Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


In 1994 on the basis of the Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry (Kazakh Polytechnic Institute after V.Lenin) it was organized the new Department of "Macromolecular compounds" (Polymer science), later transformed into the Department of "Chemical technology of oil refining, gas and polymers" with the aim to prepare the scientific, technical and engineering staff of wide profile in the field of chemical technology.


The Department - one of the young KazNRTU after K. Satpaev departments, organized on the initiative and with direct participation of academician NAS RK E.M. Shaikhutdinov, in cooperation with leading Russian, UK and Italy universities with the aim to prepare the scientific-technical and engineering staff of wide profile in the field of chemical engineering. The opening of this department and new specialties were dictated by the accelerated development of oil and chemical industry of Kazakhstan, intensive development of new oil fields and the wide use of petrochemical products in various sectors of national economy. Over the years the Department has released more than one generation of graduates who successfully work in the chemical and oil and gas industries of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


From January 2016 since the date of the combination the K.I. Satpayev Kazakh National Research Technical University and Kazakh-British Technical University, department reorganized into the Department of "Chemical technology". Professor M.E. Ermaganbetov, academician of the RK Higher School, Doctor of Chemical Science, was the chief of this department since its foundation. Since 2008 till 2010, the department was headed by the Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor G.I. Boiko– Laureate of State award by K.I.Satpaev and since October 2010 the Department manages a corresponding member of NAS RK, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor G.J. Eligbaeva.


At present the Department of "Chemical Technology" provides a three-level training of students in specialty "Chemical technology of organic substances", "Chemical technology of inorganic substances" (bachelors educational program, magistracy and PhD doctoral studies) and two-level training in specialty "Petrochemicals " (magistracy and PhD doctoral studies).


Department of "Chemical Technology" is the leader in training of specialists in the field of petrochemical and oil and gas refining sector in Kazakhstan, has extensive international links with universities in the EU, USA and Asia, as well as partnerships with leading representatives of the industry in the field of oil, gas and chemical sectors: "Atyrau oil refinery plant" LLP, "Pavlodar petrochemical plant" LLP, "Kazakh gas refining plant" LLP, "Amangeldi gas refining plant" LLP, the "Fluor Corporation" company, "Tengizchevroil" LLP, "Intergas Central Asia" JSC, "Independent center of oil products expertise (ORGANIC)" LLP.


International projects such as «Tempus», "Erasmus", "Newton-al-Farabi" are carried out on the department where students and teachers have been trained in foreign and domestic universities and companies and laboratories equipped with the latest chemical-technological equipment and teaching aids which are currently being used in the educational process in its entirety.


The department is one of the best in scientific potential and material and technical equipment among other technological departments of the University. The high level of student learning is supported by highly qualified lecturers with extensive experience in scientific, educational and industrial activities.


The mission and strategy:

• Preparation of the demanded experts in the field of chemical technology of organic and inorganic substances, oil and gas refining, improving of the fundamental training  and development in scientific potential of young researchers;

• Adaptation of the educational programs in accordance with the changes taking place in science, society and the global community;

• Creating a supportive environment for students and teachers: the motivation, support and initiatives and ideas development ;

• The establishment of lasting and stable links with business and industry: probation, training, joint development.


The main aims and objectives:

  • Provide the labor market with the highly trained experts in the field of chemical technology of organic and inorganic substances, oil and gas refining;
  • Ensure development of the most of the department competitiveness, its graduates and professionals;
  • Ensure increased growth of scientific-research activity of the teaching staff of the Department for the purpose of integration of education, science and industry;
  • The integration into the world educational process through the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation with leading foreign universities and international vendors for the purpose of carrying out joint activities aimed at improving the quality of training of specialists in chemical technology and petrochemical industries.

School of Chemical and Biological Technologies

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