The history of department begins in 1934 due to opening  Mining and smelting institute there was organized  department of "high mathematics and theoretical mechanics".
The first head of department  in 1934-1935 was  Volovik V.I. Then in 1935 it was Ermek Alimkhan graduate of the Tomsk polytechnical institute. In 1937-1941 and 1943-1952 the department was headed by docent Starkov N. S.

In 1941-43 department was managed by famous scientist, doctor of physics and mathematics sciences, professor Akhiyezer N. I. Continuously department was headed in different years by : in 1952-1962 professor Gorshin S. I., in 1962-1972 – associate professor Haymuldin O. M., in 1972-1979 – docent Kalizhanov U. K., in 1979-2000 – professor Khayrullin E. M.
In 1995 «Applied mathematics» department was opened and headed by doctor of physical and mathematical sciences,  professor Sakabekov A. S. In 1999 the department was taken the status of the releasing department and began preparation in the specialty: "Interdisciplinary applied mathematics".

In July, 2000 «Applied Mathematics» and «High mathematics» departments were integrated into "Mathematics" of Natural and humanitarian institute of al-Mashani. The first head of department became doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Sakabekov A. S.

In 2002-2004 department was managed by doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Tungatarov A. B. and in 2004-2016 professor Satybaldiyev O. S.
At present, chair of the department of «Mathematics» is candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, docent Keltenova R. T.

The department prepared and published textbooks and manuals in kazakh and russian languages, authors such as Satybaldyev O.S., Bozhanov E.T., Khayrullin E.M., E.A. Kasymov, Aubakir S.B., Aidos E.Zh., Haseinov K.A., Zhanbyrbaeva U.B.

The researchal work of department is maintained close contact with ITAM, IKI, ANRK, Kazakh - National University named after Al-Farabi, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Steklov’s Mathematical Institute, Computing Center SB RAS (Novosibirsk), Institute of Applied Mathematics of Keldysh (Moscow). Institute of Problems in Mechanics. Teachers of the department actively make presentations at scientific conferences and international symposiums.

Teachers of the department annually participate in the contest "The best teacher of the year" and win government grants MES. The following teachers were winners: E.A. Kasymov in 2006, Haseinov K.A. - 2005, Aidos E.Zh.- 2006, Otarbayev J.O. - 2006, Satybaldyev O.S. - 2007, Khayrullin E.M.-2009. repeatedly won grants.
In 2007 in the department was opened new specialty 050705 "Computer and Mathematical Modeling". Graduates receive the academic degree of Bachelor of engineering and technology.
Currently the department has 42 teachers, among them: professors – 2, Ph.D., associate professors – 23, PhD, Senior lecturer -2, Senior lecturer without scientific degree -4, lecturers without a degree -4, assistants-7.

Purposes and tasks
The purpose of (5B070500, 6M070500 - "Mathematical and computer modeling" the Bachelor, Master degree) educational programs is training of specialists, who have knowledge and skills on quantitative estimates and developments of management decisions using  mathematical and computer modeling, engineering procedures.
According to mission of 5B070500 "Mathematical and computer modeling" educational program there were formulated purposes:
managerial - increase in effective management of department on the basis of accurate distribution of functions and powers between members of department;
educational - increase in the quality level of patriotic, international, general political, legal, esthetic education, forming of a healthy lifestyle on the basis of carrying out educational work (the edvayzerskikh of hours, educational conversations, actions, etc.);
economic - development of material and technical resources.      

Tasks of department: training of the competitive specialists conforming to modern requirements and requests of the labor market and accounting entities, having knowledge and skills of use of technology, innovative methods in modeling and programming.

Mission and strategy
Mission of 5B070500, 6M070500 "Mathematical and computer modeling" (Bachelor, Master degree) educational programs:
The organization of educational process for a cycle of mathematical disciplines in university and formation specialists in "Mathematical and computer modeling", who have knowledge and skills that correspond to requests of the labor market and strategic tasks of innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  
Strategy of 5B070500, 6M070500 "Mathematical and computer modeling" (Bachelor, Master degree) educational programs:
- providing qualitative growth of human capital in  «Mathematical and computer modeling» field, through developing innovative and scientific educational environment, in accordance with market needs;
- develop environment that creates equal conditions and opportunities for the representatives of different cultures and create an atmosphere to  pursuit of knowledge;
- Establish partnerships with other research universities in order to improve the quality of education and to support scientific, technical and cultural links in this specialty.


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