduates of the Mathematical and Computer Modeling program of the Department of Higher Mathematics and Modeling showed outstanding skills and competencies. Fariza Anshybayeva successfully applies her knowledge as a teacher at MetaStudy LLP, and Dinara Zhapsar showed excellent managerial skills as a manager at KSU Gymnasium No.132. Nazerke Batyrbek holds a key position as a materialistic accountant in Vistal Group LLP, while Anar Berenbai makes a valuable contribution as a laboratory assistant at the K.I.Satpayev KazNITA NAO. Zhanabergen shows high skills in the field of inspection in LLP "Collection Agency CACA". We are convinced that their professionalism and enthusiasm are the result of a high-quality training program.

Other graduates, such as Aydana Nurtai and Mereke Zhanabergen, continue their education as undergraduates at the Narkhoz University. They demonstrate a desire for professional growth and scientific research. Dinara Zhapsar, working at KSU Gymnasium №132, shows her ability to effectively manage educational processes.

The work experience of graduates in companies such as Caspian National Service, Almaty Electric Power Plants and Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan indicates the high demand for their professional skills in the labor market.

Some students, such as Azat Iskandyrov and Anastasia Nagai, have successfully integrated into the field of information technology, working in the companies 'Astana IT University' and 'NET INFO DISTRIBUTION', which emphasizes the relevance of their knowledge in the field of IT.

A general view of the graduates' career achievements indicates that the educational program of the Department of Higher Mathematics and Modeling provides a high standard of training for specialists who successfully implement their knowledge in various fields of professional activity. Bagdat Mergul Zhumabaikyzy contributed to education by working as a teacher at "School Lessons LLP", which emphasizes the importance of educational training of graduates for various spheres of public life.

Specialists such as Yerzhan Turbekov and Kasym Ualikhan successfully work at Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, holding various positions in the Department of Auxiliary Systems.

Iskandyrov Arman Daniyarovich, Master of the program "Cybernetics and artificial Intelligence", applies his knowledge in the field of banking technologies, working as a specialist in Otbasy Bank.

The overall success of the graduates highlights the reputation of the programs: 'Mathematical and Computer Modeling' and 'Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence' maintains the status of the Department of Higher Mathematics and Modeling in the development of qualified personnel for various industries.

Department of "Higher Mathematics and Modeling"

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