Department of Technological Machines and Equipment

The department "Technological machines and equipment" prepares specialists for the following educational undergraduate programs:

  • 6В07107 – Operational and service engineering for the mining, metallurgical and oil and gas industries;
  • 6В07115 – Technological machines and equipment (by industry) (НААР)
  • 6В07132 – Predictive technologies and machine diagnostics (innovative Educational Program, according to the Atlas of New Professions)


  • 7M07111 – Digital Engineering of Machines and Equipment (Master's program);

Doctor of Philosophy

  • 8D07110 – Digital engineering of machinery and equipment

Goals and objectives


  • Preparing thoroughly educated, intellectually developed specialists in technological machinery and equipment, innovative technologies in the field of maintenance and repair of the mountain, metallurgical and oil and gas machines, able to implement their professional knowledge, skills and abilities in the public and private management, mining and oil and gas companies, public and research organizations of any form of property;
  •  To ensure the growth of research activity of the teaching staff of the Department for the purpose of integration of education, science and industry.
  • To integrate into the world educational process through the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation with leading foreign universities and international vendors for the purpose of carrying out joint activities aimed at improving the quality of training by industry.
  • provide fundamental training for students to successfully solve scientific and engineering problems in the areas of automotive, design of logistics systems and supply chain management.
  • to develop among students the practical skills of engineering analysis and design, the formulation and conduct of scientific research, including the formation of students with a professional orientation as a personality trait of a future engineer.
  • to improve the three-level model of training personnel with higher and postgraduate education: undergraduate - graduate - doctoral programs that meet the requirements of consumers, based on the implementation of modern educational technologies and continuous improvement of the teaching and methodological activities of the teachers of the department.


  • Practical implementation in the educational process in the RK continuing education requirements of educational programs;
  • Introduction to the educational process of innovative technologies, advanced methods of teaching that promote independence and creative thinking of students;
  • Increase the level of responsibility of the teaching staff for the quality of training and development of students the necessary knowledge in accordance with the qualification requirements for the preparation of graduate’s Kazakh NRTU named after K. Satbayev;
  • Development and improvement of the students' creative thinking and independence in solving scientific problems, the deepening and consolidation of knowledge obtained during the training;
  • The formation of study groups in a healthy moral atmosphere of friendship and cooperation;
  • to form a certain set of personal qualities, general cultural and professional competencies sufficient for the formation of a modern advanced organization of activities in the country (region).


Prepare competitive, qualified specialists with a high level of intellectual, general cultural and professional competence in the field of technological machines and equipment.  Connect the theory with modern practices, using advanced educational technology.


The development strategy of the Department "Technological Machines and equipment" correlates with the vision and development strategy of the Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I.Satbayev for 2022-2026.

Improvement of educational and scientific activities in order to improve the quality of training of specialists in the field of operation of technological machines and equipment.

Department of Technological Machines and Equipment

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