Laboratory of engineering profile

Mission: Carrying out fundamental, exploratory, applied research, development and innovation activities, participation within its competence in personnel training through the principle of "learning through scientific research".

Purpose of the LEP: Conducting fundamental, exploratory and applied research, development and innovation activities in the main and priority areas of science and technology, incl. by clusters: Material science, Energy and Earth science clusters.

The tasks of the laboratory include:

− Organization of the implementation of fundamental and applied scientific research in priority areas of scientific and innovative activities;

− Modernization of research infrastructure and renewal of scientific equipment;

− Ensuring the integration of science and education, as well as science and business. Implementation of the principle "Learning through research";

− Development of domestic and international cooperation with leading scientific institutions in order to conduct joint scientific research on mutually beneficial terms. Publication of joint articles, chapters in books and monographs;

− Provision of scientific and analytical services to customers;

− Introduction of research and development results into production; work on the orientation of scientific research on the demand for business structures; attracting business partners to carry out fundamental and applied scientific research in priority areas of scientific and innovative activities;

Scientific directions LEP

Material science cluster

− Development of technology for obtaining silicon-carbon-containing materials for filter systems;

− Development of catalytic systems for the neutralization of persistent organic pollutants;

− Development of nanocellulose materials based on vegetable raw materials;

Energy Cluster

− Development of photoactive materials for green energy;

Earth science cluster

− Development of an effective multifunctional encapsulating composition to increase crop yields;

− Development of sorbents for wastewater treatment.


Address: Almaty, Baitursynov 122/22, technopark, room 112
Phone: 8727 292 50 80

Leader .: PhD. Assoc. Professor, S.Azat, 8702 273 74 77

Deputy Head: Ph.D., G.S. Tatykhanova, 8705 500 40 13.

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