Student practice of S&G

Our educational programs 6B07303 – "Geospatial Digital Engineering" (geodesy and cartography), 6B07310 – "Land Management and Cadastre", provides students with in-depth knowledge and practical skills necessary for a successful career in this field. The program includes modern methods and technologies, emphasizing the importance of practical experience.

Our department actively cooperates with leading enterprises and organizations:

This partnership ensures the relevance of the curriculum by providing students with the opportunity to interact with industry professionals with further employment.

We use modern software widely used in the industry, devices (unmanned aerial vehicles, GNSS receivers) in our training to ensure a high level of training for our students.

Educational practice

Our students undergo practical training at the university with the help of modern geodetic instruments. Educational practices include field work, where students apply their knowledge in real-world conditions, study geodesy methods, working with modern equipment such as levellers and GNSS receivers. These sessions not only expand the practical experience, but also strengthen the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.

Production practice

Students' practical training takes place in leading geodetic, land management and cadastral organizations, production centers, and government agencies.  This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the organization of work in the industry, to understand its structure and internal processes. Interaction with industry professionals and the exchange of experience enrich the professional development of students. This gives them real-world experience and strengthens their learning knowledge.

Our training and production practices create unique opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge, expand their professional skills and prepare for a successful career in their.

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