Department of Mechanical Engineering


Since August 2021, due to structural changes at the University, the Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Graphics has been divided into two departments: Engineering Mechanics and Modeling and Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics. The Department of Engineering Mechanics and Modeling also includes part of the educational program "Mathematical and Computer Modeling" of the scientific and educational center "Mathematics and Cybernetics".

The history of the creation of the Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Graphics begins in the distant 1934, when the first technical university of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute, was opened. During its existence, the department was repeatedly transformed, divided into several departments and merged; at different times such departments as "Technical Mechanics and Heat Engineering", "Theoretical Mechanics", "Material’s Resistance and Theory of Machines and Mechanisms", "Fundamentals construction and machine parts", "Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics ", etc. In different years, these departments were headed by: Assoc.Prof., Cand.of Tech.Sc. Favorsky V.V., Assoc.Prof., Cand. of Tech. Sc. Kharitonov N.I., Assoc.Prof., Cand.of Tech.Sc. Bobov A.N., Assoc.Prof., Cand.of Tech.Sc. Akimov K.T., mechanical engineer Bochkarev G.A., Assoc.Prof., Cand.of Tech.Sc. Chukobayev A.A., Assoc.Prof., Cand.of Tech.Sc. Tleukabylov A.E., Prof., Dr. of Tech. Sc. Rakishev B.R., Prof. Dr. of Ph. and Math. Sc. Tyurekhodzhaev A.N., Assoc.Prof., Cand.of Tech.Sc. Brezhnev A.V., Assoc.Prof., Cand.of Tech.Sc. Bashaev M.Ya., Prof., Dr. of Tech. Sc., Kazykhanov Kh.R., Prof., Dr. of Tech. Sc. Esmukhan Zh.M., Prof., Cand.of Tech.Sc. Tazhibaev S D., Prof., Dr. of Tech. Sc., Akanov Kh.G., Assoc. Prof., Dr.of Tech. Sc. Kosbolov S.B., Dr. of Tech. Sc. Ibrayev S.M., Dr. of Tech. Sc., Prof. Nurmakhanov B.N., Assoc.Prof., Cand.of Tech.Sc. Kuspekov K.A. and etc. At the department at different times worked known scientists such as Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dr. of Tech. Sc., Prof. Dzholdasbekov U.A., Academician of NAS RK, Dr. of Tech. Sc., Prof. Rakishev B.R., Academician of NAS RK, Dr. of Tech. Sc., Prof. Ualiev G.U. and etc.

Currently, the department has four doctors of science, 8 candidates of sciences, 6 PhD. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Academician of the NIA, Professor Aidarkhan Kaltayev was elected by competition to the position of head of the department in 2016.


In 2021 a new specialty 050705 "Mathematical and Computer Modeling" was opened at the department. Graduates receive an academic Bachelor’s degree in engineering and technology. In September 2008, the department opened the Master's program in the specialty: 5М070500 - "Mathematical and Computer Modeling". At the moment, 6 (six) undergraduates are studying for master's degree in this specialty.

The department has started training students in the specialty 250240 - "Dynamics and strength of machines" since 2001, which was later transformed as specialization of the specialty 5B071200 - Mechanical engineering.

The department started training students in the specialty 5B090100 - "Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport" in 2009.

Since 2019, the department has begun to prepare bachelors by the new educational program "Engineering Mechanics". It is included in the group of educational programs "B064 - Mechanics and Metalworking" from the direction of training "071 - Engineering and Engineering".

The department is the basis for training specialists in this educational program, developed on the basis of the curricula of world leading technical universities, such as Stanford University, University of Cambridge Georgia Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University, Nazarbayev University, Nanyang Technology University, Tokyo University, etc. Currently, this program is the broadest of engineering programs, combining the principles of researching mechanical and thermal systems, their production and design, and its goal is to train mechanical engineers with fundamental interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in natural sciences and mechanics; able to model and investigate complex physical and mechanical processes and design mechanical systems; capable of working as designers in mechanical engineering, energy, chemical production, transport; capable of developing autonomous mechanisms and robots.

The department staff conduct classes in almost all disciplines in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English; conduct classes in undergraduate and doctoral studies; are supervisors of undergraduate students' theses and scientific supervisors of PhD students.

Research work

The department staff prepared and submitted 13 proposals for the competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to grant and program-targeted funding to from Satbayev University. Teaching staff of the department secured funding for 2 grant funding projects of the MES RK and 1 project of the PTF MES RK with a total amount 243 947 thousand tenge for three years. In addition, the teaching staff of the department participate are members of research team of 2 joint projects of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the World Bank with a total funding of 270 100 thousand tenge for three years. The teaching staff of the department also participate in scientific projects of the MSHE of the Republic of Kazakhstan from other universities and organizations.

Scientific directions of the department:

  • Intelligent control systems and decision making for the development of uranium and oil deposits.
  • Structural and parametric synthesis of executive mechanisms of machines and manipulators.
  • Development of an auto-cascade solar heat pump as applied to high-grade heat supply for residential buildings in a continental climate.
  • Technology of seasonal accumulation of solar thermal energy for space heating and hot water supply.
  • Development of methods and technologies for designing power press machines based on new crank actuators.
  • Creation of a pilot production and technology for the development of mobile robots with a lift for the automation of loading and unloading and transport operations.
  • Development and enhancement of asymptotic models of the field of surface waves in deformable solid media with complex mechanical properties, coatings and sources of their excitation.

In recent years, the teaching staff of the department have published more than 10 monographs, textbooks, including electronic ones, and teaching aids; about 10 articles have been published in highly rated journals; received more than 5 patents and copyright certificates. The staff of the department actively participate at various international and republican conferences, congresses and symposia. Scientific seminars function at the department. The number of students participating in research work is growing every year. The department has three educational laboratories and two computer labs.

Goals and objectives

The main objectives of the department are to provide training of highly qualified personnel, taking into account the dynamically changing needs of the educational services market and the labor market; development and strengthening of scientific and educational, innovative and scientific and pedagogical activities of the department on the basis of trilingualism.

The department sets itself tasks:

  • provision of modern knowledge in the field of mathematical and computer modeling, design and calculation of various mechanical and technological processes;
  • development of students through research activities;
  • creating an atmosphere of striving for knowledge and intellectual motivation;
  • participation in the development of new educational programs of postgraduate education.
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