Social disciplines


Department of "Social sciences" is one of the oldest departments at the University. It began its history in 1934, when the Kazakh Mining  Institute was founded. Later, at the Department based on Marxism-Leninism, Departments of the "History of the CPSU," "Marxist-Leninist philosophy," "scientific communism" and "Political Economy" were created. In 1991, after the proclamation of independence of Ka-zakhstan, these chairs have been transformed into the Department of the "History of Kazakhstan", "Philosophy" and "Political Science and Law", and the chair of "Political Economy" has moved into the structure of another faculty of economics. Contemporary form of the chair exists since 1995 and is a member of the Institute of Basic Education named after Akzhan Mashani.
The department "History of Kazakhstan" various times was headed by associate professors Isaev I.,Potapsky P., professor  Malybaev O., Erzhanov A.,  Belyaev K.. Initially Professor Beisenbi K.headed the Department of Philosophy.Then from 1964 to 1995 this department was headed by  academician Kshibekov D... The de-partment of scientific communism (founded in 1967) headed by Associate Professor Ismagulov Z.. Later, the head of this department were forged by Associate Profes-sor Issatayev R., Professor Sarsenbayev T.,.Sydykov U.. Department of Law, es-tablished in 1984, headed by Professor Namengenov K..

Great contribution to the development of the department made its managers. In 1995, there was an association of humanities departments into the Department of Public disciplines. The first head was Academician Kshibekov D. From 1996 to 2001 the department was headed by Professor Sydykov U. From 2001 to 2011 head of the department were professors Kenebaev G., Mashan M., assistant profes-sor Mazhidenova R., professor Zaynieva L,, Chatybekova K.. Since 2011, the de-partment was headed by Professor K. Begalinova. On March 10, 2016 at the head of the department was Professor Sydykov U. On June 30, 2013 the Department of "Social sciences" renamed as Department of "History of Kazakhstan and social-humanitarian disciplines". And in August 2016 it was again renamed the Depart-ment of "Social sciences".

Among the technical universities of the republic Department acquired the status of a basic methodological center in the teaching of social sciences. The department is one of the leading teaching and research structures of the university. The depart-ment is divided into three sections: the history of Kazakhstan, philosophy, political science and law. Currently, the department has 5 doctors, professors, including 1 academician of NAS RK - Kshibekov DK .; 10 candidates of science, associate pro-fessors; 7 teachers without a degree. Teachers of the department conduct classes on disciplines as: "History of Kazakhstan", "History and Philosophy of Science", "Phi-losophy", "Political Science", "Fundamentals of Law", "Sociology", "Pedagogy and Psychology", "Self-knowledge". The Department conducts classes for all under-graduate majors and graduate programs. The department prepared and published textbooks, manuals and monographs.

Teachers conducted considerable research work. Currently, research is carried out on three research projects:
1. Socio - spiritual and political processes in the Kazakh society in the conditions of the countries entering into the world information space. Supervisor: Professor Syd-ykov U.
Scientific consultant: Kshibekov D.
Performers: PTC section of political science and philosophy
2. Monitoring of the socio-psychological characteristics of students of a technical college. Supervisor: prof.Sydykov U.
Responsible: Zykov N., Abdieva G., Kasimbaeva G., Mendybayev S.,, Mazhideno-va P...
3. The modern history of Kazakhstan: problems of independent development.
Supervisor: Salkynbek D.
Responsible: Chatybekova K., Sarmurzina G., Nurzhanova A., Tumabaev E., Eleukulova G.

Results of research are published continuously in a variety of forms. Leading teachers of the department are publishing in the press on the socio-political and so-cio-cultural issues. Teachers of the department take systematic participation in sci-entific conferences of international, national levels and perform as organizers.

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