Medical center

Satbayev University has 1 medical center and 1 new student polyclinic.

1. The medical center is a structural unit of "Satbayev University".

The main task of the medical center is to provide primary medical care to students and university staff, as well as to carry out preventive measures.

It is located on the territory of the university, located on the 2nd floor of the Main academic building (GUK) No. 206 office. Time of medical services: from Monday to Friday, reception time from 09.00 to 18.00, lunch break from 13.00 to 14.00. Day off: Saturday, Sunday.

Contacts: Tel. 2925780, ext.74-23


2. The new student polyclinic "Almaty Clinic" is located on the territory of the university, located on the I-th floor of the student dormitory No. 1 at the address: Gabdullina str. 1. Time of medical services: from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 20.00 (Saturday from 9.00 to 14.00), without interruption. Non-working days are Sunday.

The polyclinic provides highly qualified, modern medical care within the Guaranteed volume of Free Medical Care (GOBMP) and Compulsory Social Health Insurance (OSMS) with affordable, high-quality and safe services, including preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic services to students and University staff attached to this polyclinic.

In the center, the reception is conducted by: neurologist, otorhinolaryngologist, gynecologist, urologist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, cardiologist, oncologist-mammologist, etc..

There are: an ultrasound room, a pre-medical room, a filter, a treatment room, a physiotherapy room, an ECG room and a dentist's office, a laboratory, and there is also a day hospital with 6 beds.

The polyclinic also has a Youth Health Center, which provides comprehensive medical and psychosocial services to adolescents and young people.

Contact details:

Call center — +77012121622

WhatsApp — +77714005924

Instagram: @Almaty_clinic


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