Department of Engineering Systems and Networks


The training of engineering personnel in our specialty at the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute begins in 1963, when the specialty «Heat and gas supply and ventilation» was opened at the Faculty of Construction. In 1980, the Alma-Ata Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering was established on the basis of the Faculties of Construction and Architecture. On the basis of the specialties, a sanitary engineering faculty was formed, where the specialty "Water supply and sewerage" was then opened.

In 2002, KazNTU named after K.I. Satpayev began training specialists in the specialties 430540 – «Heat and gas supply, ventilation and environmental protection». 430640 – «Water supply, sanitation and protection of water resources». In 2003, the graduate department «Engineering Systems and Environmental Protection» was organized, and since 2008 it has been starting training in the specialty «Water Resources and water Use» together with the Department «Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology» In 2011, the department was renamed «Engineering Systems and Networks».

In 2012, the department opened and received a license for a new specialty 5B075200 – «Engineering systems and networks» in the areas of water supply and sewerage, heat and gas supply and ventilation.

In 2021, the department opened Educational program 6B11201 and 7М11201 – « Occupational health and safety at work», the former specialty 5B073100 «Life Safety and Environment Protection».

The department has a large laboratory base for the study and consolidation of knowledge in the specialties «Engineering systems and networks» and «Occupational health and safety», a catalog of laboratory stands in Kazakh, Russian and English has been released.

Purpose: Engineering systems of buildings and structures are the most important system of vital activity of the population and other spheres. Engineering systems - create comfortable living conditions, providing heat, gas, water and wastewater disposal. The microclimate of buildings and structures is one of the main sections of construction science and technology. Engineering systems ensure the protection of water resources and the air basin. Energy savings are enshrined in the Regulation on Thermal Protection of Buildings, developed on the basis of the current Law on Energy Conservation and the law on Air Emissions. With this in mind, all systems of engineering equipment of buildings should be designed and created. Against the background of increased attention to the thermal protection of constructed facilities, engineering systems are becoming increasingly important.

The tasks of training specialists are aimed at participating in design work, as well as performing work on the operation and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, water supply, sewerage, heat supply, gas supply and boiler houses, as well as the reconstruction of these systems.

Occupational hygiene and safety is an essential element in life safety and consists in the training of specialists with competencies and skills in such areas as industrial safety, occupational hygiene and safety, industrial ecology and the organization of work in emergency situations of a natural, man-made, social and biological nature.

Training of highly qualified specialists with a high level of social, scientific and industrial safety culture, capable of formulating and solving modern problems in the field of occupational health and safety at work.

Mission and strategy

The mission of the department is to train specialists of a wide profile to carry out professional activities in the national economy and technosphere security of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The training of specialists for the national economy includes:

- design work on heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, heat and gas supply systems, water supply and sewerage, boiler installations, as well as reconstruction of engineering systems of buildings and structures;

- production activities for solving the problems of operation, repair and commissioning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, boiler installations, gas and heat supply networks, water supply and sewerage;

- administrative activities in the construction departments of the city akimats, State architecture construction, the Construction Committee and other government agencies and directly at industrial enterprises and in the environment;

- pedagogical activity in secondary vocational educational institutions for the training of specialists for the construction industry.

The department has extensive international relations with the CIS countries (Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan) and non-CIS countries (Turkey, Serbia, Poland, Malaysia).

Fundamental training in the organization of industrial safety and labor protection services of industrial enterprises, organizations and institutions; civil defense services of industrial enterprises, institutions and organizations; assessment of working conditions of employees of production facilities; determination of the level of potential danger of industrial enterprises, technological processes and equipment for the development of a safety declaration; monitoring the state of industrial safety and labor and environmental protection at industrial enterprises and the sustainability of economic facilities in emergency situations.

There are 16 teaching staff at the department: 4 doctors of sciences, professors, among them M. Myrzakhmetov, academician, laureate of the State Prize; Zh. Kasymbekov is an academician, «Honored Inventor of the Republic of Kazakhstan»; 10 candidates of sciences, academic professors and 2 assistants.

In recent years, the teaching staff of the department has released 5 textbooks, more than 30 textbooks and methodological developments. The department has 2 laureates of the award «The best teacher among universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Myrzakhmetov M. - academician, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Kasymbekov Zh.K. - Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences).

The Department of Engineering Systems and Networks trains specialists in the following educational programs:

  • Group of educational programs B074 Urban planning, construction works and civil engineering: EP 6B07304 – «Engineering systems and networks» (bachelor's degree); Group of educational programs M127 EP 7M07304 – «Engineering systems and networks» (Master's degree);
  • Group of educational programs D127 EP 8D07304 – «Engineering systems and networks» (doctoral studies)
  • Group of educational programs B094 Sanitary and preventive measures: EP 6B11201 – «Occupational health and safety at work» (Bachelor's degree);
  • Group of educational programs M150 Sanitary and preventive measures: EP 7M11201 – «Occupational health and safety at work» (Master's degree)

The head of the Department of Engineering Systems and Networks is Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor K. K. Alimova, a specialist with extensive experience in practical and scientific–pedagogical activities.

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