Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

The opening of the Department of “Chemical and Biochemical Engineering” was dictated by the accelerated rates of development of engineering biotechnology, the oil-producing and chemical industry of Kazakhstan, the chemistry and technology of hydrocarbon raw materials, the intensive development of new oil fields, the further development of chemical, biological and biochemical technologies, the widespread use of petrochemical and biotechnology products in various branches of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The department trains and produces scientific, technical and engineering personnel of a wide profile in the field of chemical, biological and biochemical engineering, who successfully work in chemical and oil and gas, biotechnological and other sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today, the department is a leader in the field of training specialists for the petrochemical and oil and gas processing industries, engineering biotechnology in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has extensive international relations with universities of the European Union, the USA and Asia, as well as partnerships with leading industry representatives in the oil and gas chemical industry : “Atyrau Oil Refinery” LLP, “Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant” LLP, “Kazakh Gas Processing Plant” LLP, “Amangeldi Gas Processing Plant” LLP, “Fluor Corporation”, “Tengizchevroil” LLP, “Intergas Central Asia” JSC, “Independent Expertise Center for Petroleum Products” (ORGANIC). The department cooperates with the RSE "National Center for Biotechnology" of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, RSE "Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Plants".

The department carries out international projects "Tempus", "Erasmus", "Newton-al-Farabi", within the framework of which students and teachers undergo internships in foreign and domestic universities and enterprises. The laboratories of the department are equipped with modern chemical-technological equipment, teaching aids, which are currently used in full in the scientific and educational process.

The faculty of the department includes 4 doctors of chemical sciences, 1 doctor of biological sciences, 6 PhD, 3 candidates of sciences, 10 masters, among which there are laureates of the Young Scientist award, teachers - graduates of Western universities such as the Technical University Clausthal (Germany).

Mission and strategy:

• Training of demanded and competitive specialists in the field of chemical technology of organic substances and polymers, biotechnology, oil and gas processing, chemistry and technology of hydrocarbons.

• Improving the fundamental foundations of training and development of the scientific potential of young researchers.

• Adaptation of educational programs to changes and needs, the needs of science, industry, business, society.

• Creation of a favorable environment for students, undergraduates and doctoral students, teaching staff: motivation, support, development of initiatives and ideas.

• Establishing promising and sustainable relationships with business and production through internships, trainings, joint developments and projects.

Goals and objectives:

• Provide the labor market with highly qualified and in-demand personnel in the field of chemical technology of organic substances and polymers, oil and gas processing, biotechnology.

• To ensure the development of the competitiveness of the department itself due to the highly professional composition of scientific and teaching personnel, training of demanded and competitive graduates at all three levels of education: bachelor's, master's and PhD.

• To ensure an increase in the growth and efficiency of the teaching, research and educational-methodical activities of the teaching staff of the department in order to integrate education, science and industry.

• To integrate into the global scientific and educational process by establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with leading international universities to improve the quality of training specialists in all areas of training.

The department is considered one of the best in terms of scientific potential and material and technical equipment among the engineering departments of Satbayev University.

The high level of student’s education is supported by qualified professors with extensive practical, scientific and pedagogical experience. The department includes 7 doctors of sciences, 5 candidates of sciences, 6 PhD doctors involved in the implementation of the following educational programs:

- GEP B060 (Bachelor's degree): EP 6V07110 - "Chemical Engineering and Processes"; 6В05101 - "Chemical and biochemical engineering" - a new educational program developed on the basis of specialties 5В072000 - "Chemical technology of inorganic substances", 5В072100 - "Chemical technology of organic substances", 5В070100 - "Biotechnology", 5В060800 - "Ecology";

- GEP 7M05202 - "Bioecological Engineering" (Master's degree): 6M070100-Biotechnology, 6M060800 - Ecology;

- GEP M097 - "Chemical Engineering and Processes": EP 7M07110 - "Chemical Processes and Production of Chemical Materials" (Master's degree), EP 7M07109 - "Chemical Engineering of Hydrocarbon Compounds" (Master's degree);

- GEP D087 Environmental Protection Technology: EP 8D05201 - "Bioecological Engineering" (PhD);

- GEP D097 "Chemical Engineering and Processes": EP 8D07107 - "Chemical Engineering of Hydrocarbon Compounds", EP 8D07108 - "Basic Processes for the Synthesis and Production of New Organic and Polymeric Materials".

According to the current educational programs, the graduates of the department become specialists of a wide profile in the above-mentioned areas, possessing the principles of technology and research methods.

The department is actively conducting research work within the framework of grant and program-targeted funding, focused primarily on solving urgent problems in the field of creating new materials and technologies to improve the efficiency and environmental sustainability of industrial production. At the same time, on the basis of the department, business projects from leading oil producing and oil refineries (JSC “Embamunaigas”, LLP “Atyrau Oil Refinery”, LLP “Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant”, etc.) are carried out, aimed at solving complex issues of the oil industry. The active participation of students (bachelor's, master's, doctoral students) in the implementation of these research projects ensures their high qualifications, demand and career growth. As a result of scientific research with the participation of students, undergraduates and doctoral students, the department regularly publishes papers at international conferences, in domestic and foreign scientific journals.

The Young Scientists Council (YSС), headed by Assistant Professor, PhD  Aitkaliyeva G.S., is actively involved in scientific, pedagogical and research work. Under the coordination of the YSC, scientific seminars and master classes from leading domestic and foreign scientists and researchers are held, which ensures the direct participation of scientists in the implementation of training young specialists in the industry at a high level.

The head of the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering of the Institute of Chemical and Biological Technologies is Associate Professor, PhD Rafikova Kh.S.

She graduated with honors a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry at the Kazakh National University after al-Farabi; Master's degree at the Eurasian National University after L.N. Gumilyov, Ph.D at the Kazakh-British Technical University.

Scientific internships took place at leading universities in the world such as England, USA, Turkey.

In 2014, Khadichakhan Sabyrzhanovna became the owner of the U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation for a scientific internship at the University of Alabama.

In 2017, Rafikova Kh.S. became the Laureate of the Republican project "100 New Faces of Kazakhstan" and in the same year became the owner of the title "The best teacher of the university."

Since 2020 Kh.S. Rafikova is a member of the National Scientific Council (NSC) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Rafikova Kh.S. co-authored about 50 scientific papers, including articles in international journals with a high impact factor.

She is the head of the scientific project of the grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2018-2020) "Metal-containing ionic liquids for extractive desulfurization and denitrogenization of motor fuels".

In 2020 Rafikova Kh.S. won a grant for scientific research from the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Metal-containing ionic liquids in agrochemistry" with a total funding of 67 million tenge.

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