Department of Mechanical Engineering, Standardization, Certification and Metrology


The department was founded in April 1977. In 1998, there was a merging of departments «Machinery and Technology of Processing of Metals Pressure» with the department  «Machine-tool Construction and Automation» in the department «Machine-tool Construction and Technologies of Machine-building Production».  In 2000, the department opened another specialty «Computer-aided engineering systems». The first set - three groups of students in the amount of 56 people. In 2002, the department became the team of the Department «Materials Science and Technology of New Materials». At present, the name of the department «Industrial Engineering». 

Training is carried out in the following directions:


EP 6V07206 - Industrial Engineering

EP 6B07105 Industrial Engineering

EP 6V07501 - Industrial Engineering

Master's degree:

EP 7M07102 - Additive Manufacturing

EP 7M07136 - Additive Manufacturing

EP 7M07115 - Additive Manufacturing

EP 7M07117 - Additive Manufacturing

EP 7M07112 - Digitalization of industrial manufacturing

EP 7M07128 - Digitalization of industrial manufacturing

EP 7M07129 - Digitalization of industrial manufacturing


EP 8D07102 - Additive Manufacturing

EP 8D07113 - Additive Manufacturing

EP 8D7111 - Digitalization of industrial manufacturing


Prepared by the high-level specialists for various sectors of the economy and industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The department has: a graduate of the Moscow Higher Technical School named after Bauman, Laureate of the state prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor Tusupbekov MR, corresponding member of KazNAU, professor Smagulov DU Academician of IIA, Prof. Mashekov et al's leading academics in the field of mechanical engineering and materials science.

At the Department of specialty have international accreditation at the German accreditation agency ASIIN (German Accreditation Agency Specialised in Accrediting Degree Programs in Engineering, Informatics, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN), the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education (IQAA) and independent agencies accreditation and rating (IAAR).        

Department in recent years has actively participated in international cooperation and participated in international conferences, hosted foreign guests in his chair like Professor Belov NA (MISA, Russia), Professor Zahidov AZ (Texas, USA), professor Ali Aliyev (Texas, USA), Professor Figovskogo OL (California, USA) Volochko AT (Minsk, Belarus), Hina BB (Minsk, Belarus) and others.

Purpose and objectives        

The main purposes and objectives of the educational programs of the Department are defined on the basis of the university's strategic documents: "Strategy of development of the University - 2020" program and the University Development Plan, "The policy and objectives in the field of quality assurance".      

The department implements the professional educational program of higher and postgraduate education training, provides the whole range of scientific-practical and scientific-methodical works, provides information and practical services to organizations and businesses in the educational process uses innovative technology education and training.

Mission and Strategy          

The mission of the educational program to train a new generation of experts is to achieve the provision of high quality education and leadership training in the field of the department on the basis of improving the quality of national education to the level of the best world standards, providing its international recognition through accreditation procedures.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Standardization, Certification and Metrology

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