Department of Surveying and Geodesy


The department was organized in september  1934. Associate professor Starkov N.S. was appointed   as head of the department of geodesy. Associate professor P.A. Ryzhov, who was a student of professor P.K. Sobolev, was invited to manage  the department  in The Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute (since 1980 Kazakh Polytechnic Institute). In 1937 the department was reorganized into the department of "Mine surveying and geodesy".

Because of the intensive development of the mining industry in Kazakhstan and the growing demand of national economy in mining engineering staff profile, since 1938  professor P.A. Ryzhov  offered to prepare  mine surveyor engineer in KazMMI. The first students of the specialty 0901 - "Mine Surveying" were Shrubko S.A., Ibraev T.I., Shkurin V.N., Tikhonov A., Temirgaliev W.T., Rakhmanov M.F., Makovetskii A., Yanina E.F., A. Maslov, Bezlatny F., S.S. Khairova and etc.

During the World War 2  pedagogical work at the department has been done  by well-known Russian scientists like  professor Kell N.G. (higher geodesy, photogrammetry), professor A.S. Hrenov (geodesy), professor Kudryavtsev-Ostashenko N.S. (geodesy-surveying instruments) and others. They also founded the Kazakh school of mine serveyers.

In December 1943, professor P.A. Ryzhov was transferred to manage the department of "Mine surveying and geodesy" of the Moscow Mining Institute by the order of People's Commissar of Heavy Industry of the USSR, after the change the department was divided into 2 independent "Mine Surveying" and "Surveying" departments. Department of "Mine surveying" was headed by Associate Professor S.S. Kurov (1943-1949), associate professor Shrubko L.A. (1949-1960). Department of "Geodesy" managed by associate professor G.D. Luhtanen (1943-1957), associate professor Mastitsky E.P. (1957-1971), associate professor Shrubko SA (1972-1983), associate professor B.M. Zharkimbaev (1983-2004), professor J.D. Baygurin (2004-20014), associate professor O.A. Sarybaev (2014-2016).

In January 1988, the Teaching Council of KazPTI decided to unite   departments of geodesy and  mine surveying into the department of "Mine surveying and geodesy"  and assistant professor Zharkimbaev B.M. was elected as head of the department. The department  prepared about 1,500 mining engineers-surveyors for the national economy of the country. Kryukov L.M., L.A. Paramonov became vice Ministers of nonferrous metallurgy of Kazakh SSR. Maulenkulov A., Itimgenov K.I., Kaken D.E., Daurenbekov A., Bayandarov A.I. became presidents and general directors of mining and metallurgical companies, the main mine surveying large mining enterprises Lega M.I., Ibraev T.T., Isachenko O.S., Yashkina A.P., Litvinov A.M.,  Dauletbaev T., Ameralin K.A., E.A. Sapak and many others also worked as main serveyers and qualified specialists. In 1939, professor P.A. Ryzhov opened  the highest qualification - postgraduate school the first time in KazMMI. The first post-graduate students of the department   were Mashanov A.Z., Kayupov A.K., K.F. Yermolaev. Graduates of the department have become prominent scientists: academicians of NAS RK Erzhanov J.S. and Kayupov A.K. corresponding members of  NAS RK Mashanov A.Z. and Kanlybaeva J.M., doctors and professors Yerofeyev N.P. (Krasnoyarsk), S.P. Kudryashev (Krivoy Rog), Popov V.N. (Moscow), Okatov R.P. (Karaganda), Poklad G.G. (Novosibirsk), Nurpeisova  M.B., Kalybekov T.K., Kurmankozhaev A. (Almaty), Ipalac T.T. (Ust-Kamenogorsk), E.A. Sapak (Dzhezkazgan),  many graduates of the department are teaching at various universities in the country: MGGAU, KazNRTU, KSTU, KSU, VKTU, YSU, KGRI, DGI, KazATiK DGMI, FPTI etc. The department conducts research in geometrization fields, mechanics, rock mass, conservation of resources and the methods and techniques of surveying measurements.

Goals and Objectives

The department attributed the prospects for the development of his work with the "Comprehensive  program" development of the University, in connection with the objectives of "New Kazakhstan in the new world"  - the message to the people of Kazakhstan of  Elbasy  Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

The main directions for the development of the department are:
- Strengthening material base and the creation of modern educational, research and industrial laboratories, that is the acquisition of modern equipment in sufficient quantity and laboratory equipment;
- Ensure the educational process of teaching and methodical literature in three languages;
- Increasing qualifications and professional skills of professors and assistants of  the department in the field "Geodesy and Cartography", "Mine Surveying" ;
- Increase the level of the corporate culture of teaching staff and students;
- Extension scientific and educational connections  at the international area through the students and staff of the department;
- Increase of financing educational and industrial practices.

Mission and Strategy
The department's mission is to make its contribution to the intellectual and professional development of the society through training with a new generation of technical education and assistance in the global development of  KazNRTU named after K.I. Satpaev. To do this department carries out training, research, educational, vocational guidance, consulting services, designed to meet the needs of the individual in the intellectual and professional development, with the use of innovative educational technologies, automated computer systems in the field of geodesy and cartography and mining.

Strategy of the department is  determined by: the search for modern forms and methods of preparation of highly qualified specialists; teaching research methods, the development of the engineering school of the department by strengthening staff capacity, increasing the professional skills and qualification of employees; active career guidance in order to ensure the student contingent of educational programs in a competitive regional universities.

Department of Surveying and Geodesy

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